Demi Lovato - 'Don't Forget' Music Video

Demi Lovato - 'Don't Forget' Music Video

Demi Lovato hides under a big umbrella in her new music video from her debut album, “Don’t Forget.”

The 16-year-old actress filmed the entire video in two days at Griffith Park in L.A. Demi then caught a flight out to go and hang with some sea lions.

Demi even surprised some fans with tickets to her concert that Saturday night (March 7).

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Demi Lovato – “Don’t Forget” Music Video
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  • Anonymous

    I don’t really get the music video…

  • redtomatosauce

    omg that was amazing! i love her!

  • hey

    i love it shes soo gorgeous!

  • redtomatosauce

    but why was it so short?

  • hey

    this isnt the whole song

  • rawrambo

    this is sooo raw. i love it.

    –and its not the whole video, its just like a snippit or something.

  • Jaclyn

    She’s so amazing.
    (: <3

    I love this song, and her.

  • New

    She looked ugly in the rain. she doesn’t look feminine. But the song’s pretty good.

  • bethlovesnick

    This video is awesome i wanna rock out in the rain. ;p

  • Rosa

    it’s so dark =(
    i really don’t like it so much ..
    good song tho ..

  • Zac E Ron

    I don’t get it…weird video

  • cristina

    this is just a clip of the video, its not the whole video.

  • Jake

    Hilary Duff looked waaayy hotter in the rain in her “come clean” video. This was just pain scary

  • Daniella

    LOVVEE THIS SONG!!!! her?…not so much ):

  • Fan123

    THIS HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!! Gosh! she can’t she EVER be original???

  • kathy

    This short versions sucks! When are they gonna release the real thing?

  • Anna

    good song
    video – not like

  • Amy

    Does Umbrella eh-eh-eh ring a bell?…

  • anonoymus

    why is it so short? they could have done a WAY better video for this song, IMO it was the best and most emotional on the album. -_-

  • Groovy thang

    Big whoop! She just combined combined Taylor Swift with the Jonas Brothers album cover and called it a video. next time, actually take your time to shoot a decent video, demi

  • Nat

    I like the song but the video is not doing it for me. It’s just too…not her

  • Ala

    Rain? is that the best video concept they could think for this song?? It’s such a great song and they just ruined it with this crappy video!!! HATE DISNEY!!!

  • hunter

    this was the demi i liked :)
    the dark demi, crying in the rain.
    frustrated at everyone.
    totally rad.
    definitely raddest music video of hers.

  • Demi#2

    uh…is that it? a one minute video with her playing the guitar in the rain? what is this piece of crap?! please redo the video Demi

  • Janna

    i definitely dont like the short version.
    but it looks great. :)

  • Jon

    I’m sorry but she looked so freaky in the rain. not sexy but kinda dirty and unwashed. anyways, who cares. I wasn’t much of a fan of hers anyway.

  • Liza

    i dont understand?
    i sure hope that the real video is the whole song cause that sucked.

  • iHateRain!

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Another video in the rain??? what is so interesting about the whole rain thing. Hilary duff, boys like girls, rihanna, taylor swift….the list goes on. This idea has been milked to the last drop!! stop it with a rain video and do a video that actually relates to the freakin’ song!

  • Emily Jonas

    something about her is reallly annoying… but cool video. the rain thing is awesome.

  • The David

    She’s not that hot. usualy girls in the rain are a big turn on but it didn’t work on her. good try though

  • cami

    but im so dissapointing! why is so short?
    its an amazing song, and she really rocks
    theyve shouldnt cut it like that!

    i LOVE the enddddddddddddd, and they didnt put it on the video

  • listen to mayday parade

    Uhm no thanks… her voice i so bad in this.. all choppy and squeaky. And her fake tan, black hair and bleached teeth make her look super fake. I’ll be happy when her career is over. Her ‘talent’ doesnt come anywhere close to some of the other ladies on Disney… Ashley, Miley, Selena, Branda, even Vanessa.

  • Kea

    This was short. But I just love her. <333
    I love the song.

  • alejandra

    thats all ?

  • gabrielle

    I don’t like it that much. Wet hair was not a good idea and the song is not full. I love the song but I heard the quarter of it. Still love you Demi! You have an amazing voice!

  • ;o

    kind of boring..

  • demi lovato’s wife

    guys, it’s just a snippet. and damn, does my wife look SEXYY. <3

  • Lauren

    whats the song about? because ive got her album, and ive listened to this song a load of times but i can’t figure it out, obviously its about a guy and it went sour but … anyone know the whole truth? cheers

  • melissa. *

    i’m kind of disapointed. i thought this would be a WHOLE lot better; then what it is. i mean i’m not a hater, but i thought she should of them something else, beside singing in the rain. on the positive side, she shows alot of emotion in this music video. (: so i like it & don’t like it at the same time. anyways, she has a great voice! <3 keep going strong demi.

  • Disneyrigamarole

    So do you think Disney will play it on Disney Channel or will they consider it to dark? Leave a note on your thoughts at

  • Sarah Mayo

    She looks really weird in it… I don’t like how she looks, it’s weird.

  • melissa

    THIS IS NOT THE WHOLE VIDEO!! JUST A PREVIEW OR SHORT VERSION FOR TV!! i think i will be better when the WHOLE video comes out.

  • heathaaa.

    guys, this isn’t the whole video..chill. they just cut some parts out. anways, i LOVED IT. i love the song, i love the video, and i love demi. shes such a good role model.


  • Emma

    i acuallt dont really like the video :( it looks kinda cheap… too bad i like demi :)

  • Adam

    The music video looks okay. I would like to see a music video of “Two Worlds Collide” in the future.

  • Chelsea white

    Demi Lovato rocks!!!! That video has got to be one of the best i’ve seem.

  • sandeeeRa

    ii love it.can’t wait for the whole version!

  • abby

    She looks kinda different lalitly.

    But i like the song and video

  • Andy

    This is the version that they play on Disney channel during commercials.

    Beautiful voice! Can’t wait for the full version.

  • / krixtina

    it so short

>>>>>>> staging1