Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Market City Caffe Couple

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Market City Caffe Couple

Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, model Justin Gaston, get mobbed by photographers and fans while lunching together at Italian restaurant, Market City Caffe on Saturday afternoon (March 14) in Los Angeles.

In her new autobiography, “Miles to Go,” the 16-year-old Disney starlet revealed she has a heart condition called tachycardia, which causes her resting heart rate to beat faster than normal.

“The type of tachycardia I have isn’t dangerous. It won’t hurt me, but it does bother me. There is never a time onstage when I’m not thinking about my heart,” Miley writes.

Miley‘s younger sis, Noah spent the afternoon with papa Billy Ray and walked the dogs with him. Noah showed her pride for big bro Trace by wearing a t-shirt that said, “I (heart) Metro Station.” Metro Station is Trace‘s band.

10+ pictures inside of Market City Caffe couple Miley and Justin

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miley cyrus justin gaston market city caffe 04
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Credit: GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, RIV/ Fame Pictures
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  • Michelle

    She looks gorgeous! I absolutely adore her sense of fashion, she always looks so put together! <3

  • jgjg

    wow that must be kinda hard to live with but at least it doesn’t bother her

  • kidanimationlover

    aww how cute:)

  • me

    Miley’s pretty!
    Justin’s sexy
    Noah’s cute :)
    and her dad.. looks comfy in that tracksuit :)

  • jo

    Aw! She looks great. I like the way she’s been dressing recently. Her style is more mature now.

  • kathy

    WHYYYYYYYYY are their clothes so ugly?

  • kathy

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are their clothes so ugly?

  • joecool

    She looks great!!
    She looks good in jeans!!


  • sugar cube

    love miley. =]

  • katie

    omg, i totally have that sweater miley’s wearing! it’s the most comfortable thing in the world!

    /fangirl moment

    she looks gorgeous as usual. ugh gaston. sofie is so tiny and cute!

    vote for miley, hannah montana, and bolt at

    ALSO, jj, thank you for finally writing “boyfriend”. denial at this point is simply stupid.

  • ivanka

    pooor doog..

  • katie

    lol, ivanka, please. aside from the fact that miley is a HUGE animal lover and has said many times that she feels endless empathy for struggling animals, she is also rich as hell. thus, that “poor dog” is probably treated like a princess. finally, why do you ALWAYS come on miley posts just to hate her?

  • Anonymous

    Kathy, we got it after the first time.
    I don’t think that her clothes are ugly. Celebrities like to be comfortable too.

  • swe3t23

    too cute……….omg…….her dog is so cute…
    love the

    orange prada bag too…….

    the thing for the spring is bright colors… like hot pink, orange, green apple, etc….. i like to call them pop colors…..

    just look at the louis vuitton sprouse spring collection

  • sabreen

    Finally the day has come where Jared aknowleges that he’s her freaking boyfriend. Thank you, you have finally seen the reality of it all.

    I love Mandy Moore and I think Sophia Bush is hot

  • fgadsfasd

    gorgeous as usual<3
    shes amazingggggggggggggg

  • victoria

    lovelovelove her!

  • mz Sass

    I’m soo glad JJJ finally stopped calling Justin her “special friend”.

  • Farrah

    That orange bag is simply beautiful. I love how bold it is. My inner mother does not approve of him, as he seems to leech off of her fame, but I’m sure she’ll survive with or without him. She’s been through worse.

  • joss

    technically, she didn’t write it…
    and she’s only using “special friend” b/c shes still underage, and plus he’s probably in it for the fame..

  • ivanka

    #12 well she must be careful beause i dont think the dog was very comfortable i pic number 1 …
    i dont hate miley btw its just that sometimes she does random things

  • hu

    wheres the sweater from? and boots? :D

  • lili

    joss, jill did write “boyfriend”, not “special friend”. also, how about you hold off judging people you don’t know, mmkay?

  • katie

    could his shirt get any tighter?! he always dresses like hes gay

  • Massie

    I love that bag the doggie is in.
    What brand is it and where can I get one?
    She looks so comfy I hate that Justin guy tho he creeps me out.


    miley’s ALWAYS pretty ! i heard about her heart thing 4 days ago ! ! the frensh media are… more faster than JJJ !

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Love Miley
    love her style and she looks pretty
    & Justin is hott:)

  • sophie cyrus

    Oh My Gosh LOVE LOVE LOVE NAVY PRINCESS SOPHIE IN HER MILITARY NAVY carrier. Miley & Sophie sure make the NAVY/MARINE Families Proud!
    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder

  • jimmy

    JJJ finally admitted Justin is Miley boyfriend.
    Hate to admit it but it is true… damn it.

  • jen

    Miss troll is out!

  • fivi

    i love miley style. i love that she looks really good on high boots is like her style i love it! she looks good with jeans too. Miley hair and eyes are beautiful i hope she let her hair grow longer like before it looked really pretty.
    justin is sexy wow miley he hot!
    noah is cute she is going to be really pretty when she is older.
    papa cyrus is handsome for an older adult!

  • lalalal

    Maybe there NOT dating dont jump 2 conclusions

  • Cals

    can I just say that i think Miley is gonna be trouble when shes old enough to drink.. hmm … just sayin… but i still love her!

  • lipsie glozz

    Miley looks stylish,i have 2 say..It’s simple yet casual chic..Justin is the perfect accessory that complete her whole look..Noah look like she could be a celeb 1 day..She look like a mini celeb already,i think..She could be the next big thing in the cyrus family.. :p

  • farina

    Wow, Justin looks hot!

  • lovebug

    whyy does he have no other friends?

  • http://justjaredjnr samiej

    i think they make the most cutest couple who cares about age when its love

  • Leyla

    hvae you seen what she was wearing in the other picktures where she is running. she is kinda showing her off. diisgusting!!!!!!

    she have no idea what style is. trust me I do.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    justin gayton and miley slutus–amazing couple…
    they are both syupid and bitc*s..
    and miley smiles with her terrrible theets on cameras…

  • hello

    she looks gorgeous! :)
    i love her !

  • hana

    does he only own one outfit?

  • N’keeyah D.

    Miley looks GREATTT!!! Noah is adorable. I love the purse. I’m a little over looking at Justin everyday. She needs to leave him at home in the mirror. Go Miley!!

  • mimi

    Miley and justin looks super cute together. i guess going out in public shows commitment to the relationship i like that. noah is pretty and billy ray look good for his age. definately good genes runs in the family.

  • DemiFan

    Haters GTFO and leave JJ to the fans! If you hate Miley then go somewhere like Perez Hilton and bash her all you want! Just leave this site for us fans PLEASE.

  • crista

    hater are jelouse i dont pay attention to them. why would you comment i dont go into post of artist i dont like.
    anyway ignoring them miley and justing i guess are the next zanessa. they are looking hot couple. true there are showing commitment that good. love that they dont hide it from the fans they look more relatable this way.

  • billythekid

    To Farrah (#19)

    “my inner mother…” That’s just funny, but I get your point about Justin. I don’t know what he is after either besides fame and fortune. Does he actually have a job? A couple of undie spreads in a fashion magazine doesn’t really amount to much of a career. Maybe the Cyrus’ are cutting him a check now and then.

    To ivanka (#21)

    Yes, Miley does lots of random things. Enough to give all her fans heartburn on a regular basis. Soon as one fire is out, Bam! – another one gets lit by the next case of word vomit (her own words!) she experiences. But she is a teflon girl and none of this stuff sticks to her. Next!

    To Miley Faaaan (#26)

    Yes…it took quite a while for anyone to pick up on the heart trouble she mentioned in the book, but I am still surprised none of those people who mentioned it in online media have mentioned that she further stated that she has a HOLE in her heart. Now that is news, which makes me believe that the vast majority of any of these writers didn’t bother to read the book themselves, or they would have mentioned that. Most online media isn’t worth squat.

  • Annette

    Noah’s so precious.. a mini Miley!! too cute :) and i prefer Niley, but w/e lol

  • milez fan

    god hes fine

  • tish

    i love her outfits!

    i like when she wears her converse and her boots..
    those are my fav outfits.

  • Lizzie,

    I like miley, her clothes and her outfit and personality.
    but the hair? for me. needs some treatment.