Zac Efron: Hisense Arena Hoops

Zac Efron: Hisense Arena Hoops

Zac Efron tried to keep a low profile on Friday night (March 13) at the Grand Finals of the National Basketball League at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

JJJ reader Beckiie writes to us, “He was hooded and trying to keep a low profile until they showed him on the big screen. At half time, fans swarmed on his box but security was evident. He talked to a few young fans and left before full time where the South Dragons defeated the Melbourne Tigers.”

Zac will make an appearance with comedian Russell Brand on Rove this Sunday, March 15. He’ll be premiering 17 Again in Melbourne on Monday evening (March 16).

Bigger pic inside…

Zac Efron – “Rove” Promo

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Credit: Big Australia; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • cydie


  • Katty

    Great, who is going to start first about that girl next to him being his new lover??? I know it is coming. He probably doesn’t even know that girl…

    Glad Zac gets to have a little fun while he is away… he looks great. I just wish he would but that hair! Just a lil.

    Did anyone know him and Vanessa went out for a romantic dinner on March 7??? They avoided paps at all costs, that is why no one knows. Someone reported it though.. and I forget where. It was in Malibu though, the dinner. I just thought you all should know.

  • lilz ♥

    whoa! awesome

  • zanessa 4 ……. i dunno


    plz is there any pic ? for thid dinner ? i wanna see

  • Katty

    No, they avoided paps.. just a report on it. I’m being serious. I found it on Yahoo! It’s in the OMG section, go to Zac Efron, and it’s the first thing. They got it from another site.

    I went back and and found it for you all.

    that should work….

  • listen to mayday parade

    him and vanessa are in love.. for now.. i mean dont get me wrong, it would be awesome if they lasted, bu they are so young that no one should assume it.

    but im glad he is out and about and having fun. i need to be a celeb so work and play would be the same thing! ha ha hes a hottie

  • Alyssa

    Love Zac!!

  • nel


    Don’t you worry. Im sure our friends Zacfreak and Desiree will show up momentarily.

  • ivanka

    see? he keeps low key because he doesnt want a fan frenzy, so the ones that were saying bullsh*t in the taylor thread.. heres another proof that zac isnt a cheater

  • desiree

    As usual a woman in the pix actually a woman on either side.

    Isn’t it just a bit unusual that this guy is at a basketball event and of course not with a guy but between 2 women and miraculously a least one a young woman.

    Amazing how he just accidentially is always in the company of some woman or the other when Vanessa is not around.

    So he took vanessa out to dinner befoere he went out on his Australian woman hunt, give him a medal.

  • nel

    didn’t I call it?! Lol thank you desiree for not letting me down ;)

  • will

    Fuckn love rove

  • gracemarie

    LMAO! I thought the girl was the publicist person. Whoever she is she’s not paying him much attention. Get over it!! He probably doesn’t even know her.

    Here we go again! Calling Go Sox, Naomi, Karen, Malia and For Real if you’re out there!!!!!!

  • eliia

    Ummm that is his publicist Gina one one side, not sure about the other, but that other guy has been with him the whole time in Australia too…they most likely work for WB who is distributing the movie he is in…geesh.
    This is just one of the perks he gets when visiting the country.

  • Katty

    I called it too! Saying they would call him a cheater.

    IT IS Possible for a girl to like basketball! I like basketball! Hell, if I was in the next seat over, I would switch seats just to say I sat next to him for five minutes… I am an over obsessed fan and I admit it.

    and of course he is in the company of women! He’s Zac freakin’ Efron. I’m a woman and I saw him I’d flock around him too. It doesn’t mean he likes it. Did you see the part where it said Zac was trying to keep it LOW KEY???

  • zanessa4everr

    he REALLY LOVES basketball! lol

  • Athenais

    Zac like Baskeball so much …

    he seems to be distrait … but obviously he’s sit down between two women , lol

  • gracemarie


    Which one is Gina. I thought the blonde was her am I wrong. I’ve really never seen her clearly.

    Poor Zac this is getting really stupid now. Some of you want him to sit in a row all by himself LOL

    I’m so glad he and V had a good time without paps. They probably had the whole weekend. He loves her. Deal with it.

  • Kirrrsten

    I wonder if she is the same gal he was walking with the first pictures of him in Australia? (Not assuming anything, ok) But its OKAY to be hanging out with people of the opposite sex, Zac seems like the guy who wouldn’t do anything like that & hopefully Vanessa is not the insecure/jealous type :/ cause that would affect things. But if that was me, itd be hard not to get jealouss cause wah he’s a hot boyfrienddd

  • Rosa

    oh my gosh ..
    i laughed so hard on this
    “Poor Zac this is getting really stupid now. Some of you want him to sit in a row all by himself”
    gosh .. u r hilarious !!

    keep on proving how stupid u r ..
    u r doin a great job ..
    what kind of an idiot r u to get all those dumb thoughts ?
    get a life ..
    have u ever heard of a “male’s section” in a basketball arena??
    gosh .. women r everywhere .. should he be searchin for a place where there r only men to watch a BB game ??
    u r pathetic !!

  • Karen

    uh, Desiree, it would seem you were so in a hurry to post something negative that you failed to look at the picture to see that the women an either side of him are the SAME women that have been with him since he arrived in Australia. The big tall blond guy to his left has also been by his side if you would only do a little investigating since he arrived in Aussie. The blond guy can be see by him at the 17 Again premiere. SO, these people with him are PR and security people. You are such a ditz!

  • michelle


    the girl in the white shirt is Zac’s PUBLASIST!!!!!!!! Not a freakin date.


    the girl in the purple, you can see her face, so you dont know if she is older or younger, and who is to say that she isnt there with the guy in the purple.

  • Karen

    BTW, anyone who is interested there is a post from For Real on the newest Zac thread on the main JJ board. Please, desiree and rodent feel free to read it.

  • gracemarie

    Thanks Rosa but this is really pretty funny.

    The women are probably part of the management team. Someone said one of them is Gina. We just heard he spent time in Malibu with V before he left.

    I mean really now this is silly.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    omg heaqps of my friends were there lol

  • duhh

    #9 You are so right . He must REALLY love basketball and of course he’s surrounded by women….and again people will make more lame excuses.

  • Rosa

    yup i know ..
    and what is even funnier is how ppl start saying stupid stuff without even knowing what’s goin on ..
    which is really really so silly ..
    the guy has been with nessa all the time before he left ..
    some ppl really need to get a life ..

    peace ^_^

  • Karen

    Gina is the lady on his left side and the blond is who I have always thought was her assistant. BUT, nevertheless, it is the SAME blond that people like desiree was making comment about when he first got to Australia. AND it is the blond who was holding the clipboard on his first day in Sydney. These people are with him everywhere since he is promoting his movie—-not out to score women you nutheads! It is not like when he was in Japan with Vanessa. You people really do have a problem. Or maybe you are just people who are on someone’s payroll—getting hits for this site or trying t drum up publicity for Zac because you are really too unbelievable at this point to think anyone takes you seriously.

  • http://jjj miley

    if he isn’t surrounded by women then who is? he is hot and talented! everybody wants him! go zac!
    can’t wait for 17 again and i wanna see zanessa more often!

  • Athenais

    Zac & Vanessa are a couple since more 3 years , keep faith on their love …

    It’s their job to do promotion for their film … When Zac set of ” me & Orson welles” at london , they are separate for a long time but they are still together … it’s hard but I ‘m sure that Zac misses Vanessa & Vanessa misses Zac . He tells he wished that she was here with him .

  • laura

    desiree…listen whore…before you try to start shit why dont you realize something….that girl is his fucking PUBLICIST!!!!!!!!! ok??? so take your jealous little ugly fat ass im so tired of people trying to start shit with every single celebrity….like you dnt go out with guys who arent your bf or something???? jesus christ it gets pretty annoying after a while…get a damn life…all three of those people were at his premier…their part of his travel crew or whatever…..

  • Karen

    Katty, I have no doubt that Zac and Vanessa would spend a lovely romantic evening together before he left for Australia.

  • mike

    people are idiots its obvious these people sitting with him have been with him everywhere he’s gone in Sydney…they are their while he is on his promotional tour….get over it…..quit trying to make shit out of something…..

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    zac said in an interview in sydney “i wish i could have brought my GIRLFRIEND vanessa hudgens”

  • gracemarie

    Glad to see you. I came in as soon as I saw the post. I figure ” Zac Is a Rat ” will slither out of his hole in the wall pretty soon LMAO

    This is cutting into my shopping time, think I can charge Desiree. LOL Oh wait she doesn’t have a life so it is unlikely she has a job

  • Rosa

    btw ..
    demi lovato don’t forget music video is on youtube ..

    hurry up JJJ ;p

  • Lissy

    We love Efron. Hohohoohohohoohoh.☺

  • Rosa

    * i mean the extended ;p

  • ashlee

    the female to zac’s right is gina hoffman, his publicist and the blond guy is the security person that goes around with them. the female to zac’s left is one of gina’s assistants that sometimes travels with her. i remember when zac had jeff ballard as his publicist and people who didn’t know that were speculating about all sorts of scenarios.

  • Karen

    Frankly, this is a non-issue. We had already heard he was at this game from fans who were there or saw it on TV or whatever. Anyone saying anything negative about this thread at this point is spitting in the wind…

    Aren’t you from Australia? Did you see a report on TV or in the Aussie papers where Zac said that about Vanessa? So many had problems wanting to believe he said that since it was not in quotes although it was in the midst of all the other things they were saying that were in quotes… I don’t understand why some people will believe on thing and not the other and can’t distinguish what sounds real and why to what is so obviously false. Well, I guess if everyone could do that then the gossip mongers would be out of a job.

  • i love zac efron

    if i was sitting next to zac there, ill be like talking, autographing, photographing, to him :)

    cant wait for rove tonight LOL.

  • Karen

    Actually the female to his right looks more like the blond with the clipboard that was gaining speculation the other day when Zac first got to Australia. Some of us thought it was Gina’s assistant but some said it was Zac’s assistant. Then a picture came out that showed Gina was in that picture all along but she had just been cut out since it was just showing Zac with the blond—and this same guy. At any rate, all these SAME people have been with him since he touched down on the continent and thus this thread isn’t even open to speculation about Zac doing anything remotely questionable.

    I feel sorry that he felt the need to leave the game early because of the exposure he got with them flashing his pic up so everyone knew he was there.

  • http://rss Lucy

    Gina is the blonde on his right, his PR. The other looks old enough to be his mom. The guy is his security. Leave the poor guy alone. He is on his own in Aus, Gina doesn’t count. All the PR this side of the LA premiere is on his shoulders, and that’s a lot of responibility. He is doing so amazingly well, the response so far has been so positive, but he deserves time out, but since he doesn’t have anyone with him, of course he’s going to go with his entourage. I’m damn sure he would much rather be with V. I’m actually quite surprised Jason is out there with him. But I do have a feeling he may he joined by some other people in London. That premiere will be nearly as big as LA in terms of press, and the TV he is doing out there.

    Don’t forget to watch Rove tonight!! Then the premiere on Monday. Then off to London baby yeah!!!

  • http://rss Will

    That is definatley Gina, you can tell by the hair If nothing else. I honestly don’t see why people (ok, maybe two idiots) make a big deal over nothing. It’s how the promotion trail works, it’s what happens. Zac is doing his job right now, nothing more, nothing less. And from everything I have seen in regards the Aus leg of promo, he’s doing a very good job. The Aus press love him, and the movie is getting good reviews. His PR team (who he is sitting with) are doing a good job of getting his name out there and seen, which is ladies and gentleman, the name of the game.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    #40 Karen
    here is the thing to the thing

    and my friend showed me him saying it but i can’t find it lol

  • nikki

    OOMMGG, hahahaha he tried to hide but he showed up on the big sceen! SORRY ZAC IT IS OUT! haah i laughed ssoo hard, he looks realllly sexy here!!!<3<3<3 :) I AM IN LOVE WITH ZAC EFRON!!!

  • Nel


    Ask your friend where she saw him saying he wished Vanessa was there. Or did she see it live on TV?

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    i can ask her coz she is away lol

  • Nel

    She doesn’t have a phone?? hahaha

  • christy.

    poor zac. he probably just wanted to be there without all the paps knowiing. the camera man who showed him on the screen is an idoit.

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