Selena Gomez Doesn't Sweat!

Selena Gomez Doesn't Sweat!

Selena Gomez was more than happy to take a picture with JJJ reader Jackie and her pals in Puerto Rico last weekend.

Jackie writes to about her meet and greet with Selena, “My friends and I were touring Old San Juan on Sunday, March 8. As we walked through the gate of La Forteleza onto a beautiful cobblestone street, we spotted someone with a telescopic lens. It dawned on me that he was not exactly a tourist, but rather a papparazzo! Who was he taking photos of? Selena Gomez, her mom, and step dad, of course! After we came to the conclusion that it was in fact Selena, we ran down the street and asked to take a picture with her. When we got to her, Selena, was actually offering to take pictures FOR tourists who clearly did not recognize who she was. So nice of her! We ended up asking her mom to take the photo. Luckily, I set my DSLR camera to auto-mode beforehand! As you can see, we, except Selena, were all sweaty from the humidity.”

Selena, 16, also posted on her official Twitter that costar Jennifer Stone was flying into Puerto Rico this weekend. She wrote, “Jennifer gets in townnn tonight! thank goodness for a piece of home, i love her dearly. She’s my crying buddy.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • Ms A

    FIRST ! ? Selena looks pretty, cant wait for the WOWP movie ! :D

  • cristina

    she’s so gorgeous!

  • Mkaaa

    Selena’s great!!!

    People should go watch the video she recently uploaded:

  • elise – aussie girl

    love selena..beautiful girl

  • DemiFan

    Umm, why is she wearing low-cut clothes all of the sudden? Is she tyrna dress older?

  • jake


    she is hot.

  • ale

    she’s too cute

  • katie

    she was offering to taske pics with ppl who didnt even know who she was??? lmfao that sounds like something miley cyrus would do! thats really sorta egotistical! but WHATEVER! i still love her and she looks super super cute in that pic

  • duh

    katie, the comment obviously meant that selena was taking pictures FOR people. like they were posing and she was snapping the photo. not begging to have her photo taken with unsuspecting people…

    although you’re right in that miley might do that. lol :p

  • tori

    katie, she was taking pics FOR people she wasnt in them,

  • Bradley

    Selena Gomez is so beautiful and pretty.

  • ivanka

    offfering pics of her? wow atttention seeker much haha
    i dont have anything against selena but thats so miley


    lol @ katie . . . . . NO JUST NO. hahahaaha

    she was taking pix for people oh wow anywhoo

    she sorta does look sweaty to me in the pic , she looks like shes gonna faint from HOTTNESS ?! lol

    and how could she possible avoid getting a tan in Puerto Rico ?

  • ariana

    #8 and #11 you guys are stupid she was offering to take pics for people who were taking them and needed someone to take it for them. You kno when your somewhere and you want everyone in the shot so you ask someone nice to take it for you?!! gooddd

  • uiui

    you IDIOTS she was taking pictures FOR tourists she wasn’t in any of the pictures! SHE is so pretty but she needs a tan!

  • it’s a laugh

    #5, Uh…maybe it’s because it’s hecka hot over there?…What do you expect her to wear?!! A turtle neck?!!! I don’t suppose you want little kids to dress in full attire while swimming in the pool too, otherwise they would be “trying to dress more mature”? lol

  • Ana

    What complete idoits people are thinking that Selena is SEEKING attention! Just leave her alone.

  • selena

    Well thnks wwe love slena she i what she is! she is the
    BEST! :DD

  • bailey

    crying buddy, huh?
    Crying about what, maybe?
    Maybe her reasent break up with Mr. Nick Jonas?
    just a thought.
    but i hope they didn’t break up.
    i loved them.

  • cutie

    she is adorable! it’s amazing how level headed she seems. i mean, most people wouldn’t offer to take the picture for you so you get everyone in your family in the memory, instead they’d walk on by. that’s just a kindhearted thing to do.

  • I Cried

    Watch this new video from Selena. It’s soooo sad ):. She truly amazes me now. She is absolutely amazing to my eyes now. beauty, talent, and kindness. Thanks for saving the dogs Sel!!!

  • Anonymous

    you guys are stupid she was just taking pictures of people who wanted to get everybody in the picure i swear some people are just dumb

  • N’keeyah

    WOW. Some People are just so dumb. She was taking pictures for people not standing there saying ‘Hi I’m Selena Gomez and I’m on The Disney Channel. Do you wanna take a picture with me?

  • jbfan

    i hate her

  • tODD

    OMG Selena is sooo freaking H.O.T. hot! Man her outfit is nothing close to revealing, and I wish it was :)….jk.

    btw, just watched that new youtube vid of hers from #16. It was so sad. She was like crying. so cool how she saved the dogs.

    she’s so amazing!!!!!! I’d do anything to be her boyfriend! :)

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks cute!

  • selenarocks!!!!!

    all of us here love selena and praise her.
    but you?
    you are the one here who hates selena.
    you are just jealous of her!
    you dont have what she has.haha
    poor you!

  • lalle

    I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lesha

    aw. thats so nice of her. its cool to here humble stories like that, that would not have come out unless someone else observed it.

  • Teh

    #24 #28 if you hate her, what are you doing here? haha
    she’s so pretty

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Selena is
    so freaking ugly
    I hate her
    shes the least
    talented/pretty star
    on Disney. To
    some of the
    fans ya’ll can
    knock it
    off already
    Selena has
    haters that have
    rights to talk
    about her any way
    they want to as
    well as the
    fans so dont
    think you’re
    ever gonna do anything
    about it. Thats why it
    says at the top
    “Comment and Share!”
    not kiss Selena’s ugly
    ass. Ya’ll catching
    on now?

  • whatever

    i love her :DDD
    selena » miley

  • bianca

    @katie: not with people… she was offering to take pictures of them so they could have a nice holiday photo.

  • Tamara

    @DemiFan: Well, she’s getting older. Everyones style changes.

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