Ashley Tisdale: My Guilty Pleasure is Diet Coke

Ashley Tisdale: My Guilty Pleasure is Diet Coke

Ashley Tisdale grins from ear-to-ear as she poses on the beach in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 23-year-old singer/actress invited MySpace’s The Fit behind-the-scenes of her photo shoot for new album, Guilty Pleasure. Check it:

On having a dollhouse at the shoot: “We went as far as having a dollhouse here and kicking it. Showing that I’m growing up. I’m not just a Disney girl that everyone once knew. I think I’m gonna break my ankle when I’m kicking it. I’m kind of scared. We’ll see.”

On her own guilty pleasures: “My album title is Guilty Pleasure. It’s actually really funny, it’s me making fun of myself. It also sounds edgy as well. My own guilty pleasures are Coffee Bean iced blends, Diet Coke and re-runs of Full House.”

On her first single off the album: “My new single is called, ‘It’s Alright, It’s Ok,’ and I fought for it for a long time, just because I really believe in it. It’s empowering towards women. You know, you can get screwed over, but it’s alright, it’s ok. (laughs) You can grow from it and be strong.”

Ashley Tisdale – Behind-The-Scenes of ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Album Shoot
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  • kara

    she looks so gorgeous

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks beautiful.

    honestly i didn’t plan on buying this album because i’m a bigger vanessa fan. not that i hate ashley but i just don’t really pay attention to her as much as i do to vanessa or listen to her music. but i think i will buy it. it looks cool.

  • super fan ashley

    I can’t wait to see the photos!!!!!!!
    I love how Ashley was looking



  • izzie

    loooove her

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Wow..she has really grown up and she’s gone far :D I’m proud of her.

    Lol.. “My album title is Guilty Pleasure. It’s actually really funny, it’s me making fun of myself…” oh Ashley, never fails to make me laugh. And that dollhouse that Ashley breaks looks fun, lol. Can’t wait to hear more from you Ash !! ♥

  • F.X

    SHE IS HOT!!!!

  • Ashlee

    i lovvve her! this album is going to be sick :)

  • becky

    she looks sooo pretty! im excited for this album!


  • aw

    If she wants to not be just a Disney girl, then she should stop working/producing/voicing for them. Kicking a dollhouse won’t do much.

  • girlleader1

    i sooo wana see these photos!!!
    i hope her album comes out before june!!
    sooner is better!!!

    shes gorgeous!!

  • Sarah

    #9– Ha i agree! I dont really like her that much. She is boring.

  • kaylee

    she’s so generic. i like diet coke, i like coffee bean.. blah blah blah. yea like 90 percent of the all the other girls in la.

  • arica

    HOLY CR AAAA P! I went to a wedding at that location a few years ago!!! The house she had the photoshoot in! The house is beautiful, but on a cliff!

  • Jack&Rose

    Ashley!!!:D I love you so much! Lol, i hate dollhouse.xD wish i could join u.:P

  • Jack&Rose

    Wooot! Totally gonna buy it!:D If i have money.:( I want to buy it with all my heart….it’s just that, i have no money.D:

  • ivanka

    another person trying to hard to shed off the disney image but fails on it…. “wow breaking a dollhouse, im so edgy , woow im bigger, im sexier , woow”…… BORING

  • Jack&Rose

    Lol! Re-runs of Full House is her Guilty Pleasure!XD Ashley is such a great comedian!:)

  • Jack&Rose

    Ivanka, ashley is not the person who bring that up idea. if she did she wont say she’s scared.

  • layla

    i agree #9- that stupid phinneas and pherb show is super lame, and she’s trying to be like, “oh i’m not this little disney girl”.

    hmm…weird ashley. are you confsed or something?

  • ariana

    its kinda pathetic how much she is trying to break away from disney and keeps mentioning it over and over

    she should just let it happen she is trying to hard…

  • Massie

    Love her hair brown with the longer extensions she looks better long.
    Love her new benz it’s a monster! I wonder how well she can drive.

  • KK

    I can’t believe my eyes!
    OMFG!!! those pics look so awesome!!!
    She looks really beautiful with her brown hair ^-^
    I can’t wait to hear & see GUILTY PLEASURE!

    # 16
    excuse me?
    tries to fail?
    OK, maybe you don’t understand the irony behind that doll house.
    ASHLEY is showing, not only is she fierce and powerful with a grown up image, she is willing to let go of disney, but showing, she’s not a little kid anymore.
    A dollhouse is symbolic to little kids!
    So just by breaking it, it took alot of courage for her, to breakout of that lifestyle.
    what do you want her to do? dress up like a s*** in a car with 100 guys?
    oh yea..sure, that will def get people’s attention-.-
    ASH has worked hard and get where she is at..and JUST by changing with new things,that’s age appropriate will surprise and get people to understand her better- she’s still going to be successful, no matter what anyone says!
    ASH is grown up to make these decisions and choices to change and want to be sexier and edgier with herself.. plus, she deserves it!

    SO don’t dare say, she’s boring, cuz the only person, i see who’s boring, is YOU!

    # 9
    stop working? producing? and voicing ?
    umm, she’s proving to people, that NOT only she’s not part of DISNEY, ASH is still gonna have TO work hard, to have talent, like she did before. ALL those extra long days, of making her album really amazing, proves she never gives up , she sticks to what she’s committed too, and she wants to prove PEOPLE wrong, about herself.

    kicking that doll house, won’t do her much?
    - well it’s a dollhouse? what more does she have to prove, she’s not associated with disney?

    just wait and see what more ashley, has in store for fans, in her music and image about her new role as a powerful artist … THEN you wouldn’t have to judge her!


  • Jack&Rose

    Why you say her pathetic when she have been working for 20 years, starting at the age of 3? :S She went to school and work at the same time. She has to balance between her work and school. Even the teachers thought she wasn’t graduate but she did. You should be wishing her good luck not saying she’s a piece of nothing. You don’t appreciate these stars; Ashley, David, Selena, Kate Moss, Britney Spears, Madonna. You don’t. You just said something negative and never gave time to actually compliment the person.

  • daniela

    go # 22 you are so right plus why does she have to leave it all behind at once? she will will still have small age kids fan so she ashamed of disney because that is how she got started

  • Jack&Rose

    Not Selena Gomez, Selena Quintanilla .Feh, if you have a brain you know her.

  • George

    omfg! i looooove her she’s HOT! Jesus! can’t wait for her new album! aaaaaaawww shes gorgeous!

  • I want It all

    i cannot wait for her CD!!
    man but i hate diet coke. I’m not lying or nothing. I was all I’m going to try a diet. So for my drink it was diet coke. i didn’t believe the whole i screws with your memory. well now i do. b/c i can’t remeber nothing anymore!!! and it all started happening when I drank diet coke.
    it’s like i went and saw race to witch monutian tweo days ago. nope don’t remeber it. Yea. It’s really sad. i say. I forgot more than i do anything else.

    but i love ashley tisdale!!
    she looks so freakin pretty!!

  • ladysdsandiego

    #25 jack&rose.

    i love that you brought up selena. i love her. too bad she’s not here anymore.


  • Blondie♥

    Lovvveee herrr soo muccchhh!!!! :)


    loveee her; i cant wait any longer,

    god these haters are so full of s**t! why cant youu just get a life. everyone has to start somwhere and ashley started with acting since she was a kid. then disney came along. where did zac start? broadway then disney… and you dont say anything. where did vanessa start disney… and again you dont say anything. i understand we cant make the whole world like ashley which is understandable but if you hate her why do you hater botherd to come here and waste your time? we get it you hate her?? and ur their saying by kicking a dollhouse wont change anything…. thats true but shes showing shes grownup no longer a kid!! thats why shes kicking it not because shes showing she “leaveing disney”.!!

    #9 – you make me sick… what do you mean stop doing voices??!! WTF do u haters wont her to do!!! be vanessa doing n**e photos on the net. will that make u happy watching p***ys on the net! People like britney spears go partying till how long, does drugs or woteva and u dnt say anything! ashley is doing this for herself and her fans! if u haters dont like it then ur gna have to live with it!
    but at the end of the day ashley is making so much more money and getting more fame then all u haters are! so think before u speak/type B.S!!!

    Love youu ashley tisdale; she looks gawjus!!! XXX

  • lauren

    omg! ashley is really fantastic is super sexi! I can’t wait for his new album! and I can’t wait to see the photos! however I do not need to leave Disney! because there are many children that they love and then you can not forget mica everything he has done for you disney! moreover, she is much better than other artists (proprios and we want to call them so) as that after hsm3 vanessa was limited to a single film … maybe it’s because no one chooses in view of your little talents? Ash, however, go are the best and continue doing so many new projects to show everyone the beautiful person you are!!

  • ZJ207

    #22 and #30 — I like you guys! haah lol

    Ashley’s album is going to ROCKK!!! :D:D
    the photos will be breath taking! :D <33
    love her!

  • nina

    wooooooow, she is stunning!!!!!!
    look who is jealous now <3
    love you ashley

  • ddd

    why now all like Vanessa Hudgens again? =(

  • lara

    I cannot wait for this album. It’s gonna be sooooooooo greaaat.
    I love heeer. She’s a goddess!

  • LoveASHLEY

    OMG! The pics will come out AMAZING!!

  • ash rockz

    Ashley is such a great & wonderful girl <3
    She’s hot, pretty & talented!
    I’m very proud to be one of her fans!
    GO ASHLEY!!!
    The shoot looks hot & i can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • barry

    #9, #19 just shut up!!!
    You’re so damn annoying. I can’t describe it….

    I’m so excited for her new CD.
    The shoot looks hot & the pics will be fantastic!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    you are guys really jealous.
    i mean she doesnt want to be little disney girl anymore.and she says it.
    you were always saying,you know,she is 23 but she behaves like 16 blabla..
    why do you care about a dollhouse?
    i know.
    because you want to find a new negative thing about ashley.because nose job isnt working anymore.and some people say i wanna hear vanessa’s let’s listen hers ! let’s listen the songs about some trivial things like sneaker ! let’s look vanessa’s important things about her career.for example,how she is looking good with her boyfriend,zanessa is a such a cute couple.what a succes ! i like vanessa but you bash ashley so i need tell truths !
    ashley is growing up,but haters are NOT !
    Ashley looks amazing and her new album will be awasome,this shoot rocks !
    yay .

    love ashley and her fans always support her …
    i cant wait for see pictures.

    [sorry for bad english,i'm from Turkey;)]

  • Brian

    I see kicking the dollhouse as ungrateful. Disney has done a lot to help her career; high school musical, phinaeas and ferb, suite life of zack and cody. I don’t think this chick realizes the opportunities Disney has provided her with. Not that it matters to her, but I’ve lost respect for her. Remember where you came from!!

  • ashloversbrasil♥


  • ashloversbrasil♥



    sooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL OMG


    so happy for her!!!

  • awurbii

    i like ashley in general but i just don’t think her voice is that great and i am saying that in the nicest way possible!! she’s very talented but her voice isn’t that great when compared to other artists but then again the music industry doesn’t care anymore. if her songs are catchy, they’ll sell.

  • NYAY..

    Is ashley has a duet with her BFF vanessa on her new album?

    I wish this one is TRUE.. Ü
    they are really bestfriends and they really deserve it.
    they are much better than selena-demi; though I like selena but I don’t like demi..

    ASHNESSA RULES when it comes to FRIENDSHIP.. :)

    can someone ask to ashley’s site about that?
    because there’s a problem when I am going to register at her site..
    I can’t leave a question.

    can you ask my question?
    or even,give your answer if you know.

  • vanessajonas

    she looks nice…

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