David Henrie: Show Me The Money!

David Henrie: Show Me The Money!

David Henrie shows off a wad of cash that he won during a game of black jack in Puerto Rico over the weekend.

The 19-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place actor wrote on his official twitter, “Okay, so you know how I been saying blackjack sucks… well sometimes its good…sometimes 2grand helps when you have lost a bid of money in BLACKJACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

David is currently in Puerto Rico filming the Wizards movie. Costar Jennifer Stone arrived on the island yesterday.

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  • Sar

    Woaaaah 2 grand? Thats wicked!

  • ivanka

    wow he is really bulky…. he needs to date selena now:)!

  • HOLA


  • lala

    wow! he’s lucky! lol.
    he’s 19? :O
    wizards movie?! are they ending that show too?! :O

    wow, he’s ripped lol. FTW! xP

  • Lauren

    thats right good…you can totally tell that, the finger on the bottom of the picture is selena, cos theres black hair at the side of the picture…lol, it could be anyone like but…just an errant thought..lol..

  • Angelica

    It’s not Selena

  • hun98

    I agree that they should totally date! That’s cool that he won 2 grand.. but usually having the habit of playing blackjack can do way more harm than good so best not to get addicted.

  • caroline

    I know black hair and trust me: That is NOT black hair!

  • jocelyn

    I just can see his muscles =O. HOT!

  • jocelyn

    I just can see his muscles =O! HOT!

  • frejamacarons

    what a little sleaze. He is such a total freakshow. Someone is trying to be the next miley cyrus. talk about publicity stunts. He obviously tries to post picture that may bring him some publicity from some gossip magazines. What a little sociopath. Well, it wont work girlfriend, because you need to be marginally famous beforehand!

  • mmac

    wow #11. really? publicity stunt? maybe you should stop being the sick little voyeur that you are and stop getting thrills from celebrity lives that are obv more exciting than your own. if you cant see that this is all in fun then youre surely pathetic and disturbed. and gossip magazines? open up a teen magazine and count how many pics of david you see. then count zac, miley, demi, selena…. do the math brain-o. i wish there was more of david! and i know your a “dude” which is even grosser that youre commenting.

  • tracy

    he should stop playing for money before its to late .I like him but casino games are only to looosseeeee POINT

  • Becx

    what r u even talking about?
    u r so ridiculous
    not everything is a publicity stunt

  • david is hot

    david is hot i love him sooo much!!

  • http://website stephannie

    cool picture.! selena gomez looks cute and so does david henrie.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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