Demi Lovato Can't Stop Laughing

Demi Lovato Can't Stop Laughing

Demi Lovato poses cheek-to-cheek with JJJ reader and fan Natalie on the set of Sonny with A Chance.

Natalie shared with JJJ about her visit to the sets of Sonny and The Suite Life on Deck. She wrote, “I met Demi Lovato at a taping of Sonny With a Chance. My friend works on the show so she invited me to come see it. I got to meet and take pictures with the whole cast.

Demi was really sweet and down to earth. Everyone was pushing to get a picture with her and when she saw people pushing me she kindly said ‘Guys please don’t push my friend, I promise to take pictures with all of you’ and then she took a picture with me. She is really funny and she couldn’t stop laughing in between takes either. The taping was super fun.

“The video is from The Suite Life on Deck, I went to a taping (again through my friend) and I sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift and met the cast. I also met YouTube star Lucas [Cruikshank] aka Fred. He was really chill and was there for a meeting with Disney. Maybe he’ll be on the show soon?”

Bigger pic inside…

Natalie singing “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

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  • ella

    how were you able to sing during a taping?

  • uhm


  • jennyJONA

    wait fred on a disney show,AWESOME i really hope so :)

  • briana

    Demis AWESOME!

  • Laura

    that was really awesome. you’re so lucky u got to meet demi, she seems so nice. also, good job with love story, it was really good :)

  • Anna

    OMG she has an AMAZING VOICE!!!!!!!!! and shes beautiful. I love her youtube videos, I’m a huge fan Team Natalie!!!

  • Anonymous

    either demi wears a lot of make up, or her tan weny away really fast.

  • fgadsfasd

    omg i know rite.
    one minute shes so tan
    and another minute shes so pale.

  • ilovejonas

    wait fred on a disney show,AWESOME i really hope so :)

    what if hes gonna be on hannah montana and hes like a hannah fan and then he meets miley and hates her and dosesnt know shes hannah montana but miley likes freds videos and asked fred “do you like hannah montana ”
    he says “yes” *in a mean way*
    miley “how about i get you hannah on one of your fred videos”
    oh yeah
    miley knows that fred dosnet like her anyways…
    he says
    “yes that would be awesome”
    miley *smiling*
    fred says “you have something on your teeth”
    miley *walks away*
    then comes back “you can meet hannah at the beach at 7:00″
    fred “7:00 will be in *look at his watch* 30 minutes!! ”
    then he meets hannah at the beach
    hannah smiling
    fred “you have really nice teeth”
    hannah “thank you”
    hannah/miley still has something on her teeth
    fred realizes that she does and says in his mind
    “thats the same spot that girl had on her teeth, i just meet 30 minutes ago”
    hannah is just talking while fred is looking at her teeth in a weird way
    and then realizes and shouts
    hannah “no im not,what girl,i dont who your talking about”

    ok thats all i got ,thats just what i would imagine
    but all this is not true
    i just made it up lol

  • sam

    im jealous!
    i wanna go to a taping, how cool was that!
    kudos for meetin the LGEND that is dylan sprouse

  • Student

    Eh…This show sorta sucks. I tried watching it many times but I just don’t think it’s a good show. I hope Fred was just attending this taping and not guest starring. I rather have him guest star on a more worthy show like Wizards or Hannah or Suite Life on Deck or anything but Sonny.

  • Jayda

    oh shes cool!
    she sang in my tiffany giardina video!!

  • Alex

    cool. i have always wanted to go to a taping of a show.
    Demi is awesome!

  • cccc

    no fred on disney?
    I mean he could do better than that!
    I hope is just to guest star

  • N’keeyah

    That girl can sing! She is so lucky that she met demi. I’ve always pictured Fred on Nickelodeon since he was on iCarly.

  • Andrea

    I´m agree demi is a really nice person, she´s just awesome

  • miss zanessa

    LOL ilovejonas that was funny^^
    you shoul write the entire episode

    aww demi
    she´s genuinelly a sweet girl isn´t she?

  • NIck

    Wow shes a great singer, love her videos. More please just jared jr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenjen

    WOAH. Compare demi’s natural skin colour to her colour at the KCA’s. Its like chalk and chocolate! She’s still pretty though!

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