Kristen Stewart: Dakota Fanning Plays Crazy Character

Kristen Stewart: Dakota Fanning Plays Crazy Character

Kristen Stewart totes around an over-sized brown satchel as she takes off from Vancouver International airport on Friday afternoon (March 13).

The 18-year-old actress made an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Friday night to promote her new flick, The Cake Eaters.

Kristen recently dished to Access Hollywood that she can’t wait to work with Dakota Fanning in New Moon. She shared, “It’s cool to have small characters be really vivid and have them stick out. I feel like she’ll do something really interesting with it. It’s a crazy character she plays.”

10+ pics inside of Kristen Stewart flying back into Los Angeles…

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Credit: MO/LAURENT/Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • listen to mayday parade

    shes growing on me…

  • Sar

    Ah Kristen, she’s just so beautiful and incredible. I honestly admire her so much.

  • mon =

    can’t wait to see them 2gether in the rnawys!!!

  • jen

    Cant stand her. Wooden talentless actress. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ronja

    She is so beautiful

  • twilightx3

    i love kristin (:
    and shes doing so many things at once.
    but here her outfit is a little blah.
    but love her shades (:


  • christina

    She’s so pretty without even trying.

    It kind skeeves me out that the papz are literally at the front of her house though.

  • ivanka

    why are they leaving so fast?

  • Wybie

    shes so COOL!

  • Diana

    I heart Kristen.

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks good! pretty and natural! and she’s so talent! such a huge fan! go kristen!

  • Maria

    She’s so my girl crush…*sighs*…hahahahahaha!!!

  • sara

    for a skinny chic, she’s got a really nice a**. and doesn’t she EVER look bad?

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    KStew is amazing

  • The4th

    I love that she looks like she just got off a plane, as opposed to all of these VAIN starlets who really are desperate to let you know that they have an expensive bag and too much makeup on.

  • b

    i love kristen, shes low key, dresses as she feels, she should be the ambassodor for sneakers shes a beautiful person

  • Miss Lautner

    <3 Her

  • hannah

    i have the same sunglasses, but where it’s green or whatever i have red. =]

  • Rebecca

    she is soooo beautiful. gorgeous. look how simple she is! she defefnitley has natural beauty!

  • joss


  • kamilah

    #15 lol seriously though! some celebrities act like they have to look good 24/7 with makeup and a fresh new outfit. its like a everyday fashion show for paparazzi. i love that kristen is always layed back and chill.

  • amber

    i want her legs. and butt.

  • blaster

    she’s flawless!! perfect skin.. no make up…

    she’s got the legs to die for!!!! she should have them insured!!!

    her style is definitely vintage and classic chill.. not much effort but standouts! no fancy designer bags, or signature clothes.. just keepin’ it plain, casual and real!!! awesome!!!

    i love kristen stewart!!

  • j

    she is a better actress than people give her credit for, people are just ready to knock her because she is the female lead and not your typical bubbly person, i know i am going to get knocked here but here goes people seem to think alice was played perfect but my brother and i both thought that even though she was only in a few scenes that she was not much of an actress( more like a soap actress like on 90210), but because people love her bubbly character they dont knock her. this is my opinion. i cant wait to see how she is in new moon when she has a lot more scenes

  • anna

    i TOTALLY agree with you #24!

    kristen stewart is awesomeee!

  • just me

    ok ,, can someone tell me where the hell is michael angakjdikidj
    i haven’t seen him with her in a while ,, he might be dead !!

  • mer

    she ANNOYS ME!One day shes all flirty wit robert then shes into taylor!!!!!!!!!Shes making Rob feel so bad!

  • bea

    I think kristen is amazing I have seen several of her movies and like them all. michael apparently is gone . think they have went their seperate ways so she can be with rob. i think she is pretty she looks natural all the time doesn’t need a lot of makeup. she is down to earth and doesn’t care what people think . she has the right attitude. i like that

  • KDawg

    U all know rob dumped kristen so rly hes makin her feel bad! i think shes better off with taylor lautner anyway

  • elly doon

    kristen stewart and robert pattinson twilight stars
    website one perfect I love you roberttt

  • http://facebook christina

    i love kristen stewart so much she is so cool. i love her! robert is my fav hold on to him

  • http://dsd nia

    i love you kristennn you ar so beautifulll : )))) I love youvery much