Miley Cyrus - 'Butterfly Fly Away'

Miley Cyrus - 'Butterfly Fly Away'

Miley Cyrus strums a sweet melody on her guitar as she sings “Butterfly Fly Away” from her upcoming movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Yahoo Music will be posting a new video every Monday of the 16-year-old’s acoustic sessions.

Also check out a new Movie Surfers sneak peek at the flick. Miley shows her fans some never-before-seen scenes in the movie. Hannah Montana: The Movie hits theaters on April 10th.

Miley Cyrus – “Butterfly Fly Away”

“Hannah Montana: The Movie” Sneak Peek #2
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  • bruno

    wuau!she sings so good!
    love u miley!

  • bruno

    Wau!miley signs soo Good
    love u miley!

  • bruno

    wuau she signs soo Good!
    love u miley!4 ever!

  • leahxx

    aww,this song is so sweet
    :)miley is my idol she is really talented:)

  • Megan

    amazing once again!! love miley soo much! cannot wait 4 the HM movie! it looks soooo good! <3


    cool! :]

  • scarlette

    omg that song is so cute! i thought because of the title it would be stupid, but it’s not. and it’s awesome that Miley showed off some of her amazing guitar skills.

    so far, the music in the HM movie is all amazing.

  • Cristy

    i ddin’t know she could sing with a sweet voice. it was nice =)

  • hannah

    omg thats actually beautiful!
    not normally a fan but really impressed.
    now her record label; need to stop over editiing and let her voice be natural!

  • marie

    i cant help but like everything this girl sings, seriously. she’d be a great country singer if she wanted, although i like the rocker miley too :D

  • tabia

    i am not a fan of hers but i love that song

  • just another girl

    no.7 i totally agree with u shes got a great voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anika

    Wow love it!!


    I love this song, and she looks so pretty! Btw this video and others of the sessions have been on YT for about a week now : l

  • erin

    so i’ve never been a big fan of her voice, but lately she’s been sounding so much better, and this is a good example of it. you can’t deny that she sounds good in this song. its very sweet.

  • c

    i normally like everything she sings anyway but that song was beautiful. being a miley fan all the time, i’m not used to hearing her voice sound so soft and almost vulnerable…she did a great job. and it’s nice to see her showing the world that she can in fact play the guitar since so many have doubted her. keep up the good work miley!

  • Sam

    that was really beautiful!

  • marlis

    whoa love the song!!!! lookng forward to seeing the movie soooooooo much!

  • lalal

    She is so lip syncing. It sounds exactly like the original song. She cant sing in a casual voice. I like the song though but it is 100 percent lip sync.

  • Cassidy

    Why is she lip-synching?! Is it suppose to a music vid?! Someone plz reply!

  • mileyfan

    Amazing <3
    Love her voice, and Love all the songs from HM the Movie :D

    Love Miley Always and Forever <3

  • just another Miley fan ;)

    omg shes so good!
    this song is amazing!
    I seriously cant wait for this movie
    I have been counting down sense like

    I love Miley


  • billythekid

    The song is ok. The Climb is a great song. Let’s get Crazy is an OK song, and that Hoedown, Throwdown, is a catchy toon. I haven’t heard any of the others except Taylor’s Crazier, which sounds very good. But as far as a Hannah album goes I am afraid this one may be a flop as far as record sales go. It’s only 36th on itunes and that’s not a good sign 1 week before it’s release. Is that a hint towards what may also occur come April 10th?

    Oh wait, I forgot to mention Billy Ray’s Back to Tennessee. That’s very, very good, better than everything else on the album except for the climb.

  • Qwerty

    She isn’t lip synching, at least not in this video. The leaks of the Miley sessions that sites have posted have edited tracks, this doesn’t have an edited track. And even if they did, it would only be because they want to promote the album by giving examples of how the album will ACTUALLY sound. But this sounds like she is singing!

  • billythekid

    To Cassidy (#16)

    Don’t look like Lip syncing to me. I don’t get the purpose of lip syncing an acoustic song in the first place. It would be so obvious and ridiculed. But, by all means, stick to your opinion as i wasn’t there and who knows. I just don’t think she was.

  • ANGELA!!!

    i LOVE miley. and she has a beautiful voice… but this was lypsunch…..
    if you listen to the studio version, it sounds EXACTLY like her here.

  • Lilly

    Cadissdy {16}
    Looks like it .
    Im pretty sure she is.

  • http://JUstjaredjr. Sarah

    Miley Ray Cyrus’s voice just keeps getting better and better. she is so talented and mature. Love the song and the talent. btw, her book Miles to Go is amazing!!!!! :D its a real gift to all of her fans. if u havent already read it….u should!!!! I wasnt expecting it 2 be all tht good but it really gives u some insight in2 her life. u will learn things tht u never knew about miley :) CANT WAIT 4 THE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE AND CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katie

    love it, this song is incredible! :)

    oh and responses:

    billy, the album entered the top 10 when it was first released for preorder a couple of weeks ago. that + the play the climb has been getting indicates that the album will do just fine.

    c, yes she can play the guitar, you can search “miley cyrus playing guitar” on youtube and find a video of her doing so a couple years ago :)

    cassidy, in another video from this same session she forgot the words to a song and had to pause, she also messed up the lyrics to another song. this suggests that she is not in fact lipsynching. at most it is the disney overdubbing that is done for all artists’ (jb, miley, demi, etc) music videos on the channel.

    oh and just a reminder… the album comes out march 24. hoedown throwdown and the climb are already on itunes. :) movie comes out april 10. vote for miley/hannah/bolt @ !


  • nathalia

    i loove miley.
    she’s the best. and i really liked the song

  • .

    she is lip syncing #25 it sounds exactly like the original song minus her dad

  • ella1170

    I love the way she sounds now! I mean I’ve always been a fan but she sounds way better when she does country. She has this vulnerability about her voice that makes it more real and beautiful!

  • francesca

    OMG! this is the best ive ever heard her sing!!!!!
    i love this song right now..and the guitar is so beautiful!
    love you miley!

  • Jessica

    awww i dont love hannah montana and miley
    i just think shes pretty and hannah montana (program) it’s so funny i like it but this song and climb are so good!

  • rebecca

    shes lip-syncing and its so obvious. i mean really miley? please. just stop. if your going to sing at a LIVE SESSION(key word=LIVE) then actually SING the song instead of letting a cd (that made your voice sound better) do it for you.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Miley is so talented
    I love that song its
    so cute. Miley is
    THE BEST singer/actress
    on Disney unlike
    some (cough Selena cough)

  • Miley

    I agree with “Nick Jonas’ girlfriend”
    She’s not lipshycing and it does sound different from the cd version. I already am planning on buying 3 copys of the cd!!

  • L.L.L.

    I agree I’m not a fan of Miey’s but I really like her voice in this song! I always get annoyed by her voice in other songs but not this one!Her voice is flawless in this song!

  • Emily

    amazing song <3
    she should stick to songs
    like this one and the climb
    those are her best work.

  • Emily

    shes lip-syncing and its so obvious. i mean really miley? please. just stop. if your going to sing at a LIVE SESSION(key word=LIVE) then actually SING the song instead of letting a cd (that made your voice sound better) do it for you.
    she does sing live!
    but disney puts the track over vids like this one
    get your facts straight!

  • billythekid

    To Rebecca (#35)

    It is sometimes pointless to argue with the ignorant or the incorrigible. You are either one or the other. Anyhow, she is absolutely singing in that studio. Whether or not we are actually hearing what she sung, or are hearing the studio version of this song is what should be debated here. But she is clearly not lip syncing. But I do understand haters. its hard to admit even the slightest positive surrounding your hatred.

    To Katie (# 29)

    You have showed me that I can be ignorant myself. That is ignorant of the process in which music is ranked on itunes. I guess the daily ranking of the album isn’t relevant until it’s actual release, or all the pre-order numbers get tabulated during the week of the 24th. I think?

  • avionne

    i love that song butterfly fly away from miley cyrus all i have to say that i ove her and her music and hannah thanks for making me a better person


    # 41
    No sh!t Sherlock.
    Of course she is singing in the studio but not live. She is lyp syncing and you are too ignorant to admit that because you’re such a Miley fan. Listen to the original song. Hmm…. why is so exactly the same ? Now look at her other live videos, doesnt she scream when she tries to hit a high note ? Does it sound different from the original, yes it does. So dont call other people ignorant and try so sound smart . & I know she sings live so dont go all crazy and say that she sings live on every of her performance. This song she would never be able to sing live like that.

  • kpmd

    oh my gosh, beautiful!! that song is so sweet and pure, and from the lyrics that i can understand, that song is really close to my heart.

    i love her.

  • billythekid

    To Kelly (# 41)

    Again with the ignorance (yes, I still believe you to be ignorant). She is not lip syncing. that would be if she was mouthing words to a song that was playing while she was in that studio. But she was singing in that studio. As other people have pointed out here, there is an overlay of the studio track onto the performance. But she still sung live in that studio, and I have heard enough of her acoustic performances (several just recently on that radio tour) to know she is capable.

    You actually don’t even make any sense as you seem to totally contradict yourself. You admit she sings live sometimes, but is lip syncing at other times, including this performance. So what exactly do think was occurring here? She wasn’t really playing the guitar nor actually singing?

    And exactly where did I ever say she sung live in every one of her performances? Those are your words being put on me. Next time read my entire comment before making an ignorant reply.

  • gabrielle

    that’s a really nice song :)
    and she sang very well.
    i hope that there are a few songs like this on her album, acoustic songs like this are absolutely the best, and i like learning them on guitar.

  • c

    i was praising her guitar playing, not doubting like others. i know she can play. and the people who were talking about lip syncing…it is entirely possible that disney did what they do best: try to perfect everything so they edited the video to smooth out the rough edges or whatever…just my opinion.

  • Ashleigh

    omgg, i loves this song & miley & her voice. its so sweet!

  • me

    This song is really good! :)

  • naTalie

    miley is a talented girl….. i really hope she doesnt turn out like britney or anyone who totally messed up…

    this song is really good and her voice is amazing in this song…. sometimes she sounds like shes trying to hard…

>>>>>>> staging1