Miley Cyrus is Smoothie Sweet

Miley Cyrus is Smoothie Sweet

Miley Cyrus shows off her pearly whites as she hangs onto a large sized smoothie from Robek’s on Monday afternoon (March 16) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet gave her momager Tish a shoulder massage while they waited for their smoothies.

Miley also made friends with the paparazzi as she grabbed one of their cameras and took some pictures herself. Miley recently expressed in the past that she would love to study photography in London.

20+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus getting a Robek’s smoothie…

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miley cyrus robeks smoothie 01
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 02
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 03
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 04
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 05
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miley cyrus robeks smoothie 16
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miley cyrus robeks smoothie 20
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 21
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 22
miley cyrus robeks smoothie 23

Credit: Nate Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Florentina

    Aww she looks beautiful, as usual :D
    The top looks familiar to me…hmm..where have I seen it before? xD
    I think Ashley Tisdale wore the same top…I’m not quit sure though.

  • Florentina

    OMG, I was right! Ash has worn that gorgeous top back in 2008! xD

  • Rachelle jonas

    3rd :)
    Nice :)
    Love Ya Miley!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I wonder what
    kind of smoothie
    shes drinking. Miley
    looks so cute I love
    her. Its funny
    cause she wears
    some of the ugliest
    stuff but on her
    it looks good :P

  • miley fan!

    that “blonde gal pal” is her mom.

  • N.S

    LOL, that’s not her “Gal Pal” it’s her MOTHER!

  • hu

    LOL jared dumb move, that blonde is her mom!

  • lizzie

    MY many times am I gonna see this girl out somehow..well at least she isn’t with you know what

  • Becky

    Isn’t the ‘blonde gal pal’ her mother?

  • ariana

    haha yeah it is her mom what a stupid haha

  • meeee

    that’s her mom..


    i love miley:) and how normal she is

  • ivanka

    LOL jared that “blonde gal pal”is her mother.. aka the next dina lohan=)

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Miley looks pretty. I love her relationship with the paparazzi.

  • lizzie


    I’m so random

  • Cassidy

    Umm.. She took a picture of the paparazzi not herself! Haha! Anyone notice that?! Sorry you got that wrong JJJ! Lol! It’s ok! At first I was like wha she cant be that vain lol!

  • Kelsey

    ashley tisdale has the same outfit

  • rii

    @Cassidy #16
    idk if they edited the article after you said that, but all they is “took some pictures herself” not “of herself”. disregard this if jjj did edit it tho.

    and ive heard that one of the paparazzi guys that follow miley sometimes is a family friend or something. maybe thats the guy?

  • victoria

    love her!

  • Cassidy

    Oops! I read it wrong! Sorry JJJ! Lol! Thanks rii!

  • Emily

    pretty =)
    as always.
    love you miley.

  • Mandy

    lol ya the blonde pal is her mother… can’t you tell justjared

  • Dina

    That is not her blond friend is her mom Tish!

  • Dina

    That is not her blond friend, that is her mom tish!


    she is really pretty! i love her sunglasses

  • swe3t23

    sites do that on purpose to draw hits to their page.

    cus if it just read Miley and little sister. it doesn’t get that much hits online.

  • crista

    she is pretty i love her long hair i hope she lets grow really long like at the concert of hope her hair looked fantastic! love her boots she looks good on boots is like her style love it! miley show off those beautiful eyes!

  • lizzie


    no one sir…

  • lizzie


    no one sir…

  • 251458


    love miley

  • kristan

    she dresses so amazingly! i LOVE that top.

  • ale

    uhmmmm wow those boots look like the ones selena wore.

    miley is ok , i guess, i think she should brush her hair though.

  • Zoe.

    I don’t think that she is a very good photographer

  • Tina

    uhm.. isn’t that her mom? lol.

  • katherine

    her blonder female friend is her mum! haha


    waaaaaaaou I love her clothes she is ALWAYS pretty and FUNNY
    shes too nice with the pap’s !

  • me

    Shes so pretty!
    I want those sunglasses lol!

  • Miley

    Hey guys! Haha that was strawberry, yum :P

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    when ashley wore this,everybody say what a dress ? she is not stylish,she is bad,she is eww..
    but now the same people say miley looks beautiful ..
    i cant understand why people like sl*ts?

    she is taking picture of her biggest love cameras and paparazies.
    miley must marrie with cameras..

  • Captincrunchrocks

    #39 stfu serisouly
    anyway she looks pretty
    and umm the blonde friend is her mom:)

  • Diana

    cant she go one day without being photographed
    i mean she is nothing special
    when she wins an oscar call me
    she will go away after a while

    she was being a bitch and stupid by radiohead

    and she thinks she’s going to win an oscar for THE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE!

  • kinsley

    i hate her i wish she dies!

    does she realize that she has more haters tahn fans!

    she will go down as the most hated disney slut of all time

  • riana

    that orange top one was when she was at pilates class

  • vanessajonas

    she looks gwjus
    ashley has the same top :D

  • kEn

    . . Yer flick will rock..prepare
    Neat, the way you jus fly around town
    like ‘janedoe’. .”oh,lets go here”.
    Dang girl, carefull would’ja. It’s LA..!
    Drive good and ‘fun it up’ forever.! k

  • Ashlee

    all miley does is shop and eat, she is so selfish.
    its such a shame. . .
    She should be more like Selena G! she goes out of her way to help out a good cause (

>>>>>>> staging1