Selena Gomez's Dog-umentary

Selena Gomez's Dog-umentary ambassador Selena Gomez and her Wizards costar Jake T. Austin are making a difference for the pups of Puerto Rico.

The 16-year-old actress filmed a heart-breaking ‘dog’-umentary on the beach last weekend to bring awareness to some of the carelessness of the dogs in Puerto Rico. Selena has rallied her friends — band Forever The Sickest Kids, Taylor Swift, Corbin Bleu and Rita Rocks star Nicole Sullivan — and teamed up with Charity Buzz to benefit Island Dog, Inc.

Selena wrote on her MySpace, “Hey. I just wanted to let everyone know the new Charity Auction has launched. It runs until March 31st so be sure to check it out and get your parents permission to make a bid. Thank you all so much for being a part of this Charity Auction. Also whether you bid on something or not everyone can help. Go to to see all the different ways you can help the dogs and cats of Puerto Rico.”

Selena Gomez – “Dog-umentary”
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  • MILEY fan!

    love dogs, hate selena!

  • vannie

    I’m so glad she’s helping. My fam is from PR and the dog situation is so bad there, there are starving dogs everywhere that are killed just for fun.

  • Mkaaa

    It’s so nice that she’s doing this.
    People tend to sit and let life pass by. It’s nice to see someone stand up and do something, for a change.

  • hannah

    Hey the person above me needs to stop holding grudges. I think what selena is doing for dogs is a great thing and making a great statement. Everyone should join the fundraiser. xoxo

  • JustGonnaSay

    She looks very pretty.:) though i dunno much about her.

  • nata

    Thank You Selena Gomez , in Puerto Rico we do not have animalcops nor anything of the sort and I believe that we must of agredecerte by this.

  • nathalia

    she’s amazing!
    love her.

  • Joe’s future wife

    I saw this and started crying. GOD BLESS YOU SELENA

  • jinisha

    thats so amazing of her! that was such a sad vid and im really glad there doing something about this!

  • d

    I’m not the biggest Selena fan, but this is truely amazing and inspiring.

    I will do all I can to help and SO SHOULD YOU! Great job Selena.

  • Bia

    This is so amazing what Selena is doing!
    I’ll do everything I can to help this dogs!

    I’ve always loved Selena , but now she’s more important to me….

  • Bianca

    This is cool, I just wished that they would not only do this here, but everywhere. There are thousands of places that have the same situation as here in Puerto Rico. I appreciate what Selena is doing for the doggies here in Puerto Rico, but like here there are a bunch of people trying to make a difference here and throughout the world, let’s help them and we can all accomplish something.

    PS. I know this might seem rude for some people but I had to laugh at the comment about the Machete…I mean people here don’t walk around with a Machete anymore….lol but anyway just found it funny.

  • dan


  • caroline

    Not everyone has the TALENT to make a change or is GOOD at making a change as big as Selena is. It can be hard to figure out what resources to use or how the heck you’re supposed to even begin. Let alone remember all the information you have to take in about the cause in order to effectively redeem it. Also, life is VERY busy; most people have families, finances and homes to take care of. You wouldn’t believe how much time that can take up. Those that CAN, like Selena, really have the duty to DO. And if they care, even better! If more celebrities did this/able to do this, maybe there would be less focus on their personal lives and more about the good deeds and philanthropic things being done <3 Imagine a world where the amount of good stuff done was traded for the amount of gossip/slander. I think the world might even be better, lol. Selena really is a role model that all you people 10-17 should look up to.

  • scarlette

    omg i am so glad she is doing this, i had NO idea how horrible it could be for dogs… anywhere! I hope that this problem is fixed soon. I might donate some money to the foundation, and i wish i could adopt a dog! but i can’t.

    anyways, I’m glad Selena is helping people to be more aware of this problem. I actually look up to her now.

  • selenafan

    I’m glad she is interested in this big problem; hopefully this video will attract people’s attention
    …other stars should do more things to help dogs and other animals …
    I hope she can chat with her disney contacts and maybe the company get interested in charity acts like this…Its time to stop thinking only in making money!!!

  • Ma

    I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ…. selena is a great role model….

  • Natalie

    Its very nice shes doing something for these dogs.Its true none of these dogs should be treated like this they didnt do anything to do deserve it and its not fair to them,Why should they lose thier life? I have a shelter dog of my own shes about 5 now but i could only image what she went through.Selena if your reading this thank you a million times for doing that.

  • naomi

    Hi, im from Costa rica and im 20. I haven’t see the video ´cause i dont want to cry, everytime i see things like thisistart thinking about my dog who’s like my baby and i cant believe people are cruel with them.
    I have this goal with my fiancee, we’re going to make a shelter for dogs and cats and theyre going to be loved even if nobody wants to adopt them because we really love dogs and we cant stand to see them in a bad position. i really hope people understand that dogs are like persons too, they have feeling and they want somebody to love them and treat them well.

  • lau

    okay. it’s really aweosme that Selena’s doing this and all, but im from Puerto Rico, and we don’t kill dogs for fun. Yeah there are always, in any country people who dont like animals and just run over them.

    But we ( puretoricans ) do the best we can to save them, we cant save all of them, but we DO save them.

    plus! the shelters dont have horrific conditions. that boxing lady lied xD

    *we are not dog killers ! we have organizations against dog cruelty and saving shelter dogs and saving the dogs from the streets .


  • Hi[x

    I used to live in Puerto Rico,and it is really bad,Dogs are dying all over,and the situation is horrible.Im glad she’s taking action on whats right.

  • miracle yang

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  • erin

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  • maddy

    selena is like super cool and she has the coolest songs o and show she totally rocks she is my hero and me and my best friend are her number one fan peace out

  • marina

    selena is great i think many peoples participated and tried to save the dogs after this drive i was one o those. selena is pretty , dude and very cool i just wish to be with her one day
    she is a celebcrush i love all her songs and wizard of waverly place was great she is unstopable, powerful and wonderful

  • selena fan

    i love selena gomez in going to go see her in concert in August 23 2011
    she helps people and animls she is very nice pretty awesome at singing and yes i’m a girl i LOVE HER MUSIC I’M THE BIGGEST FAN FOR HER EVER AND ALWAYS WILL BE I LOVE U SELENA :]
    U ROCK

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