Taylor Swift Gets Koala Kisses

Taylor Swift Gets Koala Kisses

Taylor Swift gets a big hug from a koala as she visits a wildlife resort in Australia last week.

The 19-year-old musician put together all of her stops in the land down under and made a very cool video out of it.

Taylor writes in the note section, “I just got home today and wanted to show you guys what we did in Australia! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back. We hung out with koalas and kangaroos. And played bunch of shows and pretty much fell in love with everything about it there. The song is ‘Wild at Heart’ by Gloriana. They’re opening up on the Fearless tour this summer and I can’t wait to hear this song every night!”

Taylor adds at the end of the vid, “We’re on the way to the airport to leave Australia and I just got the news. My tour sold out in Madison Square Garden in one minute. One minute! Yes!”

Taylor Swift – Australia Tour
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    thats my idol!:)
    this is so cute haha..cant waitttt for her concert june 11th!

  • brianna

    haha, ilove taylor :) she’s so amazing and down to earth. i just died laughing when she’s like “they’re koala’s, Grant,” and when they rolled their shirts up :) haha. I can’t wait for the tour.!! I hope that the shows I wanna see don’t sell out that fast, because I want to get good seats :) haha. i love her video blogs!

  • Mariah

    Love her!!
    Come to Brazil!!!

  • harper

    Who is that girl “Liz” the brunette with Taylor a lot in this video?

  • xd


  • http://justjaredjr.com super fan ashley



  • Becca

    Liz is Taylor’s new back up singer :)

  • ivanka

    #5 just tell me why is she a puta if she hasn slept with lots of men?? please check the definition before using rude adjectives.


  • Fran

    I love taylor and her videos! They’re always so cool put together!!

  • dani

    #8, ivanka

    most would argue she hasn’t slept with any…

    But that’s besides the point. I love this video! Its my favorite of her home videos :)

  • Lydia

    nice video

    she’s so down to earth!!

  • kim

    glad she had fun
    i was at sound relief :)

  • caitlin

    australia rocks

  • Nora

    Hope you had a great time here! Come back again!!!!!
    I can’t believe you were in Brisbane and i didnt even know!

  • me

    I love Taylor!
    Come back soon :)

  • Bradley

    Taylor swift is so beautiful

  • marylouise

    wow amazing

  • kayla

    love the part where the koala hugged her :]

  • Danielle

    Koalas are the best animal on the whole planet ^^

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Cindy

    awwww!!!!!! what a gorgeous koala. my mum loves koalas and so do i! australia has the best animals if you visit here! i live in australia and i love being here.

  • Kat

    GREAT VIDEO, “We’re gonna see the panda bears!”
    What’s the song in this video?

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