Ashley Tisdale & Camilla Belle: West Side Story

Ashley Tisdale & Camilla Belle: West Side Story

Ashley Tisdale and Camilla Belle strike their best dance moves in this re-enactment of West Side Story for Vanity Fair magazine.

In this particular scene, Camilla shares a sharp gaze with Prince Caspian‘s Ben Barnes. The two rival groups, the Sharks and Jets, show off their dance moves in a showdown.

Also included in the feature: Jennifer Lopez, Chris Evans, Minka Kelly, Jay Hernandez, Shane Lynch, Drake Bell, Brittany Snow, Cam Gigandet, and Robert Pattinson.

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Photos: Mark Seliger
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  • zac i hate u vanessa i love u

    waaaaaaaaw thats look sooo coooooooool waaaaaaaaaaaw i dont know wt is it but am soooo exited


    Does Brenda do it??


    Does Brenda S do this too, i cant see why? She is starring in a West Side Story remake… I DEMAND A RESHOOT

  • joanne

    she looks so lifeless..

  • lizzie

    They dont appear on the cover, they just do a small shoot for the magazine. Its just a photo shoot that Camilla Belle leads.

  • katie

    camilla belle is so flippin gorgeous. joe jonas is a lucky man.

  • Jack&Rose

    awesome!:D Camilla looks beautiful.:) Seriously, she’s perfect for a role in a 50′s (or less) movies!:D

  • Jack&Rose

    Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDD I LOVE HER!!!

  • nyna

    Wow cool cool
    but it’s hard to notice them all

  • sos

    LMO.. Cute!!! i like camilla i didnt know her until she started hanging out with joe jonas but she is good

  • Maila

    Ben Barne’s is gorgeous!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    they loook amazing !
    haha ,i really love it !
    ashley&camilla rocks <3

  • lev

    cooolio.. camilla and rob look hot, drake is mine

  • lauren

    ooh ashley’s sooo beautiful !!


    #14 really? you cant see her face in the pic just half of it..

  • victoria


  • http://jjj miley

    i love ashley but camilla is… i don’t know!

  • ashleytfan

    I love Camilla & Ashley.
    But its mostly Camilla who is the star of this shoot :(
    I can’t see were Ash is, blue dress right?

  • BB

    Who is ashley?? BTW Camilla is the main person in the photo shoot, the others like Rob, Drake, Brittany and JLO are in the background. But JLO and Rob are a million times bigger stars than Camilla, but they put camilla in the main becauze she has golden hollywood looks. LOVE VANITY FAIR!! I hope that Brenda and Vanessa are doing this too, Miley, JB and Zac too. It would be a Young Hollywood thing.

  • ash rockz

    Ash looks great!
    But it’s too much of Camille ;D

  • Wybie

    i would be so pissed if they were actually in the remake

  • brett

    WOW! I never thought I’d say this, but camilla looks GORGEOUS!!!! GO JOE!!!


    #19, That is because Camilla is the star of the photoshoot. Ashley, Britney Snow, Drake Bell and Jay Hernandez are the ”background people” and the other people in the photoshoot feature aren’t even celebrities, they are random people/models. Jennifer Lopez, Rovert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Chris Evans and others have another page. It is a ”West Side Story” theme, and the bigger stars have a another feature.

  • Ava

    Camilla is such a pretty woman, and she is a great model, but her acting sucks. She should really try and do a lot more modeling.

  • super fan ashley

    ashley looks fantastic!


  • Lisa

    The people in this are so random and unconnected???

  • emmaxx

    i honestly freaking hate camilla belle! don’t know why… i just dont like her.
    she’s like z-list actor. lol.

  • Stacy

    Haaa and I see that Camilla’s buddy Rob is gona be in it to. Thats so good, she belongs with him and needs to stay away from my man Joe.

  • teteu

    ashley look very amazing
    i love her!

  • robert and baby v fan!!

    robert is there!! yupi i love him so much and ashley too but more robert!!drake i love u 2!!


  • Carolina

    Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro is also in some of those pictures with Jennifer Lopez.I’m proud…it’s really hard for this king of thing to happen…and i know how it must have meant a lot to him.

  • zanessa 4ever

    she’s really cute!!!!! love her

  • zanessa 4ever

    oh, I meant Ash<3

    I don’t like Camilla


    ashley is so effin beautiful and camilla <3333

  • ivanka

    who cares about ashley when we have other super hot and more famous people?
    this shoot looks coool.. i want to see rob and cam=)

  • Magz

    This is amazing!!!

    I want to see everybody! And Rodrigo Santoro is in these photoshot???? OMG! He is so hooot!

    I love West Side Story and I’m singing “America”!!!

    I can’t wait for the rest of the photos!!!


  • MKay

    am i blind. Which ones rob?

  • Solange

    #35: camilla is famous… Ewww, i’m dying!

  • S.D!!!

    Camilla make an amazing Maria!
    wow vanessa hudgens must be jealous cause shes always wanted to play Maria and have something to do with West Side Story.
    eeeps V would have made an amazing Maria to though.

  • katie

    ughhhh camilla belle,,,,,

  • http://jjj annony

    where is ashley tisdale and robert pattison???cant see them..plz help someone…j lo is the star here a natural beauty.camilla belle is not all that something about her screams wax my eyebrows please..

  • Esther

    ashley looks amazing

  • arantza

    ashley looks amazing<3333
    i love her //
    omg omg ashley with chris evans *.*
    OMG i cant see robert and cam =/

  • harvey

    Ben Barnes is pretty cute and Camilla seems to like English guys so maybe she will go after him now.

  • Toemmaxx

    don’t be stupid emmaxx you know why you hate camilla, cause she is with the man you will never will be with, you suck!

  • mia

    Rob is also appeared in this shooting.. look at the back!!!

  • Jack&Rose

    ivanka. people care about ashley. r u blind?:S

    Anywho, I can see Rob but i cant see J Lo since i dunno her that much. Where is she!?

  • Osama


  • Seruce

    #41 we all knew that vanessa is gonne be so much better but you knew she is so busy lady , oh I love her

  • Alfredo


>>>>>>> staging1