Demi Lovato - 'Don't Forget' Full Music Video

Demi Lovato - 'Don't Forget' Full Music Video

Demi Lovato tries to sheild herself from the rain in front of a carousel in her new music video, “Don’t Forget.”

The 16-year-old actress filmed the entire video in two days at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Demi then caught a flight out to the Bahamas and hang with some sea lions.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Demi’s full music video – HOT or NOT?

Demi Lovato – “Don’t Forget” Official Music Video
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  • Sarah

    I LOVE HER!!!

  • Mileylover



  • Cals

    I LOVE HER TOO!!!!! but the video got deleted! :/

  • katie

    saw it on perez hilton–she looks amazing in in and her vice is sick! easily the most talented person to ever step foot on disney. she has it all. the looks, personality, singing and acting ability. demi lovato is gunna go far

  • jo

    she’s getting so annoying

  • madison!

    i SO love this video. its like my life song. i just got out of one of those relationships. i love tihis song
    she looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • DisneyFan


  • kenny


  • -Kary-

    What VideO? is Deleted!!

  • katie

    not. don’t get me wrong the song is good but the video is SO emo-cliche. the heavy makeup, the rain, the all black. not to mention the electric guitar in the damn rain (?!). it just reeks of trying too hard.

  • Karina

    here is the full music video:

    since this one was deleted

  • lauren

    she looks insanely stunning in the video!! and unlike miley cyrus, demi has some REAL talent. love her!

  • anon

    HAWT! she looked gorgeous! it was really emotional…best singer on disney..well the only i like! ;D

  • anon

    um #5? if she’s annoying don’t watch anything that has to do with her…simple as smart dont be a dumbass! ;)

  • Farrah

    Shame, she used to be such a pretty girl. The song is nice, if extremely melodramatic. I must say that I preferred her previous single… LaLa something-or-other. But I can see how this might be liked by the 11-15 set.

  • Andy

    It has been removed :(

  • jess

    she’s the only disney star i like
    and this just made me like her even more
    she has real talent unlike the others
    and it doesn’t matter how she got famous(that goes for the haters) she’s talented and writes amazing songs by herself
    she’s gonna go far!

  • d

    Why do people ALWAYS have to throw in – “better than Miley”

    Why not say “better than Selena” in that case?

    Miley and Demi BOTH have very unique and stront voices in thier own right. Have you guys not heard The Climb? Miley kills it. As does Demi. The vid is ok.

  • jen

    #14 ur wrong this video song would more liked for 15-up lalaland and the music video for it was too disney..this is way better take it from me im 18 get back was ok i guess but this video is just so not disney
    this girl has some raw talent good video or not

  • crista

    i like demi but their is no story base on the video i dont get it ? if it wasnt because of the song i dont see any purpose to it!
    i mean miley was much better she walking walking tour the climb against all the obstacle in her way she finally reach it!
    even taylor video was better it walk about a guy spending time with a girl and he cheated on her and she didnt give him a chance.
    even love bug by the jonas eventhought i hate that song but the video was beautiful and it was a beautiful love story! but what the this video tell nothing! she need to do video more details! i did like the rain part and the tear at the end but no story??????????????what the point of a video if it doesnt tell the story of the song????????

  • Bia

    I love it! I love her!

  • Duma

    #18 you took the words right out of my mouth lol…all her videos are basically face shots of her with no story to them…i like the songs but i get turned off my the videos. and miley`s song the climb is amazing i love that song..and i prefer the burning up video anyday before the lovebug video…but um yeah who ever directs her videos needs some major storyline ideas..and it isnt a shock to me that it only took two days bcus it doesnt look like it took much effort it was just her walking around in rain nothing complex about it…

  • melissa

    as its not working, the link i mean, i’m uploading the video to my youtube…right this second. so sub to my channel & it will be up v. soon:D

  • Stina

    I think it’s HOT! Thanks for sharing Jared. Talented girl right there.

  • kimbo

    people yu can see the video on myspace!

  • nathalia

    it has been deleted ):
    love her. she’s sooo talented.

  • Karina

    here is the full music video:

  • florr

    love her!
    th e video is great! can’t be better!
    don’t forget ROCKS!

  • erin

    cute song.. but gotta be honest… the video is incredibly overdone. i definitely would’ve gone a different route. why would you want to do a video that like 10+ other bands/singers have done?

  • cc27

    Love it!!

  • demiandselenalover(:

    you have no idea now much i cried when i saw this earlier today. i was pouring buckets. no litterally but quite alot.
    i love demi and she looks unbelieveably gorgeous here.

    demi <3

  • angelita


  • LIndsay b

    Wow SHE LOOKS SOOOO pretty i luved it!! :)

  • haha

    i love how half of you can complain about demi’s video having a lack of purpose or storyline and how she’s just walking in the rain… especially those of you who compare it to miley’s video for the climb… where she was just walking in front of a green screen.

    neither were exceedingly special or amazing but both songs are emotional and show promise for the girls.

    also, although they are both unique, miley’s voice has grown a lot while demi had the raw talent to begin with.

  • ariel

    hot love her more and more

  • Erica

    This video is FANTASTIC. She is so gorgeous. Her voice is amazing!


  • brittany

    LOVE ITT!!!!

  • I want It all

    love the song.
    the music video was plain.
    could’ve been better. but still like it.

  • francesca

    lovelovelove demi lovato!
    and this music video is my favorite of beautiful & emotional all at once.
    she is by far the most talented singer/songwriter to come out of disney!
    oh and shes such a talented actress as well!

  • miss zanessa

    wOw!! demi is so talented
    and her voice is amazing ,i wish i had a voice like hers :)

    don´t forget is my favorite of her songs
    cuz is so touching and emotional

    it doesn´t have that big storyline but i get the idea
    you know like when you´re in a relationship and things change, it doesn´t feel the same and you have to break up but it´s hard to forget cuz there were some good times, you just hope the other person could remember their good moments together…
    i like the video, the concept, the visual effects…

    GOOD JOB DEMI!!! :)

  • Rachelle jonas

    Man, this vid is amazing!

  • sar

    GO DEMI!!!!
    demi is not only EXTREMELY talented and can sing her heart out,
    but she also is GORGEOUS! and she has so much passion.
    I can really tell that she puts her all in her music!

    and being on disney doens’t mean you’re bad,
    hey look at demi, selena, miley, jb’s, and more!!!!

    but really, great job demi :)

  • e


  • Bradley

    That was amazing Video by Demi Lovato.

  • Luísa

    demii is so perfect!!!
    i love her, she is so pretty <3

    don’t forget is a great song! *_*

  • Diana

    she looks like demi moore
    i think
    she is the best disney tween they have now
    i mean who else they have
    slutty cyrus, jonas brothers- there done now that there movie floped
    and im one of their fans, just except that
    she is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY better than slutty cyrus!

    i cant stand miley, she sound like a constiapted horse

    and she’s annoying like REALLY ANNOYING!

  • louisa

    Love the song, love the video.

  • hunter

    I’m gonna have to disagree with #46.
    Mileys successful and her voice has improved.
    Demi did indeed have the raw talent.
    Either way both girls have some sort of thing that attracts attention.
    Instead of comparing her to Miley.
    I’ll compare her to Selena (;
    Blew that chick out of the water seriously.

  • Kayla

    That was so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    loved it so much it was so good

  • andrea

    her and demi are the only amazingly talented girls on disney right now

    (ashley tisdale is good to i like that shes breaking out of the young thing she is 23 or 24 something like that)

>>>>>>> staging1