Kristen Stewart: "Everything is Better About New Moon"

Kristen Stewart:

Kristen Stewart got a chance to sit down with MTV and dish on the much-anticipated Twilight sequel, New Moon.

The 18-year-old actress talked directors, filming and future sequels. Check it:

On Drew Barrymore possibly directing the third film, Eclipse: “I like her as an actor. I’ve never spoken to her. I know that she made that movie [Whip It!] recently that I haven’t seen. I don’t know; I really admire her as an actress, and she’s been in [Hollywood] for so long — I’m sure she’s very smart and interesting.”

On preparations for New Moon: “Everything [is better]! We’re sort of revamping. The look of the vampires has gotten that much better — now they just look clean and crisp. They’re beautiful, really. We’ve had all of our rehearsals, it’s pretty much done — all of the prep for the script, it’s solid. There’s no more work to be done, whereas a lot of times you’ll be on a movie and you scramble the night before and make sure everything’s done, and then you lose sequence of the whole thing because you don’t shoot in order. We’re set! It feels so good.”

On the departure of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke: “Well, it wasn’t like it was a big bomb that was dropped. It wasn’t much of a shock. To be honest, I don’t know much about the inner-workings of whatever was going on within the studio, [but] everybody has creative integrity and everybody has to be on the same page when you’re making a movie.”

New Moon is set to hit theaters in November.

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