Selena & Demi Talk 'Princess Protection Program'

Selena & Demi Talk 'Princess Protection Program'

BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are all smiles behind-the-scenes of their Disney Channel Original movie, Princess Protection Program.

The duo, both 16, star as Carter (Gomez) and Rosie (Lovato) in the flick, two girls who come from much different worlds to form a friendship. They shared, “Our friendship in the movie is nothing like our friendship in real life.”

Selena continued, “It’s been like a dream come true. We did work together when we were younger, but then, we’re best friends and we spend every second with each other. So, to be able to work with each other [again] was definitely one of our dreams.”

Princess Protection Program premieres on Disney Channel in June.

“Princess Protection Program” DCOM Extra #1
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  • marymarie

    i actually can’t wait to watch this.

  • Annie..!


  • Mkaaa

    I really want to see this movie. Disney should show it already!!!
    Does anyone know when it comes out?

  • Adam

    Mkaaa, I heard that it’s premiering on June 19. I can’t wait until that day!

  • anon

    ima be seeing this! but only cus of demi cus i hate disney eww

  • Andrea

    Me too, can´t wait for this movie i love demi lovato

  • twilightx3

    i cant wait!
    they’re soo pretty<3
    i KNOW that their gonna do awesome!

  • kenny

    can’t wait too, ooh, love her, and selena too.

  • Coolio

    I still think Selena should be the princess cause she’s prettier than Demi. But they are both incredibly talented so who cares. I’m glad Disney Channel is finally having their own princesses. What a greater way to start a line of Disney Channel Princesses than with Demi and Selena? Whoooo! Can’t wait for PPP!

  • ilthem.

    haha i love how they’re always all over each other.


  • miss zanessa

    this movie looks so cute
    like a BFF chick-flick ^^
    besides i <3 demi & sel :)

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    This movie
    is gonna suck.
    Nothing is
    ever good
    if Selena Gomez
    has something
    to do with it.

  • Qistina

    Demi is cool

  • mia

    #12, just shut up. Wait no, as a matter of fact…keep talking nonsense about Selena. You can love her or hate her…either way you’re just making her famous. Haters gives her as much attention as her fans does. Which is actually a good thing.

    Judging by your name ‘Nick Jonas’ girlfriend’, you’re just jealous of Selena because Nick dated her and NOT you, lol! Grow up.

    Anyway, Princess Protection Program looks like a really cute movie and even though people like “‘Nick Jonas’ girlfriend” disagrees, I bet they secretly think it’s cute too.

  • JBfan

    I Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!
    I Wanna See The Movie!

  • brentlion

    ..coolio, selena is prettier than demi?…….well, i wouldn`t go that far…..seriously, i`ve really never seen anyone as beautiful as demi.

  • steph

    what!!!!demi is absolutely beautiful and i love selena but her head is disproportionate with her entire body….she is a tue talent though and i can see her going places

  • Ashley

    I CAN’T wait for this movie
    They’re bffs so will be great

  • czarina

    hi selena,im a huge fan…i cant wait for this movie…i luv u ur cool,pretty,and umm cool…im ur no.1 fan…god bless and wish u to have a successful life…go selena…u rock…have a good friendship…and ur the coolest person i know… well of course my mom& dad too.go selena…im ur no.1 fan…woohoo…cant wait for this awesome movie…some comments about u r really mean and i hate those comments…i mean like how dare they do that…well im not mad at that person or persons…i just hate the actions…i wish everything is peaceful…um just PEACE OUT ok…pls dont be mad at me…i just want to be a good person. selena…i wish i could meet u sometimeshhh be quite…thats a secret…u rock girl…ur cool…demi’s a great friend for u…=)SELENA I LUV U

  • http://justjared Delena

    I can’t wait i’m a big fan of demi and selena

  • alex

    OMG!!! thi is gonna be awsome i love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://FANTAGE sarA


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