Selena Gomez is a Safe Driver

Selena Gomez is a Safe Driver

Selena Gomez keeps both hands on the steering wheel as she “drives” in her new State Farm commercial.

The 16-year-old actress, along with mom Mandy in the passenger seat, is promoting safe driving for the insurance company.

Selena tells her mom in the vid, “I’m learning a lot about being a safe driver. I don’t text or talk on the phone while I’m driving, never have too many friends in the car and I always wear my seat belt.”

Selena Gomez – State Farm Insurance Commercial
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  • Katie


    Cute Commercial! Selena is amazing! (:

  • mrs. nick jonas

    selena is so stunning :)

  • dlfann

    haha, that’s awesome

  • heatherfromengland

    im not really a fan of hers.
    i like her acting
    but theres something not right about her.
    shes pretty though.

  • dundies

    great…so now i guess all the haters are gonna hate on her bcus she practices safe driving which makes her the good girl which must make her fake bcus shes too good be true! this logic is messed up…and u wait until miley runs over an old hag and all her die hard fans swarm the threads, by saying s-hit like ‘i love how real she is…’

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I hate her
    shes ugly.

  • katey

    I really like Selena and she is pretty all but this is beyond cheesy. I mean seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the cheesy part. They should actually have her drive.

  • miss zanessa

    LOL the commercial is funny
    she´s not even driving XP
    though is a good message for young drivers
    there are many teenagers involved in car accidents

    and wOW!!! sel´s mom looks sooooo young
    i thought she was her sister or something :P

  • fds

    lmao the end was funny!

  • jckie

    they are btoh beautifull

  • rii

    well.. you can sorta call this fake even if it is acting and its supposed to be fake. shes 16 yes, but she cant drive. she doesnt have her license.

  • cc27

    #6 don’t call her ugly.. u wouldn’t like people saying ur ugly so w.e.
    shes amazing <3

  • dundies

    well.. you can sorta call this fake even if it is acting and its supposed to be fake. shes 16 yes, but she cant drive. she doesnt have her license


    i didnt mean fake as in the commercial or the driving. i meant fake as a person<that is what the haters always say about her, bcus they dont buy the whole role model thing. where as miley doesnt even try. we see her make mistake after mistake and the selena haters prefer this, bcus it makes her look real. all im saying is that there really are good pure ppl and selena is one of them

  • chuchi

    ok… 1st of all, selena is amazing… and idc how u guys don’t think that she can’t be a role model… she is a gud role model and i mean it’s ok 4 celebs to make some mistakes like miley’s vanity fair but mistake after mistake is juz saying that she doesn’t care bout how kids and teens watch tv so they could look up to celebs or mirror them and if miley doesn’t get that then i think ppl should should stop looking up to her.. miley is a good actress and sometimes singer but for right now i think ppl should look up to selena and demi :) that’s my opinion don’t hate cuz this is my opinion.. selena’s commerical if funny btw.. haha lub her !

  • :)

    She looks like George lopez Lol

  • DemiFan

    Why is she promoting a commericial for safe driving when she can’t even Drive?! At leaset Miley and Demi have a permit! This girl is too fake! Is this what you really call a role model?

  • Marie

    Selena Gomez is so Beautiful

  • asdfghjkl;

    her mom has a small head and a big body

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Its better
    than lying.
    And I
    dont care
    what people
    have to say
    me either
    so whats the
    point of caring???

    To #9
    Her mom
    is 32 years old.
    She had
    Selena at 16 years old
    wich is clearly
    ignorant dumb
    ass SKANK(S)!
    (I’m not talking about you #9)

  • Adam

    Nick Jonas’ Girlfriend, why the hell do you flip-flop so much? You started off hating Selena, thought she was OK, started to like her, and now you hate her again. Answer me this, what did Selena do to get you to hate her again? You answered last time that she did nothing to get you to hate her. Do you have a legit answer this time?

  • mia

    Selena recently got her drivers license. congratulations Selena!!!

  • kEn

    . . i LOVE YA ALL. not much hate here.
    Young actors make’n it in LA ain’t easy.
    It’s hard enough drive’n around there
    without get’n plowed into. Try doing it
    when everyone’s watch’n ya, all the time.
    Be safe first AND keep it fun, luvyagirl

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I dont
    owe you
    an explanation.
    I dont have a
    reason to
    hate her and I
    dont have a
    reason to like her.
    Enough said
    that answered
    your question.

>>>>>>> staging1