Zac Efron is Back in Black

Zac Efron is Back in Black

Zac Efron hides behind his Ray-Ban aviators as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (March 17).

The 21-year-old actor, in a Quiksilver tee, signed an autograph for a fan and made his way out of the airport very fast. Looks like he was anxious to get home!

Zac was down under to premiere his new movie, 17 Again, in the land down under — hitting up Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne.

Did you see the new 17 Again stills?

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Credit: JRS/BM/MATINGAS/; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Becky

    I am Happy to see Zac back home. I hope gets somes rest,

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    hot!! that tshit is from australia! lol

  • Becky

    Zac does look happy to be home.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    ohh i meent T-shirt

  • Becky

    I wounder when Zac will leave for the uk.

  • jo

    OMG hottie, so glad your back

  • http://jjj miley

    i’m glad to see he’s finally home to get some rest! and he looks really cute! love’ya zac!

  • elise – aussie girl

    Excuse me…we here in CANBERRA is the capital of Australia, not SYDNEY :(

  • TIFF

    bet he was rushing to get back 2 vanessa!!!!!!
    love him but where’s vanessa it’s been a week and no news of her

  • Lexy ☆

    Awww he looks soo happi to be back i bet he missed Vanessa =]
    I cant wait till they go on a date to celebrate zac’s homecoming – that means more Zanessa pics YAY

  • dani

    I love being right :) Didn’t I say he was coming back to LA today??

    Anyways, I wish he’d get a new hat. He looks good tho :)

  • Becky

    haha you are heartless Grow Up and Get over it the bad Pics of Zac.
    some of you fans needs lifes.

  • secret

    yeh canberra is a capital city

    melbourne and sydney are just cities in our states of Victoria and New South Wales.

    and i think hes wearing a ripcurl top.

  • Becky

    Zac I hope you get some rest. I support Zac all the way

  • Becky

    People who are Wishing Zac to die. you people need lifes you are heartless. Zac is a great actor and you people don’t have lifes.

  • susan

    #7 that’s horrible things to say you curse someday .

  • Maria

    where is gina ?

  • me…

    everyone knows the only reason he is desperate 2 get back is cos of vanessa. I mean, he hant seen her in like a week!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    it is a quicksivler tshirt and it is form here in australia lol.
    btw the mean capital citys as in the biggest ones

  • susan

    ##14 Becky r u okay? just ignored this type of people.
    Oh zac is back to LA have a good rest I support you and vanessa whatever happen.

  • Just Jill

    Again, death threats and wishes will NOT be tolerated on this site. Please refrain from posting them. Those comments have since been deleted.

    Thanks for the clarification on the capital. The post will be corrected.

  • Lorena

    hot, but what’s new in this? it’s just his usual, right? haha, love him.

  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    I bet he is rushing to get back to his lovely girlfriend Vanessa.. I mean why wouldn’t he?
    He hasn’t seen her in a week…
    I can’t wait for more Zanessa news… and yeah, where has Vanessa been?
    can’t wait for more news..

  • zac i hate u vanessa i love u

    waaaaaaaaw he is bach i hope to see zanessa new

  • zanessa4everr

    yay. i hope he had a great time in australia, it seemed like he did. lol
    hopefully we get to see some zanessa soon! :D

  • ashleegrace

    Hot! :)

  • Katty

    Who gave the death threats??? That is so immature. Glad our boy is back in the states, love him! Now maybe we will have some Zanessa sightings? Hmm. that will prove to those ppl who think that Vanessa didn’t know that she did know and they are still happily together.
    Anyways, did he cut his hair while down under? It looks okay…

  • christine x3


  • diana

    i love you zac………..!!!!!!!!!

    please need to know when 17 is released again in mexico …
    and if it is true that zac will premiere …..
    ok ?????
    i love justjaredjr!!!!!!!!

  • susan

    #21 Tnks. Just Jill fo delating that scared comment.

  • jlm

    glad he back hopfully he will be at the KCA and there willbe a zanessa sighting real oon or if not there (KCA)

  • meg

    I’m so pissed off at him right now.
    Those magazine pictures with that naked girl made me so mad.
    disgusting. he doesn’t have tohave some naked girl on top of him to show that he’s older :(

  • IHeartzacefron

    im very glad zac is back. i bet he wants to see vanessa since he was away for a sot of long time to b away from some1 u love. ZANESSA is super cute together and i hape we get some news on them soon.
    zac is a very lucky man to have all of this stuff in his life. i hope to see vanessa happy sometime soon. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • elenee

    awhh, im glad he’s back in the U.S.
    he must be exhausted.
    he looks a bit anxious to see V too ;]

  • IHeartzacefron

    he has had alot going on so i bet he just wants to see his girlfriend and get some rest.

  • Vfan

    I hope Vanessa breaks up with him now …enough is enough.

  • IHeartzacefron

    y would u even say tht go on youtube and search “its not just flirting”

  • Emily

    Gee, Vfan give it up, what are you about 12. Oh wait, you probably are.

    Vanessa and Zac are together, and she is a grown woman with her own mind. The picture is art, it’s work, it’s nothing more.

    Glad he is back home. Hope he get’s a rest, and to see V, before he flies back to London for Saturday. He is working so hard, which only serves to say how committed he is to his job. A wonderful trait in someone so young. V as well of course. Hope they are left alone for the remainder of the week.

  • jade

    GOSH!! people need to forgive & forget about that picture…
    nothing can change that now…
    i still love zac…
    vanessa’s been really good at hiding from the paparazzi lately
    and i think her neighbourhood is private place so the papz won’t be allowed :)

  • Lauri

    aaaw I am glad he’s home again!
    He did it really good at the primieres and interviews and somemore !
    Yeah I bet he’s going to Vanessa to, he hasn’t seen her for a week.

    Hope We Will see some zanessa news soon !

  • nikki

    I LOVE ZAC EFROONNN!!!!<3<333!!! MY HUSBAND!!!

  • nikki

    YEAH! people need to forget about that picture, dont be mad, if u are a real fan of Zac Efron then u will forgive and forget it!! HE loves his fans and I love himm!!

  • veronica

    ohh finally!! he`s at home! i hope to see zanessa the soon as possible they missed each other!! they`re lovely! I LOVE THEM! ZANESSA 4EVER!

  • angela

    thankgod zacs back but next week he has to head to UK to premiere 17 again.

    he needs rest hes a busy dude this year.

  • Katty

    When are the KCA’s??? Soonish?

  • TIFF

    ugg no seriously where’s vanessa
    is it possible 2 look so hot after a flight

  • susan

    #45 March 28 KCAwards.

  • Katty

    that’s in eleven days! Too long, when is the UK premiere???

  • eliia

    I think Zac needs to be aware of what kind of crap V is going to get for his pics…This is an example of why celeb couples do not last.
    She will be asked how she feels about it, her pic story will come up and jealousy issues have to be there. She is human.
    So maybe the whole Zac/V story is coming to an end so Zac can move on and become the sex symbol he obviously desperately wants to be.
    Soooo disappointed at him.

  • jav

    i hope zanessa are together