Zac Efron is Back in Black

Zac Efron is Back in Black

Zac Efron hides behind his Ray-Ban aviators as he arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning (March 17).

The 21-year-old actor, in a Quiksilver tee, signed an autograph for a fan and made his way out of the airport very fast. Looks like he was anxious to get home!

Zac was down under to premiere his new movie, 17 Again, in the land down under — hitting up Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne.

Did you see the new 17 Again stills?

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Credit: JRS/BM/MATINGAS/; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • gracemarie


    Were you raised in a backwood or something.

    It’s photo in a magazine known for this type of artistic expression.

    As for the paps they have the attention span of a 3 year old and will move on to something else pretty fast.

    If you were hoping this would break Z&V up, think again.

  • jessie

    OMG YAY ZAC IS BACK TO LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *i was cring ( still )* ofcourse he would like t leave the airport fast.
    HE MISS VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh thank god. because i don’t know if he would back to LA or not a few days ago, he need to go to paris!
    but i bet he will leave maybe a few days later.
    zac get some rest and spend time with vanessa!!!!!!!!!

  • zac is a rat

    Of course he rushed out of the airport he’s more than likely been told that his picture with the naked lady had been plastered all over the net and did’nt want to answer any questions about it, but unfortunetly Zac you did that shoot and let the picture be printed so your gonna have to take the heat for it, if he did’nt want the attention ffrom it then he should’nt have agreed to have some woman drape herself over him and shove her nipple in his face.

    I hope he’s at least had the decency to go straight to Vanessa and make sure that she is okay.

  • zac is a rat


    Totally agree with you it’s not just Zac who is going to get asked about the picturs but I’ve a feeling that Vanessa will take more of the crude comments and snide remarks from the pap’s, the blokes will give him a thumbs up and a pat on the back for having a naked woman draped all over him when there was serioulsy no need for for it or to be honest for her to be their it was supposed to be a interview about Zac so what was the significents of the women I serioulsy don’t see any.

    And your right Vanessa is only human and 3 or 30 years together that kind of photo comes out and it’s gotta have some kind of impact on their relactionship so hope that Zac does’nt do another one or why he even bothered to do this one if all he wants is to go into the sleezy side of the buisness then I doubt he will get the adult audience he wants that includes families it will be all the creeps who love that kind of thing.

    He defeintly made a bad choice with that photo shoot.

  • dani

    Are you guys stupid or something? Do you really think Vanessa didn’t already know about the contents of the photo shoot? They’ve been together for nearly 4 years! Of course he told her. And she’s clearly fine with it. Why do you insist on making it seem as though Zac doesn’t care about Vanessa… so much so that he wouldn’t do her the courtesy of telling her about the photo shoot. Puhlease!

    You guys really need to grow up. These aren’t candids of Zac and a nude girl on the beach. Its ART! Its WORK! Zac and Vanessa are not gonna break over this.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh…anxious to get home to what ? …Or, most certainly, WHO !? Ehe…yeah he looks real hot here. Whoo !! Nice to have Zachary back in L.A.

  • hihi

    Umm that photoshoot was art? I thought it was a light version of porno lol. Anyway I think it would be better for V and her career to just end it with him. That’s just my opinion.

  • susan

    #48= march 26 UK Premiere

  • Zanessa.chick.lova

    yay he’s back!
    Hope to see some Zanessa later <3

  • Katty

    Vanessa knew people, get over it. It’s not like they had sex, there were about five people standing a foot away, a real turn off. Plus, he probably really didn’t have much of a choice, and even if he did, he’s a guy. He is in a relationship with V, and clearly they feel very deeply for each other if they have been together for about four years. She might receive some crap for it, but it will blow over in a couple days, she’s been through a naked photo scandal herself.
    If you want an update on her, go to, there are some pap pics that JJJ haven’t put on here. just scroll down, it’s a pretty good site.
    Hopefully we’ll have a Zanessa sighting soon!

  • adcgordon

    Wonder if Z&V have a date with the McDonald’s drive thru tonight, like they did after his last solo trip Down Under? Glad he had a safe trip and made it back home, even if just for a little while! :)

  • zac is a rat

    By all accounts Zac had every choice in what went on in the photo shoot and jumped at the chance to do it and as he said , do something a little edgy’ well he certainly acheived that and will cop a whol load of crap for it and so he should, but Vanessa does’nt deserve any for what her bf chose to do and that was have a otally naked woman on top of him when it was a interview about him and his future unless of course that model is going to be part of that future, he dad say at the oscars that this year was going to have a lot of changes for him maybe this is the start, hello naked woman Zac’s new squueze and goodbye Vanessa sorry but in Zac’s eye your no longer enough woman for him he’s changed since he reached 21 and not for the better.

    Hope Vanessa finds happiness soon.

  • susan

    vanessa is happy now that zac is back to LA.they might have a date tonight cause he missed her so much.

  • Becky

    OMG people get over the pic already.

  • Peace

    Zac stated that he was rolling around in the mud for a couple of hours. He also said it was fun. Yea right, that really sounds like he was having an uncomfortable time. Anyway, I would like to see the both of them date other people. I’m a Vanessa fan and I would like to see her with someone who is not in the process of trying to find themselves. I do like to see them together sometimes because they truly seem like they love each other. But sometimes Zac surprise me and the media tries to make him look like a playa. Just like every other celebrity, he’ll fall in love with another one of his co-stars. Vanessa may do the same as well.

  • Becky

    #60 I totally agree with you.

  • Becky

    OMG will people please get over it. Grow Up.

  • Becky

    Peace you need to get a life.

  • pop86

    Zac was great on Rove. Glad he’s back in LA and hope he gets some rest.

    For all you small-minded people who are upset of a photo in edgy art magazine you didn’t know existed until yesterday. Get over it.
    Vanessa and Zac knew the photo was coming out. Zac probably got a earlier copy of the magazine. Vanessa is secure in her relationship with Zac not be threaten by a photo,the paps, haters and fans.

  • Katty

    I agree with Becky, it was one photo! I doubt she was naked the whole time they were out there, probably only for like ten mins while they were taking the photo. It’s a piece of art. Photography is considered ART, especially n u d e photography.
    I doubt they will break up over a pic for a mag. when she has n u d e pics of HER out there. If they can make it through that, they can make it through anything!

  • Becky

    #70 I Totally agree

  • tizzfan

    you fans who said ” I would like them to …. ”

    who the hell are you telling them what to do ??
    it’s their life

    you don’t like it. Move on !!!!

  • Karen

    People you do know that for the two hours that Zac was doing this photoshoot that he was’t with this model, don’t you? There are many pictures of him in this interview and only this one of this model. Now, I’m not saying the photographer didn’t take several so they could choose just the right one but then there are several more of Zac ALONE that had to take the majority of the time to do during that 2 hours. The model got there, did her job and was gone.

    Zac said not so long ago when asked what he looks for in a girl and he said a nice smile, someone that is funny, and s girl who is a lot of confidence. I think that pretty much says Vanessa and considering she does have self confidence she isn’t out acting like an insecure high school teenager who is afraid of losing her boyfriend. And that’s one thing Zac likes.

  • http://JustJared Amanda is love with Zac!

    oh my god, Im like crying right now from all these hate comments
    Especially you “Zac is a rat”
    Seriously, I tell you that Zac is NOT A BAD GUY!

    Stop making him look like that! He didnt cheat on vanessa with a hooker in a hotel bedroom. Now that would be a whole different story. This was an artistic photoshoot and you haterz need to get over it!

  • Becky

    Karen well said.

  • Becky

    #74 I ToTally agree

  • Becky

    I don’t care what the haters say. I still Support Zac Efron all the way.

  • Katty

    Thank you Karen, you always put the idiots in their place!! We might not have a sighting for a day or so, he prob just wants to sleep guys, so don’t start anything about him not being in public. Along with that Zac and Vanessa both have gotten really good ad dodging the paps, and I doubt they will want their ‘you’re back!’ dinner all over the internet..

  • luv zaccccc!!!


  • Becky

    #78 I so agree

  • luv zaccccc!!!

    what naked girl on top of him???

  • mhay

    zac is hot!!!
    i miss zanessa.

  • nicole

    Ok, this is begining to become really annoying. for people saying, “OH I AM NOT A FAN OF EFRON ANYMORE” or ” OH I DONT LOVE HIM ANYMORE” why do you say that? u must have nobeen a reall fan then, I LOVE ZAC EFRON!

  • zanessa/zac efron

    i know #83

    people need to grow up, if your a fan of EFRON then your a fan for life. i am a huge fan and i support whatever he does! Jjust cause this popped up makes you not love him or support him or be a fan? Then you REALLY must not have been a true fan and got taken by his AMAZING looks! Yes zac efron is super hot. but he is not in disney no more, and his fans need to grow with him and support him. he did this for a photoshoot that does this stuff, he wants to grow up casue people always say ” oh he is a disney kid” he wants to show people he is growing up!!! WHY CANT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!!!
    if your a zac fan always be one, just cause one photo changes your mind???

    and stop saying i feel bad for vanessa? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!! it was a photoshhoott! all people do that! are you gonna feel bad when zac kisses Leslie mann in 17again? NNO cause it is acting

  • Becky

    #83 I Totally agree

  • IHeartzacefron

    i want him to take V on a date and be the romantic guy he is…… he is a very nice man and can b hurmorous. but wen it comes to a realationship of some1 DONT BUTT IN IT. PAPS IM TALKIN TO U

  • Becky

    This is annoying If you people don’t like Zac Efron anymore then don’t Comment or post.

  • Becky

    This is getting really annoying if you people don’t like Zac anymore then don’t comment or post, I am a true Zac Efron.

  • Becky

    I am a Zac Efron fan I still support him.

  • IHeartzacefron

    zac is a very sweet man and if u dont like him then just shew!!!!! this is not a place for critisisim go away if u r gonna talk negative

  • Katty

    I agree, Becky. If you hate him after one pic in a photo shoot, then you were never real fans. You have to like him for the artistic side, the roles he chooses, the things he does, not just for looks.. though I guess looks play a role with Zac Efron, he’s Zac Efron.. yum yum ha ha.

  • Becky

    #89 and 90 will said.

  • tree

    Kathy, we are making comments based off of things he does, which is this photoshoot. Other than his looks what is the purpose of this photo. Does it make him a better actor. All you can do is look at this photo. Your comment does not make sense.

  • milkywaylover

    those photos are zac at this best totally hot, naked girl or not. doesnt change the fact he is hot. I dont like it when he wears the hat though, hope the gets some rest before the europe leg of the tour!

  • Marie

    I am gold that Zac Is Home. I hope gets some rest.

  • IHeartzacefron/my name is lexi

    thank you but its very true. this is not a world tht stars get critisized. And wat photo i didnt c it but even after vanessa’s incident i still supported her aqctually even more so y wood i just quit on zac??? no way not gonna happen and karen everything you have said great explination

  • Marie

    #93 what are talking about.

  • IHeartzacefron/my name is lexi

    um sorry but wat photo/s

  • nel

    So immature and so juvenile many of you are. Its truly comical that any of you think you are entitled to give Zac and Vanessa relationship advice. Especially considering 98% of you likely haven’t had a relationship of your own… much less one that has lasted nearly 4 years.

  • Becky

    I can’t wait to see 17 again and MAOW with Zac. I hope Footlose comes out soon