'Hannah Montana' Movie Soundtrack Premiering March 21!

'Hannah Montana' Movie Soundtrack Premiering March 21!

Miley Cyrus is enjoying her time at the top of Radio Disney’s charts with new song, “Let’s Do This,” from the Hannah Montana: The Movie CD.

The soundtrack will premiere THIS Saturday, March 21 @ 7PM ET/ 4PM PT on Radio Disney. You can listen to all the tracks — including “Crazier” by Taylor Swift and “Backwards” by country band Rascal Flatts.

The movie, which premieres on April 10th, currently has four singles on Radio Disney’s countdown — “Let’s Do This,” “Let’s Get Crazy,” “The Climb,” and “Hoedown Throwdown.”

The Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack hits stores on Tuesday, March 24th.

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  • Mileylover



  • meg

    no thanks



    but i cant BUY it i live in morocco so baaaaaaaaaaaaad :’( :-((


    and the cover is soooo cute :

  • d

    How people can say Miley is not talented is BEYOND ME. She sings almost EVERY song on the soundtrack and has serious comedic timing. That takes skill. She works her butt off.

    The movie and sound track both seem awesome, I cannot wait!

  • jimmy

    I don’t understand this. How come Disney said soundtacks will premier but they are already leaking around the internet? Probably to those who don’t surf a lot

  • twilightx3

    no offense and i aint trying to be a hater or whatever you call it.
    i dont like her.
    like seriously she has pretty good acting skills,
    but her voice…ehh. nahh its just not working.
    i think she reall pretty but does she deserve all this fame?
    oh and shes really slutty.
    have you seen her pictures?
    well if you dont believ me go see yourself.

  • katie

    twilightx3, WELCOME TO APRIL 2008! seriously, if you haven’t gotten over those by now, then you’re just pathetic. move on with your life. also, i and many others think that she has a LOVELY voice. listen to some of the soundtrack songs on youtube–”the climb”, “butterfly fly away”, “dream”, “spotlight”–and maybe you’ll stop being so ignorant of other people’s opinions.

  • katie

    oh and about the actual post… :P can’t wait for the soundtrack on march 24 OR the movie on april 10! all of my friends and i are going to dress up in blonde wigs for the midnight showing. we’re in high school so we’ll look ridiculous, but there ain’t nothing wrong with embracing your inner child, right? :P

    ps vote for miley (best actress, best singer, best voice in an animated movie), hannah montana (best show), and bolt (best animated movie) @ http://www.kidschoiceawards.com every hour!

  • Taylor swift :)

    No offense but Disney is over rated. They want money from our pockets. They will do anything for it. Go to walmart. You will see that its Hannah Montana products are everywhere. I am so exicted when Taylor Swift shows up on the movie. The 3d movie was ok until Taylor showed up! She made it amazing! I feel like the movie will be like musical.

  • http://mileyfansonline.onsugar.com Kiara

    alot of my friends dont like her but they realy like the songs

  • Farrah

    I’ve heard some of these songs already, it’s an excellent soundtrack for a children’s movie. The Butterfly song is quite touching, and so unlike most of Miley’s songs. I am very impressed and will be picking a copy up through iTunes on the 24th. Also, I think I’m going to take my two nieces to see this. One is 14, one is 12, they both love the show and so do I.

  • Taylor swift :)

    Is it me or Taylor Swift have amazing song writing skills. Like she needs to win a grammy. No joke. She went to unknown label to here. Two timer triple platium for both albums not bad. Crazier is amazing her voice matches the music

  • http://hannahmontanamovie betti

    i LOVE you

  • Farrah

    Oh, and Taylor Swift, I agree that Hannah Montana (and “Camp Rock”, whatever that is) merchandise is everywhere, but that’s all marketing. I doubt the stars have anything to do with that. And I agree, I am hugely impressed by Taylor’s songwriting ability. If I recall correctly, I believe “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” from this soundtrack was written by her and performed by Miley. It’s such an adorable song. I am not a fan of Taylor’s voice but she will go very, very far, no doubt about it.

  • Taylor swift :)

    Hello your asking if she deresves all this fame that is what I am thinking about every single disney star? Like what is so good about the Jonas Brothers? Why can’t a band be famous as them? Just a warning never go on Disney. Just because your famous when your young. Disney only hires you for child acting. They don’t mean you have a carreer once your contract done. A lot of child stars who have no where to go later go to rehab

  • Taylor swift :)

    Her voice isn’t amazing but I love her song writing skills you can relate to so much. Her voice is duable.

  • http://hannahmontanamovie betti


  • Taylor swift :)

    Actually i think that the stars get some of the profit from the marketing

  • cc27

    AMAZING SONGSs!! <3 i love the climb!!

  • katie

    tswift, really, let’s be honest here. taylor is amazing but her parents are millionaires and own a huge chunk of the record label she’s signed to (big machine). she used that to her advantage and i’m glad she did because her music is amazing. well, these disney kids are doing the same thing. they are given an opportunity to put their stuff out there and pave the way for a career after disney. will they all succeed? no. will miley? probably. will jb? hard to tell. but they’ve all worked hard to get where they are and they deserve most of their fame.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Billythekidny billythekid

    To Taylor Swift

    If Miley is getting anything like a reasonable cut on all of that Hannah merchandize then she is one seriously rich girl. I just don’t know how she gets paid. I am sure she gets one type of payment for her series acting, and then she must have some sort of endorsement contract. BUT when did she sign this contract? If it was signed and sealed when she first started the show, then the terms might not be as favorable as some might think because she was a complete unknown. She has certainly made many extra millions in the role of herself, Miley Cyrus.

    I can totally understand anyone not being in love with any of the previous Hannah music. It totally evaded my radar and i still keep it at a safe distance (I dont lump ready set go and I miss you in that statement). But some of these other songs from this latest Hannah album are very good. I just heard Butterfly fly away for the first time recently and I was very impressed, and The Climb is a great song. Just those two songs right there convince me she is very good singer. But I already believed that based upon the Breakout album.

  • PaulinhoO

    Oh my Gosh! *—–*

    I can’t wait!
    I have to buy this CD ;D

    Miley/Hannah rocks *_*
    Loooove³ <3

  • Divine Goddess

    she looks majorly BEAUTIFUL! miley has natural beauty and raw talent. i LOVE her songs “climb” and “hoedown throwdown”. she’s very cool, real, and cute. luuuv her

  • mdlmsllm

    when ur in disney is really hard 2 breakout from it yea it will get u the fame and fortune but people is goin 2 know u as a disney person dats why some people when they’re done with disney their career went nowhere and some of them do a movie 4 disney and dats it and right away breakout of disney like anne hathway she got a oscar nomination, zac efron(well tryin 2) justin timberlake and britney spears they tryin 2 or breakout of disney

  • http://www.trishatali.com trish

    i really like the fans……… u now why? cause they both can sing and they both had there own movie……… i like wach all of there song………

  • lesha

    katie. taylors family did not own any part of big machine until after she got signed. big machine was a very small, newly formed record label to begin with. taylor was spotted at a venue by one of the mangers at big machine. since the label was so new, once taylor started making profit for the label (which was pretty quick after her first album) she was able to invest in a part of the label. so yes, she is a bit more well off now, but she did not own a piece until after being signed and profting under the label

  • Chookychoo

    In the movie she tells the world she’s Hannah Montana. Then after she tells everyone she sings ‘The Climb’.

  • http://disneyrigamarole.blogspot.com Disney rigamarole

    i already own the soundtrack lol XD

  • http://justjaredjr.com zac efron luver

    omg i cant wait. i have every hannah montana and miley cd. so i have 2 get this one. plus i like all the songs on there ne ways. yippee

  • kEn

    . . . ‘Miley Disney Montana’ . . yeah, it’s a machine, but..
    It’s all good. Buy into it, watch it, sing and dance to it,
    or not…your choice. Thats cool. Lets just ride along..k

  • NightFire

    I am not a lover of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana’s music at all. Personally I can’t stand her, but I am actually quite excited for the movie and soundtrack to come out. It seems interesting considering three of my most favourite artists are in the movie and two of them are included on the soundtrack. (Bucky Covington, Taylor Swift, and Rascal Flatts) 8)

  • Lyndsay

    @katie: hey dont feel bad! im 20 and at USC and me and my group of friends are PRAYING for a midnight showing!

    i LOVE hannah!

  • http://www.aim.com mikaela

    omg i love the hoedown throwdown !!!!!



  • NICOle alexandra constantin

    Te iubesc,Miley Cyrus!
    : X: X: X: X: X
    :*:*:*: *: *

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