Miley Cyrus is Borelli Beautiful

Miley Cyrus is Borelli Beautiful

Miley Cyrus keeps it casual as she arrives at Borelli/B2V Salon in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (March 18).

The 16-year-old actress wore pink Rebel Yell sweatpants and toted around her bright orange Prada bag. Also pictured is Borelli Salon stylist Ricardo Lauritzen.

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25+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus going to the hair salon….

Miley Cyrus Goes To The Salon, 03/18

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Photos: Michael Wright/WENN, RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • Bella

    Hmm…I wonder what she’s going to do with her hair.

  • brigget

    how is this beauty,got to be kiddin me

  • Lizzie,

    she looks cute as always, (:

  • lenny

    she needs to cuy iy off its striny and dead

  • blake

    at 16 and her hair has had more damage to it than a 60 year old woman

  • francesca

    love that prada bag!
    hopefully she’ll do something about those split ends!

  • 251458

    love mc

  • LANE


  • Andy


  • fgadsfasd

    pshh shes such a successful actress that paps would FOLLOW her
    she dunt gta call them.

    she looks so pretty .

  • N’keeyah

    Miley is a great actress and singer. All you haters need to shut up! The paps sit outside HER HOUSE! You people act like she can’t get her hair done. Ignorant people make me sick!

  • lizzie

    hmm..somebody got my name*cough*JK,i know I’m not the only lizzie:P

  • dundies

    she looks like chucky

  • jackie

    whose the dude he’s hot as heck, lolz. uhm miley ain’t a great actress a singer yes but actress heck nahh. she really not that pretty in tthese pictures cute but not pretty. but i LOVE how her sunn glasses are half her face ;] that’s how i am hehe. oh btw im not a hater, i love miley not like LOVE LOVe her but she’s ighht

  • lizzie

    she somethin else*signs*..i wish I could see nick jonas as much as I see miley on justjared

    I’m not hatingFyi

  • Jayme

    In the 2nd picture, you can tell she isn’t
    Wearing her seat belt.

  • sam

    wheres her fit boyfriend…hes the best bit of the pics normally


    Dumbass she doesn’t need to call them, they CAMP outside her house, they even admitted it! Anw I’m suprised people still think she’s flat chested!

  • ivanka

    wow seems like the papz only chase her and nobody elsee…
    how come she looks older and older everytime she goes out??

  • PaulinhoO

    Fabulous ;D

    I love Miley Cyrus <3

  • N’keeyah

    Lizzie I do agree. I want to see more Nick. He’s so cute.

  • iluvrobpattz

    #11 please shut it. no one wants to here MILEY LOVERS too, just sayin!

  • rii

    i wanna say miley is like other celebs who call the paps.. but then i think about how people in her neighborhood have a lawsuit to ban that paps that camp out in the neighborhood and it just doesnt add up. lawsuit papers are online too. so i just think we’re misinterpreting that youtube video of the pap saying “they called us”. technically “they” doesnt have to mean miley and her mom.. so who knows.

  • Emily

    gorgeous girl!
    haters/hater get a life.

  • Vanessajonas

    Eww her ears stick out.

    Pink and Orange??? I thought you knew better Miley.

  • Massie

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m jealous.
    I want that car.

  • kidanimationlover

    i wonder what her hair looks like??

  • kidanimationlover

    what her hair look like when it’s done?

  • http://typeppad emily

    #8 you no thats not true right

  • kidanimationlover

    have you guys seen the picture the one miley wears a yellow t-shirt and it had a tiger on it, her hair was amazing when it was hold up like a bun except you can’t see it.

  • katie

    seriously, haters, it’s getting old. the fact that you always come into her posts JUST to say something bad is pathetic. the post could be titled “Miley Cyrus Breathes” and you’d somehow manage to turn that against her. idiots, all of you.

    ANYWAY, those sweats are seriously comfy looking and miley is gorgeous, as per usual.

    oblig vote @ for miley/hannah/bolt


  • :)

    Because you get older with each day passing by

  • Sarah


  • lizzie

    miley is cute but honestly and truely she is not gorgeous

  • N’keeyah

    Sarah if you don’t want to look at her than don’t come on this site. The paps sit outside her house and follow her when she leaves. You idiots act like she can’t go out. Get a life idiots.

  • lauren

    i lost any respect i may have heard for her when i found out SHE si the wrong calling the paps. she is SUCH a disgusting famewhore and im shocked that more ppl cant see her vapid little fug face

  • scarlette

    Not trying to be mean here, but it seems like Miley isn’t a very stylish person =\
    She typically wears really average, plain clothes in her candid photos.
    Some celebrities are usually seen with a fashionable outfit, but Miley is always wearing sweatpants or just a really boring outfit.
    I have nothing against Miley…just an observation

  • Bella

    #36 – Miley has said plenty of times that she doesn’t feel the need to fix herself for the paps. I mean, what’s the purpose? She likes to look comfortable and doesn’t feel the need to put make-up everyday. What’s the issue with that??

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    beautiful ?
    you must say awful

  • me

    She doesn’t call them, they follow her, they sit outside her house until she comes out!
    Lol, how can you haters call her ugly? Jealous much?

  • ,federica love miley

    miley is so cute ^^
    she is adorable!
    miles.. u rock <333333333333
    love u;

  • hate selena e demi

    MILEY IS VERY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THX SO MUCH xoxoxoxoxo

  • m

    #8 you’re pathetic! she NEVER called them in the first place! paparazzi said THEY called us means their agency or whatever…


    for # 22 :

    OF COURSE we want to hear MILEYs LOVERS cuz its Just Jared the niciest website about gossip in the world and this articl IS about miley for miley FANS so if you say that you don’t want to hear mileys lovers then DO NOT read this ! ! ! pff

  • lizzie

    I bet she will be out today

  • DemiFan

    Damn would you guys leave her a lone! Celebs don’t go out dressed like runway models everyday you know! Sometimes they jusy wanna be mormal! And that’s exactly what Miley is doing!

    And Come on!
    Who and the world WANTS paparazi’s following them everywhere! Miles even said in her Book MILES TO GO that she dose not like being nice to them everyday! So you know that BS aout her calling the paps is not TRUE! Have some common sense people! God didn’t give it to you for nothing! And if you are tired of seeing her! Then just iignore her! When you haters comment her post! your not making her less popular your helping her gain popularity! The same gose on her youtube videos tthe more mean comments you leave on her vids the more HONNORS the girl is getting so you are like GIVING her FAME>

  • Massie

    I can’t wait to see it straight.

  • lizzie[:

    #34 I agree completely.
    miley’s cute, but not what I would define “beautiful”
    and that’s not meant as an insult, most girls her age are usually cute.
    I do not like her hair though, no disrespect but the hair needs treatment badly. I liked it most when it was post BOBW slick, the perfect length, and dark. Over all though, it’s her opinion and regardless I think she looks cute. And I’m not a hater. just opinion, thanks

  • riana

    actually she does call them- well her their assistants call the paparazzi and give them a schedule of the stars daily activities to make sure they get plenty of covergage SHAME

  • riana

    OH and demifan miley didnt actually write that book someone else wrote it for her