Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux: City Wok Women

Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux: City Wok Women

Miley Cyrus and BFF dancer Mandy Jiroux get the giggles as they take a walk after dinner at Chinese restaurant City Wok on Tuesday night (March 17) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet is set to premiere her new flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie on April 10th.

There is a new recall on the Disney Hannah Montana Peanut Chocolate Granola Bars, which may have bad peanuts in them and may also have salmonella contamination. Eep!

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux leaving City Wok…

Miley Cyrus & Mandy Jiroux go to City Wok, 03/17

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miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 01
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 02
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 03
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 04
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 05
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 06
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 07
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 08
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 09
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 10
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 11
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 12
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 13
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 14
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 15
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 16
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 17
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 18
miley cyrus mandy jiroux city wok 19

Photos: RIV/ Fame Pictures
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  • iluvmileyselenademi3

    i wonder when the premier is

  • Seruce

    I loooooooove mandy , she looks so bretty

  • DemiFan

    Looks like Miley left her man at home! LOL!

  • marlis

    miley looks great! haha i’ve got the same lamp she carries xD

  • Rochel

    Its cool to see Mandy and Miley out
    You dont see them much lately together.
    Miley is with Justin more now.
    I wonder when they are going to make another
    video for their you tube ????????????

  • lizzie

    yes no sign of the parasite..but I am getting tired of seeing her out every time I turn my back

  • Victoria

    love them! so cute

  • jo

    Miley looks great! She seems like she’s in a very good place, happy and content.

  • ZzZ

    Keep hanging out with your girls, Miley. Every time she’s alone or with Justin, she’d do something stupid or scandalous. And why does she have to do that anyway, she’s already got the fame and the fans? So stick with your girls Miley, we sure don’t wanna see anymore scandals about you.

  • David

    ooh she called the paparazzis again …

  • jimmy
  • lizzie

    pedophile…?i guess the police got him

  • Cassidy

    Ummm. Mandy said on her MySpace that she was in a car accident but everybody was ok! Looks like it! She said her foot hurts! Dont look like it was serious because shes alive and looks happy! Lol! Thats good! Hope her foot gets better! Probly not a good idea to walk!

  • tammy

    She looks great as usual.

  • lalle

    I LOVE MILEY & MANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crista

    they are such a good friends, i think mandy been busy with the beach girls job.
    wonder when miley and mandy would make another video i hope thay do dancing video i love those but better cheroegraph like a nice dancing movie video would look good!

  • billythekid

    To Rochel (#5)

    That very night according to Mandy on her myspace. Least that’s what she told the people who were interviewing her on a radio interview.

  • http://. Vic2763

    The Hannah Movie Premiere is April 1st in LA.

  • jimmy


    Where are they going? Is it Ikea?

    Btw, Emily must be piss off right now..

  • zEb

    miley looks amazing


    i thiught she wasn’t her bff anymore but I guess there still friends !

  • Chloe

    I have that lamp she carries, its from IKEA.

  • andrea t

    some time with the biffle :)

  • brigget

    yeah she called the paparazzis again,shame on you we dont want to see your face miley every time you get out,oh is that the birdi mandys giving

  • just another girl

    its nice to see her without justin for once
    i guess its refreshing
    anyway LOVA YA MILEY

  • katie

    well, mandy isn’t my favorite, but it’s nice to see miley happy and smiling (and away from HIM… ugh).

    also, lizzie and brigget, if you don’t want to see her that much, you could avoid this site and ones like it. or better yet, just stop coming into her posts. just saying. ;)

    ps vote for miley/hannah/bolt @

  • Hannah

    #1 It tells you when the premiere is,
    Can’t u read or something!!

  • Massie

    Isn’t that Miley’s pruis?

  • riana

    miley’s been out a lot lately :)

  • Izabella

    that’s awesome that she went to IKEA, that’s almost like she
    was going to Sweden, LOL, not really though, I wish :P
    Miley’s awesome, she should go on a world tour!! ♥

  • hello

    i love miley and mandy! they look great!
    i love to see them hanging out together :)
    it’s soo cool! i love miley <3<3

  • emmaxx

    I didn’t get it what did they say about emily?
    & yay Alisons backk!
    or should i say nancy. lol xd

  • billythekid

    To Hannah (#27)

    It is entirely possible she was asking when the premiere is and not when it actually opens in theaters. Everyone already knows it opens on the 10th, but the date of the premiere is a question. Someone else here said the 1st, but that seems very early. Movies open on a Friday so i would say maybe the weeked before or Tuesday at the latest?

  • ivanka

    salmonela? ew be careful of what you eat hannah faketana fans

  • billythekid

    Oh forgot to ask. Has anyone figured out why she would call him Nancy and why it would be endearing to him? Something like that would probably ruffle my feathers :).

    Oh and she probably did call Hollywood TV, at least on this occasion. It gives them an exclusive on whatever that is worth. This last saturday was utter chaos and I still don’t even know what all that was about, but there were a whole lot more paps scrambling around that day.

  • Megan

    ok i dont know if im missing something here…but who is allison??? miley always talks about her! who is she??

  • Megan

    o0o0o! allisons the paparazzi??? am i right…im a lil slow…lol

  • billythekid

    To Emmax (#32)

    Check a couple videos back with Emily and Miley. Alison didn’t know who Emily was.

    To ivanka (#34)

    I was happily unaware there was such a thing as a Hannah Montana candy bar until a day or so ago. Try one and tell me what you think?

  • kristan

    yayayyyy i miss miley & mandy! <33

  • Carter

    I like the outfit but not the boots. Here you can tell that Miley actually looks like she is 16. Other times it looks like she is in her 20′s. Maybe it’s the makeup that makes her look older. Overall she looks alright here.