Selena Gomez is McDonald's Marvelous

Selena Gomez is McDonald's Marvelous

Selena Gomez munches on McDonald’s french fries as she dines with her family in Puerto Rico on Thursday night (March 19).

The 16-year-old actress shot a PSA for earlier this morning. Selena is currently in PR filming the Wizards movie.

Selena is missing home in Los Angeles. She tweeted, “Movie night with cheesy, scary movies and pickles as SOON as I get home… I miss and love you soooo much.”

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Credit: Barnsley, Dome; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Lol, wow, I guess the paps over there is crazy. ..I don’t think i’ve seen pictures of a celeb. eating in McDonalds while the paps. are actually taking pictures. Aha, poor Selena, she looks hungry though. And pretty !!

  • motormouth

    if she’s sooo into saving the animals and the earth, why is she eating mcdonald’s? that is absolutely ridiculous. if she would do her research correctly and honestly, she would know how AWFUL mcdonald’s is.


  • katherine

    yum french fries.

  • baby.v.

    pretty as always…

  • alysson pokrywiesky

    Gatinha :P

  • cc27

    Fries!! <3 I love Selena haha :) She is amazing!!
    Shes just eating it all lol.. she must be hungry :)
    She looks cute lol her little cheeks :)

  • Mkaaa

    I think that tweet was aimed at Demi, who had posted before:
    “@selenagomez Please come home already. :( ”

    and LOL at picture 05… i wish i looked as pretty when i’m eating McDonalds :P

    did you notice the dog necklace? she’s really into this whole dog saving thing!

  • islingnation

    oh shut up motormouth .
    she’s not sooo into saving all the animals
    shes helping some animals who are abused and no one’s doing anythng about so shes decided to step up.

    and shes eating frikking french fries at mickey d’s, something most kids do. so chilll.

  • lilian

    at least she’s eating something.

  • chill out

    motormouth, just because she’s standing up for a cause doesn’t mean she has to stop eating french fries or become a vegetarian. mcdonald’s isn’t the greatest, and personally i haven’t eaten there in 6 years. however, you can save dogs and cherish the natural beauty of the world… and eat dinner with your family…

    she’s human after all. pretty as she is.

  • haha

    LOL I feel bad for her she cant eat in peace. she looks great though.

  • N’keeyah

    That girl can eat! Lol. She’s cool though. Can someone please tell me selena/demi twitter?

  • a.m./p.m.

    Noooooooo! If this proves that she eats, then how the heck does she stay so thin and soooooo beautifully pretty??? I guess Selena IS perfect :)

    motormouth, F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mkaaa

    N’keeyah the twitters are:


  • N’keeyah

    Thanks Mkaaa. :) Selena dances as well. So that’s why she’s skinny.

  • haha

    motormouth you’re mad cause she’s helping? YOU should be mad at YOURSELF for sitting on your ass hating on a 16 year old young lady who is TRYING to do something GOOD. GTFO. sincerley- haha lol

  • a.m./p.m.

    Agree w/ #16

    BTW “motormouth”, hamburgers are made of beef, which is not made from dogs. she’s not saving cows. Heck, she’s not even eating a hamburger! Unless, you think french fries are made of dogs too…

  • jobro lover

    thats cool that she has a twitter
    i thought it was fake thats good to know :]

  • caroline

    Any twitter of a celebrity can probably be faked by a staff member since they were once teenagers themselves, but I think that’s too cruel to fathom. Yeah #8 has it down pat. Talk to any pescatarian or anyone that doesn’t eat red meat for ANIMAL reasons and you’ll get it :]

    What a world we live in that photographing someone eating french fries probably earns the person a bundle.

  • motormouth

    still, if you guys knew anything about what mcdonald’s honestly has in it, then you would be saying something to. i wasn’t dissing selena at all. i am a strong animal activist and just saying that it’s an incredibly AWFUL place to eat at.

    btw – i’m not in the slightest bit fat. so up your ziggy with a wa wa brush. :]

    also, what’s the point of hating on people you don’t know? ahaha…lame-ohsssssss.

  • Krissy Fantasy

    Look at that girl much on french fries!
    yummy! super delicious! love Mc D’s. Simply amazing!!!
    Sel deserves it too, she’s been working so hard to save the animals, the best she can get as a reward is spend more time with her family , relax and have a good meal (:
    Keep what your doing. You never disappoint.
    Your amazing in setting a good message around the world, each and every day ^-^

    It amazes me how skinny she gets..
    AND no she’s not anorexic like some people, think she is.
    I know alot of people who are born naturally skinny and still work out to get that way.
    PLUS she’s naturally perfect, to be an angel, a role model, be talented and has a caring heart, gives back to others, sincere, thoughtful, generous, funny, beautiful, pretty, ( and there’s a full list, where that came from =P)

    Motor mouth, i think you should SHUT your mouth, and work it for something else, if you don’t know what your talking about!
    1) mc donald’s has products from animals that come from cows and chickens- NOTHING with dogs or any types of animals! NOWHERE does it say, that their products are made from DOGS! WE do not eat DOGS! that is really gross! PLUS she’s not eating a HAMBURGER, she’s EATING french fries!
    I think your just jealous, she’s trying to help and save life’s, and all your doing, is making a fool outta yourself.
    Seriously. get lost ;)

    2) you should realize, that EVERY fast food business has their products that deal with animals. McD’s isn’t THE only one.
    No one’s proud of it either. BUT still, people go there, because there’s no where else to go!
    AND the fact, SELENA is saving some animals ( not all of them), which INCLUDES – DOGS, not the whole animal farm!
    mostly dogs are the main issue here, who are getting slaughtered and domesticated every day. I can see where your coming from, as to why it’s wrong to hurt other animals and just leave some to live- but hello? DOGS are creatures who are abused and almost killed. See? no one’s eating them! but there still getting hurt!
    And as for other animals- that’s life! there are people WHO care ( like selena) who are trying to make a difference and change our economy with animal cruelty/death, and then, there’s people WHO don’t care, and just torture innocent animals for the fun of it OR they do it, cuz we NEED vitamins and calcium for our bodies, and some reasons are part of religion. ( but relax, there are some people who choose to be vegetarians)

    So newsflash: SELENA isn’t a heartless person, to hurt other animals and only save dogs- SHE”S eating a NON meat meal!
    FRENCH fries come from POTATOES not ANIMALS!
    AND even if people, do eat mc donald’s food, that is meat ( like me for instance), they STILL care to believe in animal cruelty , and really DO wanna contribute to the cause, like Selena’s doing. Realize, some people can MAKE choices and some can’t, when it comes to changing their habits in eating meat.


  • mary

    to: motormouth, #2,
    umm.. potatoes.. not so much animal..
    your comment.

  • kelsey

    wow that krissyfantasy comment is loong
    and i agree EXCEPT
    umm, i dont think DOGS are the ONLY animals we need to care about!
    there plenty other animals out there who are being abused everyday!!!
    & its not fair at all!
    & actually ive never been a big “dog” fan either!
    i am a cat person, deal with it.
    but that doesn’t mean i want dogs to get abused!
    & with the whole McDonalds thing with motormouth
    i LOVE animals and i care for them sooooo much
    but how is eating mcdonalds hurting our animals???
    i mean they have meat, but doesnt EVERY RESTURANT HAVE MEAT???
    seriouslly, and mcdonalds food is amazing!
    i ate it today! like selena! :)
    i ate their french fries!!
    there delicious!
    & all those comments above^^
    ohmygod! you guys are making it sound like you dont care about cows being killed but you care if dogs were?
    thats just NOT right. seriouslly
    i mean i eat hamburgers, but its only because there soooo good
    but when i eat it, i feel really sad for the animals!!
    it makes me sad eating it! chickens,cows,everything!
    its really sad to see them getting hurt and killed :(

  • amanda

    dayuum, #21 “Krissy” you are PASSIONATE!

    psh yeah okay.

    you guys need to relax on motormouth. he/she’s just saying what he/she is feeling. relaaaax. what he/she says won’t change selena.. and plus, the stuff he/she said was not HALF as bad as what the haters all say. it’s okay, it’s all good. it’s not that bad..

  • http://WWW.THEANIMALRESCUESITE.COM amimalloverashley

    duh people, mcdonalds is cruel to its chickens and therefore they should be boycotted until they treat them better, look here for proof:

  • Krissy Fantasy

    # 23/ 24
    HAHA thanks :)

    umm number 23
    i agree to everything you have said.
    but when you stated ” you don’t care about cows being killed but you care if dogs were”?

    that’s not the case at all.
    YOU see, i think people DO wanna stop animal cruelty, but they can’t help it, if the food tastes so good, ya know, like you said it, yourself.
    and personally, for me, I CARE for ALL animals, but to bad, there’s no such thing, to help EVERY single animal out there.

    The way Selena puts it, for having dogs as the main issue is great, because she was the first, to see dogs there, in PR, who were lost, hungry, and tortured, and she did something about it, before anyone else. She got friends, family, and cast mates to help..
    and maybe she can influence others to stop OTHER animals from being treated this way, as well.

    I know eh?
    it is sad, to eat something that’s so wrong, but yet, feels to taste so right!
    seriously, not cool. I agree.

    # 24
    what motor mouth was stating, wasn’t even true to begin with!
    the truth is right there, in those pics of Selena eating fries instead a burger.

  • mos

    lol I can’t help it its not like a fan or something but this girl always looks great even in this situation she looks amazing

    Mc Dumb needs healthier food thats all . Never ate a burger but love fries but you can’t eat them every week .

  • Scarlet from the UK



    ps. I’m so happy that selena is normal and doesn’t eat top notch hollywood food, and I am also happy she doesn’t diet.
    Message to all teenage girls: It’s ok to eat french fries at mcdonalds, selena does and she enjoys it….

  • (:Alison

    French fries <333 Selena looks amazing:]

    Help wanted:
    Um… I eat alot (really I eat everything I like & I even eat much at McDonald’s), but I’m not fat at all. In fact some people think I want to be this thin & I’m super skinny, but I don’t want to. I love, love, love to dance & I dance alot, but I can’t stop 1 of my passion, nor I can stop eating, but I want to gain weight…. Any ideas?

  • Scarlet from the UK

    Hey alison, I am just like you. I eat tons and tons of food but yet I am really thin. I used get teased a lot and friends used to say to me that I am really skinny at school. I also wanted to gain weight. I am a 15 year old girl living in london and I weigh 7 stones (45 kg). I think I eat a lot of junk food but to improve upon that I am starting to eat a lot of fruit.

    Alison, as long as you are happy and healthy, that is all that matters. My friends don’t tell me anymore that “OMG YOU ARE SO SKINNY.” I learnt to be comfortable with my body size and I am absolutley fine with it.

    Alison I am pretty sure you are a very beautiful girl, and all those people thinking that you want to be thin, don’t take any notice of them. They are just jealous because they want to be you. Alison, knock them dead and carry on dancing and eating. You are perfect the way you are.

    If you still really want to gain weight, try eat more healthily like eating three meals a day and get the right nutrition you need, I saw on tv that sometimes people who eat a lot can be very skinny and it is because they don’t eat properly.

    Alison I am sure you are a very pretty girl and great dancer and I am sure you have an amzing figure. Own it! Don’t let those mean people get to you. :D

  • lalle

    I agree with #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marcela

    Adoro a Selena!!! muito fofinha ela!!!

    Marcela – Brazil

  • goofer

    Mcdonalds, wow, mcdonalds??? Its almost as bad as smoking for your health.

  • ashleyssuporter

    a.m./p.m. lol :D that was funny :D shes not saving cows :D

  • jabbermouth

    What the crap has eating at McDonalds got to do with her not saving the Earth? We have to eat somewhere, you know. And we are carnivores so we do eat animals, which are made into hamburgers. All you treehuggers can go and eat each other for all I care…the girl is downright adorable and that is all that matters.


    OMMMMGGGG…she’s so uglyyy
    Miley Cyrus is BETTER!
    <3 ya Mileyyy, U rock!!!!!!!!



  • .:Gaby:.

    Love her!!!!!

  • Tony tran

    she eat but she is continue beautifull :))

  • lizzie

    we all realize mcdonald’s is a bad place to eat.
    and yet…..we eat there?
    so get over it, america doesn’t really give a flying F@#K
    or they would listen to you.
    go preach elsewhere

  • lizzie

    —- and btw,
    it’s the food chain
    animals eat animals we eat animals
    it’s very natural.

  • Selli

    kocham Selenę i gówno, że żre w fast foodach ;]
    nie ważne !
    każdy tam je
    nie ma takiej osoby na tym świecie, która by nie tchnęła frytki, czy Bóg wie czego..!
    a więc żal z tego blooga!

  • lily

    who cares if a celeb eats at a fast food resrant its the same as u eating there it just that people make a big deal about them eating there so big whoop i dont think anyone of u want to be taped eating so just LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!! got it good

  • Rachel


  • Ali

    I am glad that some stars actually eat food! Not just be skin sticks…^.^

  • Justin J.

    Thats adorable:)

  • bianca

    i loooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeee disney channel so much
    hannah montana is soo kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i might become a
    disney channel star wen i grow up jajajajajaja

  • Richard

    Maybe she hasn’t realized it but McDonalds fries are fried in beef tallow.

  • sellztherealfan

    i luv u selena u r a true blue rockstar….thnk god that ur vegetarian cozz i ‘m a huge animal lover n i know that u also luv animals lolzzz ♥

  • Sarah simpson

    wow selena is gonna get fattttt!!! hahahaha jk! luv u selena!!!