Jemma McKenzie-Brown is First Light Lovely

Jemma McKenzie-Brown is First Light Lovely

Jemma McKenzie-Brown shows off her pearly whites as she attends the First Light Movie Awards held at ODEON Leicester Square in London on Tuesday evening (March 17).

The 14-year-old High School Musical 3 actress presented an award alongside Sienna Miller and Skins bad girl Kaya Scodelario.

The awards ceremony honors young film makers. Host Rick Edwards shared, “These young people are the same people who are going to be making the films that we’re all gonna be queuing up for at the local multiplex in ten years time. So of course I’m wholeheartedly behind the whole thing. I’m thinking long term – if I play my cards right I might get some free tickets.”

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Photos: Daniel Deme / WENN, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
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  • Sar

    She looks nice. Not a fan of the shoes though.
    That girl who was in ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ looks preety too!

  • jessica

    ew shes so hideous.

  • cc27

    she is soo not 14.. LOL
    she looks so much bigger :S

  • ashleyssuporter

    i didnt know shes 14 o.o :D but she looks pretty btw ^_^

  • alissa

    she is ONLY 14?? gosh those kids are all lookin so freakin old, seriously. like, when I was fourteen, I didn’t wear high heels or that much makeup and stuff. okay, i guess it’s because I have never been a “hollywood star” .. ;) but nowadays it seems like you just have to look quite okay and to have good connections and live in LA, you’ll easily became at least a “disney star”, if not more. it’s so not fair that those people are earning that much money for practically nothing.

  • Kathi

    haha her top is transparent u can see her bra xD

  • asdfghjkl;

    she is so ugly
    she looks like a mn
    her mouth just throws me off!

  • saraa

    she annoyed me SO much in HSM3

  • JT

    Wow. Could you get any better than Skins, Angus Thongs…, and HSM3 xD

  • Courtney

    I love Kaya Scodelario in Skins! She’s an amazing actress.

  • jimena

    omg she is not 14!!
    im freaking 15 and i dont look as old as her
    she looks 18 or 20

  • Victoria

    I totally agree with saraa she was SOOO annoying especially her “singing” voice!

  • Natalia

    i agree with sara and victoria. she was so ANNOYING in hsm3.

    will she be a part of the cast of hsm4???

  • zack

    I Love Kaya Scodelario

  • maria

    Kaya has 16.

  • alex

    kaya I love you


    i like her, shes cool

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ever since I watched
    HSM3 shes made
    me sick. SICK I TELL YOU!
    Shes disgusting and
    maybe wearing shirts
    that wont show her purple
    bra will do her good to.

  • Sarah


  • Alyssa

    She looks a little old for her age!! :)

  • Hannah

    Ahh shes soooo gorgeous.

  • Cherie!

    Emma looks like she should be on the old Degrassi episodes with that outfit! I still love her though(:

  • Englander

    Go Jemma !!!!!! xxx