Jennette McCurdy Shoves Tay Zonday Into A Box

Jennette McCurdy Shoves Tay Zonday Into A Box

Nick starlet Jennette Mccurdy tries to shove YouTube sensation Tay Zonday back into the box he came in, on the set of iCarly.

Jennette, 16, joked with Tay about her new single, “So Close.”

She faked tears and shared, “I would go to the recording studio and I would go up to the mic(rophone) and start singing. Every time I would take a breath, it would be into the microphone. I would try to take a deep breath, but the deeper breath I took would go into the microphone. It was just louder and it was ruining the whole song because it would get louder. I watched your ‘Chocolate Rain’ video and saw you step away from the microphone. I did that the next day and everything worked so well. I couldn’t have done it without you Tay.”

Jennette McCurdy & Tay Zonday Talk “So Close”
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  • me

    first! (just wanted to say that… yeah, i know… childish…)
    i think she’s a great gal to hang with…at least she seems like it.

  • tara

    i like her in Icarly :P she is funny

  • ariana

    she bucks the hell out of me

  • princesslizzy

    Listen to the part where she’s trying to shove him back into the box WITHOUT looking at the screen. It sounds so dirty.

  • keN

    . . . hey, yeah, a little tweakish, but real.
    if ya live there. Still the early years.
    Prime tyme still ahead, so stay seated.
    jmfm just get’n up to speed. Mac on J.

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