Princess Protection Program Sneak Peek!

Princess Protection Program Sneak Peek!

Selena Gomez teaches BFF Demi Lovato how to eat a hamburger the proper way in one of three new sneak peeks for their upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Princess Protection Program.

In the TV movie, Princess Rosalina (Lovato) is threatened by an evil dictator bent on taking control of her country. She is then whisked away and placed into the Princess Protection Program. Mason, an agent with the program, hides Princess Rosalina in his own home where, with the help of his daughter Carter (Gomez), she adopts the cover of an ordinary teen named Rosie. The two form a close bond as Carter helps Rosie transform into a normal teenager and Rosie shows Carter how to find the princess within herself.

Princess Protection Program premieres on Disney Channel in June.

Rosie Nominates Carter for Homecoming Court

Rosie Finds Out About The Program

Rosie Asks For A Front Row Seat in Class
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  • jocelyn

    aaaaaaaah i love them both :D

  • lizzie[:

    I can’t wait :)

  • Laura

    im so excited for this movie. it’s going to be great :)

  • livelaughlove

    OMG!! i cant wait! im sure im going to love this movie i have been waiting for it for such a long time!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I’m not
    a fan. But
    I do like

  • bjd

    I can’t wait to see this movie!

  • cc27

    haha :) OMG I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH :) I can’t wait!! <3

  • jasmine

    Love Selena, and excited for this movie!

  • diane n.

    i totally saw that homecoming queen thing coming! i hope selena, i mean carter, wins queen! :)

  • becky

    finally something with sam droke and kevin schmidt!

    iim sooo excited! :D :D

  • Andy

    Looks good!

  • a.m./p.m.

    #5, Haha I on the other hand HATE Demi and love Selena. But this movie actually looks good. I just still can’t see Demi as a princess. Amy Adams, yes.

    Btw, this should’ve been a musical. It would’ve been the “Disney” thing to do. :)

  • Joanie

    Gosh, I really want to see these videos. But I don’t want to spoil it, I’m gonna wait until it premieres. I’m SO excited.

    I love Selena, Demi too.

  • Prince Edward

    “a.m./p.m.”, I agree with you. If this were a musical it would become the next HSM. Demi and Selena would get to sing together. Plus, the storyline is WAY better than Camp Rock. It’s sort of like a teen version of “Enchanted”. A Disney princess meets an uptight lawyer, where in this one a princess meets an uptight teen girl. Classic. Wonder why Disney didn’t think of this as a musical. Stupid Disney!

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait im so excited for this movie i love selena and demi(:

  • Demilena

    Wait, will Princess Rosalina count as a Disney Princess? and how the heck will they market Rosalina dolls and costumes for this movie? Her dress is nothing but a Belle halloween costume with a sash lol. creative…

  • Vanessafan#1

    This does kinda reminds me of Enchanted. All it needs is magic- Hey, maybe Mason would turn into Alex Russo!!! Haha JK

  • Ugh

    #12, not only it should have been a musical but it should have been animated. Disney Channel finally gets its own Disney Princess and they decided to not make it a musical, not animated, and no magic. WTF?! I would have loved to see Demi sing a classic-Disney style song and Selena would have pulled off voice-overs perfectly with her acting skills.

  • 90′s Animation RULEZ!!!

    Yeah it would be cool to see Disney Channel have its own “Little Mermaid” or “Aladdin”. I miss those types of movies. I’m tired of live-action Disney Channel musicals *cough*HSM*cough*

  • Jason

    Disney’s LAZY! They wouldn’t wanna spend 3 years animating a TV movie. Disney Channel’s known for making quick bucks. Demi and Selena are young and usable NOW. In 3 years they would just be Hilary Duff’s.

  • Ompah Loompah

    yeah the closest thing to a 2-D musical we’ll get from Disney Channel is Phineas and Ferb. I think that series has musical numbers right?

  • brent

    Demi and Selena are sooo hot. this movie is gonna be tight.

  • rincez26

    Demi looked so cute with all that mustard on her face :] Can’t wait!

  • http://jjj miley

    everithing looks amazing! can’t wait to see it! selena and demi rock!

  • anonymous

    this film is seriously A COPY of a movie called “princess” (NOT a disney movie) starred by lalaine (former lizzie mcguire star) seriously, i like dem & sel but this movie IS A TOTAL COPY, you might wanna check it out. this is just like how camp rock COPY raise your voice by hilary duff (NOT a disney movie too)

  • a.m./p.m.

    Uh…Lalaine has never starred on a movie called “Princess”. I looked it up. nothing.

  • ali12345
  • lola

    love them both, can’t wait 4 the movie

  • lola

    camp rock did not copy raise your voice!!!!

  • me

    OMG, i have a new crush! what’s that guys name that said Rosie was hot?

  • iluvmileyselenademi3


  • hate selena e demi

    f*** selena and demi!

  • Alyssa

    I am definitely seeing this movie!! :)

  • chuchi

    i love them both i like sel better but im still gonna watch the movie.. and ppp and camp rock never copied anything,,, i watched raise ur voice it was nothing alike :)

  • anonymous

    #17 look it up here
    im sorry the name of the movie isnt princess, its ROYAL KILL. and have any of you watch RAISE YOUR VOICE? seriously camp rock is like raise your voice 2.0; the main roles have hidden talent (singing) they went to a summer music camp, and in the end they performed with the boy that they got crush on, seriously watch it first

  • maria erica

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • Nicole turner

    I hate people who always say negative things.
    Sel & Demi- They are amazinng.
    I’ve already met Demi, But I would DO ANYTHINNNNG to meet Selena.
    And I’m very excited to see this movie. Even if it isn’t awsome, It wouldn’t be there fault, It be the producers and gay disney channel, Because they both have talent.

    I’m looooking foward to it<333

  • becky

    hes name is robert adamson! hes SOOOOOOO HOT

  • (:Alison

    #25 there are many movies with similar plots & that doesn’t mean that is copied, not everyone has seen these movies & Royal Kill is independent movie, so actually it’s not that popular anyways.
    And many, many movies has singing as hidden talent & they end up as protagonist is singing with her crush, that doesn’t mean anything! besides idea is similar, but movie not so, right? they are not even same genres, so they are for diferent people!

  • mary

    ahhhhh agreed. CANNOT wait.
    and it looks like a good movie.
    this may be the actual GOOD movie from disney channel in a longg time.

  • a.m./p.m.

    I’m still debating whether I’m gonna like this movie more or the Wizards Movie more. The wait for both of these movies is killing me!!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Whats that supposed
    to mean #12???
    Not that I’m mad
    or anything you mentioned
    me in your comment
    so I’m just curious.

  • a.m./p.m.

    #35, I sort of see the similarities. But I think Royal Kill is more about the princess avoid being killed and PPP is about the princess fitting in a new world while she is in hiding. The important thing is which movie is going to become more successful. We’ll just have to wait. But I do think Camp Rock and Raise Your Voice is similar in failing to impress its audience :)

  • ryan

    demi’s cute.

  • dani

    aw, i can’t wait for this.
    i love demi (:

  • jess

    hmmm i hate disney but i guess i’ll watch just for demi!

  • Kev

    Dang Demi’s hecka ugly. Why didn’t they let Selena be the princess?

  • katt

    love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LalalaLOVE

    OMG. This looks interesting.
    I’m totally ecstatic.

  • Maddie

    haha, I could watch it over and over again xD

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