Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Jonathan Cook!

Selena Gomez: I'm Not Dating Jonathan Cook!

Selena Gomez is shooting down all rumors of dating Forever The Sickest Kid’s band member Jonathan Cook.

The 16-year-old starlet recently dished to Popstar! mag about possibly collaborating with the FTSK front man. Selena gushed, “My friend, Jonathan, right now…he’s the person who can make me smile when I don’t want to.”

Selena just tweeted, “Two things: 1. FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS ARE AMAZING and 2. I am NOT dating Jonathan Cook! I love how just because I’m friends with someone, I’m dating them… ugh sorry I’m venting to you guys. You rock.”

TELL JJJ: Do you think Selena and Jonathan would make a cute couple?

Selena Gomez talks FTSK & Jonathan Cook
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  • marissa


    do u hear me


    she should stick with david.

  • ivanka

    i think she is trying something with david but she denies it to dont feel the pressure

  • shir

    thank god, that would be against law

  • Anonymous

    :L I think that there was/is something going on between Jonathan or David.

  • haha

    GOOD, she can do WAY better

  • N’keeyah

    He’s waaaay older than she is. She needs to date people more in her age range.

  • lizzie

    jared plz stop,we already got 1 pedophile we don’t need another..suprisely people are like’..’its OK,,

  • Michelle

    she’s not dating him and he is much too old for her.

    it’s like miley + justin..

  • lizzie

    uh nekeeya..miley needs to do the same thing.16 and 21 is not right either and don’t try to tell me different

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    How old
    is Jonathan Cook?
    Cause I’m seeing
    all these comments
    saying hes to
    old for her. I’m just
    curious. And I
    dont know anything
    about him so I
    dont know if they would
    work out as a couple.
    Sorry Jared cant
    answer that question.

  • hateselena

    selena wouldnt even make a good couple with a paper bag

  • victoria

    Jonathan is 24 which is wayyyyyy to old for her.

    Obviously shes not dating him.

    But the rest of the band is 20 or 21 so maybe one of them.

  • a.m./p.m.

    Can’t she called a guy a “friend” and not be accused of dating of him. Gosh! Man, this is what she has to deal with for being super famous. She sounds super irritated in her twitter. I don’t blame her. BUTT OUT OF HER LIFE! Stay strong Selena!

  • Krissy

    go selena!
    tell those people, to stop assuming so much from you, just cuz you say, your collaborating with FTSK.
    And besides, i think selena is smart enough to know her mistakes in choosing guys- especially if there older than her
    She deserves better & it’s against the law, to be dating someone, who’s like 5 -6 years older or even more than that!!!

    HER and Jonathan? a cute couple? i think, the real answer to that, should be focused on HER and David. I think those two would make a better couple, than any other guy, people say, she should be with (:
    they belong together, with a really close friendship , a lovely bond and chemistry on screen and off wizards :D
    Delena <3
    ( this is not bad, since there 3 years apart, and when their together, they don’t do inappropriate things — they just hang out like mature adults, whose really comfortable around each other, just to have a good time )


    # 4
    one rumor was already proven wrong. don’t cause another.

    NOW, if only someone can learn from her.. *cough cough cough* miley..miley..and justin..cough cough*
    I agree # 8 :)

  • lizzie

    I still want niley,haha:)

  • a.m./p.m.

    Oh pleazze! Miley even got mad at Selena because she “thought” that Selena was flirting with Justin. It’s ridiculous how Miley was being possesive of a guy that could potentially rape her.

  • N’keeyah

    Lizzie I wanted say that at the end. I didn’t want to be called a Miley Hater. Miley does need to dump Justin because he is wierd. Dating a 16 yr old…. Where are the police?

  • shannon!

    Yeah. i think Selena is doing the right thing by straight up telling those people that are accusing her that she is dating this “jonathan” and it is true, just because she is hanging around with this guy alot, or friends with him. it totally doesnt mean she is dating him. i just wish that people would cut Selena and other celebrities some slack, and think about other people before they think of themselves and their rumours. i think selena is awesome, ilher xx

  • shannon!

    i ment that it isnt true

  • lizzie

    I know right and I’m not a miley hater either:)

  • Cassidy

    # 16, That was from Star magazine! They lie! I doubt Selena even flirted with Justin! She wouldnt do that!

  • Kate

    Is it just me or does it seem like when she’s twittering she is always talking about crying, laughing when don’t want to, tears, etc.

    It’s like wow…how emo r u? Or like aaww ur life must be tough! BOO HOO! :S

  • itzmeb4mb!

    oh please selena… who cares ?

  • N’keeyah

    Lizzie: I’m actually a huge Huge HUGE Miley fan. I just don’t agree with her dating Justin. I though adults couldn’t date children?

  • kidanimationlover

    really N’keeyah? you’re a huge fan of Miley? How old are you? I’m a huge fan too.

  • kidanimationlover

    so do i, i don’t like justin either. i don’t trust that guy. But it makes miley happy, than i’m okay with it…. for now.

  • haha

    #23 YOU must care, or atleast you thought it was important enough to leave a comment. anyways its not illegal if someone who is an adult to be dating someone who is considered a child; its only illegal if they have sex.

  • livelaughlove

    ummm i didnt even know there was a rumor lol
    but yeah thats just sick!

  • N’keeyah

    Kidanimation: Yes and I’m 15. I’ve been a fan since firt Hannah episode.

  • kidanimationlover

    cool i’m sixteen and when is your birthday.

  • cc27

    ewww!! no no no no no! lol.. their a cool band n all but no way!! im sorry :l
    selena deserves better haha… i didn’t even kno this was a rumour ‘o’

  • a.m./p.m.

    #22, if you don’t like her or the way she twitters, then WHY THE HELL do you follow her twitter account???

  • Anna

    Ummm… Nobody ever said she WAS
    What an idiot……

  • angel

    Well, he’s 25…so as of right now it doesn’t matter if they make a cute couple. Let’s wait ’till she’s of age, kay? lol. Oh, and I’m kinda surprised, you’d think rumors of him & Taylor would start before rumors of him & Selena. Considering they’re closer in age and he has a crush on her.

  • lola


  • N’keeyah

    Kidanimation: Nov. 23 I’ll be 16. Wbu?

  • McKenna

    i hate how miley is 16 and likes a 20 year old and selena is 16 and likes a 25 year old and no one sees a problem with it. selena gets “oohhhh so cute! and miley gets “ewww hes too old”. I personally dont like selena cuz shes fake and took nick from miley once she was a “star” (she has a big head too) and uses stuff to make her look like a goody good… (but i have to say i think i am going to be a part of that islan for dog charity cuz that was sad:(…..) just my opinion!

  • lizzie

    mckenna you got it all messed up..even though miley is 16 and he is 21 some miley fans are like its ok..have you read the comments nobody is saying selena should get together with him, what are you talking about

  • nel

    Who knew a rumor about Selena and Jonathan was even circulating?? I sure didn’t. And does anyone else find it interesting that she was quick to shoot down this rumor but not the one about her and David?? I don’t know. Its just a thought.

    #34, angel ~ That rumor would be nonsensical considering the two have NEVER met!

  • DemiFan

    David Henrie is almost 20! It’ll be like a Cyrus Gaston situation! She should find someone her own age! If it’s not okay with Miley then it’s defintiely not okay with Selena!

  • DemiFan

    to number 21 I bet she would she already stole her *AHEM* bestfriends ex

    and to whoever said Miley got mad at Selena for fliting with Justin
    sweetheart, you don’t even know that’s a fact so just shut it.

  • DemiFan

    and one more thing, Justin is 20 and not 21 people so get your fact right! :D

  • lizzie


  • So am I (:

    Umm… David Henrie is 19 & Selena is 16, so their diference is 3 years. What’s wrong with 3 years? I would never date guy my age atleast year older, cause there are almost no guy who’s older than I am in my age, cause my bday is in March start….

    And if she says she isn’t dating him then she isn’t. Why everyone says dating if there are guy & girl as friends?

  • jen

    not true its a rumer and i did hear
    about it
    try reading there blogs

  • amanda

    so.. does that it’s official that she’s not dating nick jonas?
    it never got confirmed.. by either “parties”
    just wondering..

  • nel

    jen, #45

    I do read their blogs. THEY’VE NEVER PERSONALLY!

  • dani


    I’ve read their blogs, and the boys of FTSK have never met Taylor personally. Stop trying to start rumors. And who cares about that anyways? This blog is about Selena and Jonathan. Can we please for once stay on topic??

  • nel

    I meant to say “They’ve never met^ personally”

  • WTF

    #39 good point about David, hmm im starting to think. lol

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