Twilight DVD Parties - Cast Locations Revealed!

Twilight DVD Parties - Cast Locations Revealed!

The Twilight DVD drops at midnight tonight!

Access Hollywood just revealed the secret DVD parties where the cast and crew will be making surprise appearances at. Just think – you could see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner at one of the parties below:

Los Angeles, at Hot Topic at 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Chicago, at Hot Topic at 142 Yorktown, Lombard.
Salt Lake City, at Wal-Mart at 13502 S. Hamilton View Rd., Riverton
Dallas, at Borders at 965 West Bethany Dr., Allen, and at Blockbuster at 5649 Lebanon, Frisco.
New York location will be revealed shortly.

The parties, which will run from 10 PM to midnight, will include contests, autographed merchandise raffles, giveaways, limited edition merchandise including collectible clothing and memorabilia from the popular movie.

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • hate

    Eww. -.-

  • Cals



    No one cares if you’re first. ;-;

  • colee

    does anyone know which person is in chicago?

  • Coii

    awwww!!! i wanna go!!! =[

  • alanah

    lol my mom pre ordered it. so we got it todayy :)
    lol doessnt matter anyways not like nayone cool every comes to where i live.

  • sarrrrah

    Twilight DVD Parties – Cast Locations Revealed! Chicago, at Hot Topic at 142 Yorktown, Lombard i know where that is :’(

  • megan

    ahhh i JUST got home from one in ny! im gunna be soooo mad if one of them come to the borders i was in! omg…..

  • Kat

    Awh, no San Francisco? Are they scared of another stampede? Awh, lol.

  • Nikki

    Ashley will be in Los Angeles for those heading over! I’m guessing Rob is in NYC and thus all the secrecy.

  • Jackie

    AWH :( i just took a shower and now i can’t go :’[
    ill meet taylor and robert one day….

  • kim

    new york location is 2 Penn Plaza and edi gathegi is there!

  • kim

    my friends are there and they said that edi just came out.

  • qwerty


  • lymia

    telll us who was where and the nyc location

  • moose

    who else was in nyc ????

  • Jvarg

    the NYC location was the Borders – 2 Penn Plaza i think

  • daniella

    if anyone knows where taylor lautner or rob pattinson went that’d be GREAT.

  • moose

    rob pattinson didnt go to nyc.
    idk where he went though, i just know it wasn nyc

  • arantxa

    i wanted to go to LA :(

  • arantxa

    13 minutes more
    so the DVD realeses ! :|

  • JMarie

    Chicago– Nikki Reed

    LA– Ashley Greene

    Dallas– Catherine Hardwick

    NYC— Edi


  • arantxa


  • gabby

    nikki reed was in chicago. edi in NYC, Ashley in LA, Catherine in Dallas, and rachelle in SLC

  • ATwilightKiss

    Well wishes to the lucky Twilighters who get to see the cast! Make sure to share your pics and videos so the rest of us can watch and wish we were there too!

  • Diana

    I was just at the Los Angeles one, and Ashley Greene was there (well, people around me said it was Ashley), I couldn’t see with all the people in front of me. Don’t know if there was gonna be a meet and greet or anything. I shouldn’t have gone. It was pointless, the line to pick up your DVD was HUUUGGGGE and most people really didn’t even know what was going on…

  • Diana

    Okay, yep, it was definitely Ashley Greene who was at the Los Angeles date. I just watched the video footage I recorded over my head. She was wearing a red dress.

  • Jackie

    omg why not come to australiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(
    goddamn it ! im so cuttttttt .

  • jenia

    So as far as I know LA was Ashley Greene, Salt Lake City was Rochelle Lefevre, NYC was Edi and Dallas was Catherine Hardwicke, who showed up in Chicago though?

  • LUlUcia

    NEWW york??? they CAME TO new york???
    wheree??? omggggggg

  • Sar

    Lucky America!!

  • Lisa

    Any word yet where Robert Pattinson was?

  • blah

    pre-ordered it already ha! thou i was going to go to the party O.o anyway happy i pre ordered it before anyone got it mwahaha

  • SM

    Awww Nikki should have come to ours at Borders. Rosalie was my write-in candidate for best vampire baseball player in the Twilight movie awards.

  • Sandra

    OMG! Met Catherine Hardwicke at Blockbuster in Frisco, TX last night, it was awesome. She signed my Twilight novel, I won a gift card from Blockbuster and my daughter won a life size poster of Robert Pattinson “Edward Cullen” which she better give to me! LOL….The Blockbuster Team did a fantastic job with organizing the event, made it fun and exciting and 106.1 was there as well; I even got a free hologram gift card that shows Edward Cullen when you turn it one way and Edward & Bella another way…really neat! I was so hoping to see Robert Pattinson but he showed up in New York is what I heard maybe next time….

  • pearl

    Where are kristen and Taylor lautner going to be? are they going to any of the twilight DVD’s parties?

  • http://myspace sara ellen


  • ms.cullen

    omg!!!! i cant go to see my favorite twilight characters but why they didnt send rober or tayler to DALLAS @#$%^&*()

  • ms.cullen

    omg!!!!! why this happen to me i cant see my twilight characters why?why?why? =(