Ashley Tisdale Hooks Up With Adam Gregory

Ashley Tisdale Hooks Up With Adam Gregory

Ashley Tisdale introduces the leading man in her video for her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK” — 90210‘s Adam Gregory!

The 23-year-old singer/actress shares with her fans in the first live video, “He plays my ex-boyfriend…(Adam kneels down, then gets wood boards for Ashley to stand on) I don’t have my heels on. I’m too short (laughs). He’s here today to play my ex-boyfriend who cheats on me. He’s really nice in real life and we’re having fun.”

If you haven’t already, check out a sneak peek of Ashley‘s single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK.” Check back soon for more Ashley updates!

Ashley Tisdale & Adam Gregory – “It’s Alright, It’s OK” Video #1, 03/21
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  • Sarah


  • listen to mayday parade

    The song sounds like its going to be really great. Her first radio hit? Perhaps.

    That boy is not hot though. I think Stephen Colletti should have done her video too! Ha I just love him.

    Ps. Ashley + Brown hair is the best

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Wow, Ashley looks so great !! And Adam seems really sweet. Aha, he got wood boards so that Ashley can be taller…lol.

    Oh, I so cannot totally wait for the song. …Can we get the FULL version soon ? ..I’m like dying here Ash..

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    this guy is amazing and really hot ! but i prefer jared <3
    and ashley looks amazing,this music video will be awasome,it will meaning a story af a break up and that’s amazing !
    this video is so funny,yay ashley ! <3

  • izzie

    he’s hot :]
    love ashley

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    ash i looove u soo much!!!!
    can’t wait til your album will drop in Germany ^^
    btw i prefer jashley xD ♥♥♥♥
    where’s jashley?????????
    i need a sign of jashleyyyyyyy!!!!!♥♥♥♥

  • Francess

    he is HOT and very, very tall hahahaha
    I can’t wait for IAIO!

  • nee

    love it!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #6 we all need jashleyyy !! :(
    jared is really hot and he is amazing,i really love jared and v factory <333
    ashley rocksss !!
    cant wait <3

  • yaya

    cant wait to hear the song and see the video. hearing the snippet of the song again it kind of reminds me of pinks “so what” song.

  • livelaughlove

    Ashley looks so beautiful!!! can wait omg that guy is hot!

  • Francess

    the first time i hear the sneek peek of It’s alright it’s ok sounds to me A LOT like so what, but now, i hear it and it really sounds different…

  • Sarah

    I don’t need to see jared & ashley together in this mv because I think it would be really weird if he would play her ex-boyfriend and especially in her musicvideo They should keep their lovelife private
    And I’m neither a big fan of Jashley but if he makes Ashley happy then who cares
    I agree with #3 I’m also like dying to hear the FULL version of the song but better yet why not the WHOLE album :D

  • ashley tizz truefan


  • Alyssa

    Ashley Rocks!! :)

  • Valentina


  • cc27

    Lol Loving Ashley’s Hair :)
    Lol He is Really Tall :) Realy Sweet of him to get board to make her taller haha.

  • lol

    haha i feel s bad shes so short
    she had that prob with zac wen they did that teen mag photoshoot n with picture this wen she had to kiss uhh i forget the guys name ..
    but i luv the guy his cute :D
    so cant for her song n mv yay!!

  • Lydia


  • veronnica

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAh, luce hermosisima, la amo muchisimo, soy fan de ella hace mucho, es tan diosa, me muero por tener su cd en mis manos, se viene super, por lo que veo, la AMO

  • Roxana

    that guy is not bad..he’s kinda cute. and Ahsley is so funny standing on the wood board so she wont look so short next to him. she is a sweetheart,,,cant wait for this video, looks like it’s gonna be amazing. how tall is she btw??? im short too and i dont feel bad about it… i think most guys prefer petite and cute girls. love Ash, she rocks!

  • wow

    OMG they are so Cute!
    Ashley Looks amazing

  • wow

    ashley is about 5’3 and a half! shes so small lol

  • ivanka

    he is too hot for heer..
    uh uh poor jared …

  • wow

    jared will probably get jealous
    cuz ashley is so
    hot and sweet

  • Soraya

    i love heeeeeeer

  • Alfredo


  • Kirsten

    I love Ashley! But but…i have to say, her nose job made her look like a rat. Do you see it???? her nose + her small mouth w/ rat-like teeth = rat-like face :[ but she’s stil prett!

  • Karen

    @ #6, Jared was there when they were shooting the video :).

  • kokoo

    Adashley BOYFRIEND <333

  • MaRHea

    His hot..

  • athena

    He is hot, but, a little too twitchy for me…something doesn’t seem manly enough…anyway…It doesn’t matter to me cause he is still attractive…I’m so happy that Ashley has dyed her hair…it looks great on her and she seems happier now that she’s not a blonde.
    I can’t wait for her new cd…I’m really liking the sneeks and peeks that JJ is showing us…Thanks JJ.

  • wow

    yea ^ i agree with athena
    xoxo love u lots ashley xoxo

  • joyfull

    I agree with #28 and her singing got worse since the nose job, I guess we’ll get use to this look and sound from her.

  • lunza

    adam is so hot..
    i hope ashley’s album do well

  • Osama


  • LoveASHLEY

    I love Ashy <3
    I want Jashley <3

  • Nina caplan

    that boy is so cute
    i love yuou ash

  • ash rockz

    Yeah. the boy looks cute <3
    i’m so excited for the music video & the song.
    i love the sneek peek (:
    Can’t get it out off my head…

  • http://justjared lucy

    #37 i agree with you, i want JASHLEY too, i miss them!!!!!!!

  • miley

    hes not bad is! hes cute’….
    he went to one of
    the HSM3 premires
    and he looked very cute. Good choice
    xox from spain!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    #29 Karen was he ? i culdn’t see him =(
    there is a new video at ashley at youtbe add this she looks very pretty =)))
    i really cannot wait for this music video it will be awasomee yayyyy ! =)))

  • miley

    i love them!!!
    i love her <3

  • ohhlalaa

    I’m also very short but in my klass there’s a lot short girl
    but also alot tall girls
    and the short girls say aaww .we wanna be as tall as you guys are that’s so cool ….. and the tall girls say. we wanna be short cause that must be much better . it’s just so cute ..haha
    ohh and I can’t wait to hear the whole single !!I’m like omg omg please release it release it ! it sounds fantastic.

    haha the guy seems so nice .
    he gives ashley the .bord
    oh and he’s also very hot :]

    Ashley you’re the BEST

  • TIFF

    omg i’m soo exicted to buy her album and vanessa’s starting hers now so it’s soo them both

  • nane

    OMG , he is sooo hot .

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    ivanka = ridiculous.

    he’s hot,but ashley is more ♥

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    own she’s so cult , i love her ♥

  • lauren

    ooohh goshhh !!! ash is amazing !!!! she is a fun !!!
    I LOVE HER !

  • http://MSN Amy

    Ashley looks way better then Vanessa Hudgens. I hate Vanessa hudgens she’s a show- off!!!! Vanessa’s singing voice sounds like a man!!! Ashley looks great with Adam. Ashley Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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