Adam Gregory: Dinner With Ashley Tisdale Tonight

Adam Gregory: Dinner With Ashley Tisdale Tonight

Ashley Tisdale looks like she has a lot of energy at two in the morning on early Saturday (March 21).

The 23-year-old singer shot the video for her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” over the weekend. 90210‘s Adam Gregory plays Ashley‘s ex-boyfriend in the vid.

Adam writes on his Twitter, “Ashley is going to blow every guys mind away in her new music video. Trust me, I wouldn’t cheat on her in real life. Dinner with Miss Tisdale today. Somebody is going to kill me for that.”

TELL JJJ: Are you excited for Ashley’s vid?

Ashley Tisdale – “It’s Alright, It’s OK” Video Shoot #3
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  • franzi

    cant wait for the video (:
    & love the sneek peek of the song :D

    love from germany

  • zanessahater

    ahh she got to work with adam he’s superhottttt

  • Cami

    he is suuper hoooot!
    and AShley is AMAZING!

  • Dan

    mmm… not !

  • Ashlee

    What’s his Twitter link?
    I lovvve her (:

  • ivanka

    “Somebody is going to kill me for that.”

    aka jared.. haha jashley fans say bye to your lovely couple..
    ashley is getting an upgrade

  • izzie

    aaaah, love her
    and he’s so hoot

  • serena

    She looks so tired! aww.:( but at least she’s having fun and working hard :)

    ahahahaha I agree with ivanka number 5!

    jashley is getting old anyways. jared is annoying.

  • alli

    Move over Murillo, “Miss Tisdale” has found her new catch. x)

  • jubz

    “Ashley is going to blow every guys mind away in her new music video. Trust me, I wouldn’t cheat on her in real life. Dinner with Miss Tisdale today. Somebody is going to kill me for that.”


  • billythekid

    @ivanka: \

    You are a virtual model of consistency when it comes to being a jerk on all the videos I have seen you comment upon thus far.

  • Alyssa

    I love Ashley!! I’m excited for her new album!! :)

  • taylor

    Oh wow, they’re going out to dinner tonight, they’re totally gonna start dating.
    Ashley and Jared are still together and perfectly happy.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Totally doubt that Tisdale is gonna hook up with this guy, but I could totally see Ashley cheating on her boyfriend. It seems that whenever any guy gives her any sort of attention she just gets all over him. Gross. Her annoying give me attention behavior explains why I am so not an Ashley fan.

  • oth ! (L) (:

    love her <3

  • Karen

    Considering Jared was there on set with her I don’t get why people are saying Jashley is old news now. Besides isn’t Adam dating that girl from 90210?

  • girlleader1

    wuts adam’s twitter…anyone know??

    thats sooo sweet of him..”i would never cheat on her in real life!”

    awwww :)) i luv him :)

  • Cami

    come on! they’ve been together like 3 years now, go away and post on zanessas threads, not here

  • jubz

    oh please, don’t try to act like you know her
    i doubt she would cheat on jared.
    and if you don’t like her don’t come on an ashley post, duh

  • Roxana

    oh my he’s super hot…lucky Ashley! and how sweet of him to say he wouldn’t cheat on her,,,no wonder he said somebody-aka Jared(ashleys bf) will kill jim, i beyhe is probably a little jealous…anyways have fun ash you’re still young live a lot…and I’m sure that video is going to be amzing. I’m glad jashley is still strong. Can’t wait for her video.

  • i love ashley

    Awwwww he is soooo cute
    What he said about Ashley
    They would make a hot couple
    Omg he would never cheat no her
    that’s soooooo sweet and hot
    Love them
    Xoxoxoxoxo Ashley fan xoxoxoxo

  • patricia20

    adam is perfection!
    he is the hottest guy in my opinion apart from joe jonas.
    what does he mean by” somebody is going to kill me for that”
    i dont get it!!! are they dating?!?!?! if they are then WOW ashley im JEALOUS! but good for you! also her bf/ ex bf is REALLY ugly so go adam!!!!

  • Karen

    Between he said “I wouldn’t cheat on her” because that’s what the song is about.. not because he was trying to be sweet

  • i love ashley

    omg if i was jared i would get jealous lol
    hes so gorgeous

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Lol, aw, Ashley is so cute. Posting a video at almost 2 in the morning for us :D Love her. ..Ok, if I hear that little snippet of ‘It’s Alright, It’s Ok’ ONE more time, I am seriously going to SCREAM. GAH !!

    …Yeah, no, I doubt Ashley would do that Jared. She ain’t like that. ..At least I think so. Nobody really knows her except for the people that DO know her. And in my opinion, I don’t think she would cheat on her boyfriend of 3 years. ..I miss Jashley. ..Where the hell is Jared !?

  • i love ashley

    karen your wrong he saids “Trust me, I wouldn’t cheat on her in real life”
    beacuse in the music video he does!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cami


    I read that Jared was on the video shoot too :D

  • Alfredo

    I love ASHLEY!!!!!!

  • saudia

    its obvious that they are not dating, its just a video shoot people

  • ashleyteam :D

    I love her :D i want to see that vid NOW :D

  • katie

    new couple alert

  • kara

    you people are stupid, jared updated his twitter saying he was going to the set of the music video. yes ashley is flirty but you can tell her and jared are the real thing and adam isnt an issue, calm down.

  • layla

    i’m usually not a fan of her or her music, but this song (judging by the clip) sounds like it’ll be a pretty big hit… :) way to go ashley.

  • patricia20

    yaa i agree the clip sounds amazing! ive never liked her music either but this song is sooo catchy

  • Valentina

    i think he meant HIS gf, the girl who plays Adrianna on 90210 right?

  • teteu

    love her!!

  • super fan ashley



    GO ASH!


  • danyi

    sounds like a date!!?

  • danyi

    i wanna see their dinner night date

  • Shirley

    @ivanka: u are a lame b!tch…

  • Shirley

    he’s just joking. it’s funny you guys don’t realize that…

  • Shirley

    @ilovezanessaxo: do u even know ashley? :/

  • tizzfan


    what a lot of crap
    and please do what you preach

    you always told people to not bash zanessa individually or as a couple yet you do the same to every other actress or actor you don’t like….

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    who will ? jared ? =D
    i dont think jared is jealous of ashley because ashley is really near with boys and it was never a problem for jared.and now neither.
    i heard jared was at set too,i wan to see jashley pictures.gthey arde such a cute couple and i love them <3
    and adam is so cute too =)))

  • Shirley

    jared and ashley isnt always together but im pretty sure they called each other. Ashley really is a private person.

  • ash tizz truefan

    Ashley rocks!!
    im sooooo excited for her new cd :)
    I ♥ YOU ASH!!


  • lauren

    I love ashley she is awesome !!! ash and adam are hotttt !!!
    i love her !! I’m so excited for new vid !!

  • ash rockz

    I love her (:
    Adam is very cute x)
    But I miss Jashley, too…
    Would love to see pics of them!
    Can’t wait for the video!

    xxx from Germany

  • isupportashleyoneverything

    Oh my gosh… so sweet of him to say that. But yeah, you guys are right, I haven’t seen Jashley go in public these days. Do you think “It’s Alright, It’s OK” is dedicated to Jared? Hope not. But… Ashley and Adam would really make a cute couple. Can’t wait for the music video to come out. GO ASH! I support you. :)

  • Kat

    he’s already dating jessica lowndes, his costar from 90210

>>>>>>> staging1