Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Studio Cafe Sweeties

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Studio Cafe Sweeties

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston share a laugh as they brunch at Studio Cafe on Sunday afternoon (March 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star and Justin enjoyed a brunch with Miley‘s parents, Billy Ray and Tish.

Miley spent Saturday with BFF dancer Mandy Jiroux. The duo had lunch at Sushi Dan‘s and performed “Hoedown Throwdown” for all their fans.

20+ pics inside of Miley and Justin going to brunch…

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Credit: LA; Turner, RIV/FamePictures; Photos: FlynetOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • ashlee

    He needs to shave. But she looks pretty.

  • Sarah


  • katie

    she looks cute :D and a lot happier than she did yesterday… but ughhh justin annoys me SO much. and he needs to shave, pronto.

    have you voted for miley/bolt/hannah montana @ today yet? if not, do it now! it only takes a couple of minutes :)

  • Marylynn


  • Marylynn


  • Izabella

    they’re actually quite cute together (:
    but I still prefer Niley, not that it’s up to me, LOL
    she looks gorgeous btw ♥

  • swe3t23

    they look so cute together

  • xoxoxo

    their so cuteee

  • Farrah

    Oh, that shirt is so adorable! I love it!

  • U wish u knew

    Miley is AWESOME. Still not diggin Gaston, but eh whatever. Can’t wait for the HM movie.

  • overated.

    If they are a couple, shouldn’t they be holding hands like other couples out there? I like Miley but I hate Justin…he looks like Wolverine now. Miley looks adorable with that outfit.

  • d

    She looks gorgeous.

  • liz

    So JJ is now going from her “special friend” to her “boyfriend”? LOL That made me laugh!

    Miley looks cute…

    Justin just looks creepy… As he always does! LOL… He’s so hot, but in a creepy way!

  • yo yo

    how to spot a pedophile…
    and CUTE??????ha you guys are real funny..cmon now lord,thats a grown ass man and a teen

  • Rachelle jonas

    Man, Miley’s gotten two hot boyfriends in a row.
    Nick, who is a total hottie!
    And now Justin how is also so hot!

  • hun98

    I think Justin is really cute! and he looks good not shaven! :D Miley is awesome1!!! They’re cute. But I have to say I am a hopeless niley fan..

  • Bruno

    she’s SO fit!

  • dave

    i love miley!

    and her and i are mixed match when it comes to cellphones lol
    i had a sidekick when she had a blackberry
    i had a blackberry while she had a sidekick….
    and now i just sold my blackberry and got another sidekick
    and now!! she has a blackberry when i have a sidekick
    how weird is that!!! lol

  • lizzie

    look at him..lookin like a nasty infection

  • SOPHIE cyrus

    Miley and her Daddy has the most gorgeous hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m

    #6 i agree:))


    I love her and they are really cute together !! ! ! !! !

  • .

    thank u #14! goshh

  • .

    lol #18 i was just about to ask where the sidekick went!??

  • weee

    JUSTJARED YOU ROCK! so much more pleasant than some other celeb blog sites!
    but update more quickly :)
    miley looks beautiful as always!

  • hovaaa

    gawd how many times are we gonna see the same two people a day…DAMN

  • carl

    miley looks super pretty loving the hair. justin and miley are looking like a great as a couple! i love the shirt! i have one similar. but justin needs to shave so people can at least stop calling him names and trim the hair!

  • fivi

    miley looks really pretty love the shirt she has on! i love her hair color it looks great on her! justin looking handsome as always but he needs to shave and get a trim so he look a little younger like that he looks like 30!

  • lizzie

    uh justin is gonna look nasty and ugly no matter what he do,and 21??!!dude would get jumped if he came to my city

  • katie

    oh, btw, mileymandy uploaded a sort-of-new video (outtakes from the last one).

    here it is:

  • cc27

    sigh , im missng niley ‘o’ lol..
    but miley is looking pretty :) and she looks happy with him :O lol

  • 251458

    love miley

  • ivanka

    unbelievable her parents aprove this..
    then again look at them… they had children with another couples , they wear tatoos and other weird things..

  • katie

    okay, ivanka, enough. your desperation is so evident that it’s honestly making me feel sorry for you. don’t like miley = don’t go onto her posts. the end.

  • TV


    btw, it was not ok that Miley did it either. it is NEVER okay to make fun of the features of another race. I just think it’s sexist that Hollywood boys don’t get critcized as much as Hollywood boys.

  • Will

    Miley does look happy compared to yesterday, but is it just me or some pics does she still look mad?

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Miley is so cute.
    I love her. And
    please vote for Miley
    for the
    Thank ya’ll
    so much

  • Lizzie [-:

    you know what, if she’s happy. That makes me happy.
    The end :)

  • billythekid


    I guess it’s impossible -even for Miley- to have your “happy face” on everyday. But I also notice when she is just basically relaxed her face has a naturally pouty look to it. People are just so used to seeing her smile.

    No I don’t vote for Miley, or anyone. The couple times I visited the site it crashed my Safari.

  • billythekid

    I think the new reply options stink. Back to my old habit….

    To ivanka (#33)

    As if your general hatred wasn’t bad enough, but now bigotry as well? So you place blame upon two people who happen to fall in love – have children, and then call it wrong because they had children in a previous relationship? Where exactly are you from? Heaven? Because that sort of thing happens all the time in the US, and I suspect many other countries as well. Besides, Billy Ray and Tish have had an extremely stable relationship during their 17 years together. You are really digging near the bottom of the barrel if that is your major gripe, or the fact that they have tattoos. Imagine that, someone with a tattoo! Call the National Guard.

    To TV (#35)

    I don’t believe the general public feels any differently about what Joe Jonas did than they did about Miley for her actions. It’s not the public that is reacting differently, it’s the media’s reaction that is different. But that’s probably because the internet media as a whole is hostile to Miley in general. The mainstream media is more neutral mostly because they have a higher set of standards regarding their news content. There is probably no single celeb out there who polarizes people more with their opinion on them than Miley Cyrus.

  • Victoria

    love her <3

  • http://. Vic2763

    I’m really Luvin the hair, the blouse, and are those new boots? SO CUTE. Miley<3 xoxo

  • lizzie

    I aint voting miley,i think icarly deserves it wayyy more,hannah montana always tries to hard to make themselves look good and the humor is just STALE


  • Salpi

    Miley’s blouse is really cute.

  • e

    #43…………….you can speak english.

  • lizzie

    thank you for letting me know that:-)

  • nobody

    justin gaston finally got a new shirt

  • iZZY


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i still can’t understand how can people love miley sl*trus and justin gayton?miley has to behave like a sixteen girl.she looks happy but who cares ? look at her bf ! he is a crazy of s*x.he is not hot,miley is not hot and they are such a stupid couple.but i like her clothes.BTW,she hasnt got a good personalitty so i don’t care her style !

  • Hannah

    in picture #7 Miley looks a bit sad

    But i still luv her and
    i luv the colour of her hair