Ashley Greene: Twilight Has Staying Power

Ashley Greene: Twilight Has Staying Power

Ashley Greene surprised a ton of fans at Hot Topic store in Los Angeles for one of the many Twilight DVD midnight parties over the weekend.

The 22-year-old actress dished to MTV about how the fans have everything to do with Twilight‘s staying power. She shared, “We’ve got staying power. We’re here and they [the fans] saw it, and they were excited. They saw it again and they’re buying the DVD and pre-ordered it and stood in line. It’s a really encouraging factor going into the second film.”

Ashley Greene – Twilight’s Staying Power, 03/21
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  • kerri

    twilights stupid!

  • jo

    There’s so many girls named Ashley. I guess that was one popular name when they were born. Ashley greene, argota, tisdale, simpson, olsen, my cousin..etc

  • jackie

    i got the 3 disc dvd ! haah

  • Sar

    I can’t wait to get the DVD in the UK!

  • Lauren

    i know, i want to have the 3 disc edition; can’t wait

    love her

  • hun98

    Ehm, sure Twilight has enough staying power to keep doing movies.. but so many movies did that! Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-man… Star Wars… Lord of the Rings… oh and ofcourse Harry Potter! and personally, I don’t think Twilight is as good as any of those. I mean it was good enough… I’d give it a B-. or a 7/10. But just a tad bit wanna-beish. Certainly nothing epic.

  • Juvy

    Yes, I loved the books, but the movie was a bit disappointing (Kristen Stewart namely, she kind of ruined Bella for me). Everyone else was decent, my favs being Pattinosn, Facinelli, and Greene (I absolutely love this girl, she’s so gorgeous and funny). Basically, I think Hardwicke (the director) was a bit crazy and it was all really indie (lol, if you’ve bought the DVD, watch the commentary, it’s hilarious; she’s crazy, but really funny). It was all just taken too seriously and it was funny.

  • iZZY


  • KLutz

    I guess human beings have the tendency to “obsess” about stuff. Now it’s time for some vampire action :) Can’t wait for New Moon to come out. I love Alice …… her and Emmett are my favorite characters in the movie

  • Cyn

    Ashley is right, i can’t wait for new moon and the other movies in the series

  • arantxa

    i love her :)
    i was going to go to LA the same place she went !
    but i didnt :(

  • R-patz girl

    Idk. I like kristen stewart, She’s a great actress and doesnt seem stuck up like other actresses. She seems very down to earth. But in my opinion I think Leighton Meester or Kat Dennings would have been a great Bella. That’s just me. But I love Kristen though.

  • bella

    pls…………. stop hating twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you dint like twilight that means you dont understand anything about it! it means you’re not human!!!!! you’re also not a vampire!!!!! but you’re a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • berrypunch

    @jo: omg i was just thinking that!! LOL

  • Jess!!

    i luv twilight got da dvd the day it came out. had to wait in line but it was so worth it…cant wait for new moon!!

  • Elja

    STOP HATING TWILIGHT ,don’t comment if you dont like it because NOBODY CARES…TWILIGHT ROXS

    Bella,Edward,Alice,Emmett,Jasper,Rosalie,Esme,Carlisle FORVER

>>>>>>> staging1