Zac Efron: Bonjour, Paris!

Zac Efron: Bonjour, Paris!

Zac Efron gives a soft smile at a press conference in Paris, France on Monday afternoon (March 22).

JJJ reader Delphine sent in a few pictures from the event. She writes to JJJ, “I only have pictures of him because he left after 25 mins, while he should have stayed one hour. It was very fun. He looked at us when we said ‘ZACC’ and gave us with is smile but I looked away a little shy.”

Check out Delphine‘s pics from the event inside…

Zac Efron – “17 Again” Press Conference, Paris, 03/23, Part 1

Zac Efron – “17 Again” Press Conference, Paris, 03/23, Part 2

Zac Efron – “17 Again” Press Conference, Paris, 03/23, Part 3
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Photos: Delphine
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  • honoush

    first yay
    love u zac ur so hot

  • nazi

    You are soo gorgeous Zac xoxox

  • Shirley


  • nazi

    I love you!!!!!!!! So jealous of Vanessa….she is one lucky girl!!!

  • Delphine

    Hey thanks jjj for posting my pictures you are great!!
    Kiss from Paris

  • Roxana

    he is cute but please do something with your hair. Vanessa please find some scissors and trim his hair so he can look more adorable.

  • Katty

    He’s probably lonely out there all alone. He looks cute though, he should have stayed the full hour, it’s his movie! Maybe it went quicker than people thought it would have. Anyways, I hope he’s having fun and comes home soon, we all miss him!

  • Andrea

    Gotta love him<3

  • mykamicks

    What a pics… anyways Zac has s stylist…. whether he combs or not He is still looks pretty… goodluck on 17 again..

  • Gre


    Je t’aime. XD

    I’m a argentinian girl =P (?)

    Love ya,

  • Alyssa

    I love him!! He looks hot!! :)

  • Karen
  • zanessa4everr

    he’s so HOT!
    i love his hair

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Holy crap…there must have been at least, I think, over 500 people there…or maybe lower, …my ears hurt. But thanks for the vid. and the pics. When he said, “merci”, I thought it was adorable !!! ..I’m one of those die hard fans. I mean, look at him, he IS adorable !! ..Love you Zachary !!

  • Mili

    I love you zac but that hair, CUT IT!!!it was better the other way, or at least, OUT OF YOUR FACE!!!

  • Becky

    Zac looks amazing.

  • aw

    Sweet, he looks great. Hope to see more interviews soon.

  • Karen

    I haven’t gotten to watch all the videos yet but if they are all as loud as the first one that may have been one reason the interview did not go the full hour. That would be rather nerve wrecking and trying to hear anything must have been a challenge.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! zac is sooooo hot! he always looks good!! his hair is amazing =) ( he cut it if he wants,lol- he said once that he`s kinda lazy with that)

    wowww,i love him sooo much,hope he have a greattt time there =)

  • Becky

    Zac looked like we has having fun.

  • Lorena

    o-m-g! he is so handsome

  • taylor
  • Katty

    I’m not even going to read that thing, Taylor, it’s called a RUMOR! It’s a gossip site, just like this one but at least Jared has class on what he posts.

  • aw


    Lainey is trash who is only right .001% of the time. That is an old rumor full of bs. Why are you wasting your time posting it

  • ew

    #22 Why am I not surprised. Zac can do all this crap but when he ends up with aids lets see who he’s gonna f-ck behind Vanessa’s back.

  • gracemarie


    Lainey took the same old rumor she posted earlier last year that wasn’t true and reported it changing a few details.

    Even For Real had to come on recently and straighten people out

  • Lissy

    Love you Efron!☺

  • pop86

    @taylor: Lainey takes an old rumor she posted six months ago change a few details then repost the rumor as new. In another six months, she post the same rumor.

  • V…4ever

    My oh my. Yummy. I don’t mind the long hair. Gives him a little je ne sais quoi.

  • pop86

    OMG,those screams. My ears hurt and I had the volume on low. LOL

    I like Zac with long hair but he really needs a trim.

  • mhay

    Zac is So Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://zanessa nathalia
  • athena

    Wow, it would have been cool to have been there…I’m so excited to see the movie. They’ve just started airing the promotions on the television here in America. I also got my Interview magazine and I couldn’t be more happy…YIPPEE!!!

  • Mandi

    OMG, if he doesn’t get a haircut soon…… lol

  • Mandi

    OMG, if he doesn’t get a haircut soon……lol

  • marie

    he looks like he’s having fun!

  • V-loyalist

    Best of luck to Zac on his tour, I hope all the fans out there will give their 100% support on him. He gives all his best for this movie and for people to know his amazing talent in comedy.

    Btw, I love love his new hairstyle, he rocks in his new do!!

  • nikki


  • rosielee9

    I kinda felt a litle sorry for Zac as he looked a bit un comfortable with all the screaming and especially when he was trying to answer the question,I know they were there to see him but the screaming was to much and if that was me 25 minutes of that would be enough and I’d be off too.

    Hi Karen hope your well.

    And I wish he would trim his hair a bit that would bug me having to keep flicking it out of my eyesas it’s been said he has georgous blue eyes but not loving the lenght of the hair.

  • jessie


    LOL wonder what will vanessa cut if she listen to you LMAO

  • vancrazed

    Zac, your hot baby…but get your hair cut okay?
    All your fan girls.

  • Elena Clayton

    Okay, you can see why they had to end the press con early. Why did they let the fangirls into a press con? That’s hilarious!

    Go Fangirls! It was pretty damn adorable how embarrassed Zac got. It was like an opportunity for him to talk about the project and he couldn’t get a word out over the screaming! Pretty funny.

    Love you Zaccy!

  • ZacFan!

    jesus! Frantic! Zac, you’re adorable!

  • cutie

    i love you Zac!!!

  • zanessalove4verer

    :) XD

  • zanessalove4verer


    I LOVEEEE :)

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