Zac Efron is in the City of Lights

Zac Efron is in the City of Lights

Zac Efron sticks out his tongue before posing with a fan as he arrives at Charles de Gaulle International airport in Paris, France on Monday morning (March 23).

The 21-year-old actor is in Paris to promote his new flick, 17 Again. Zac stars as the young version of Mike O’Donnell, a guy who gets a second chance at life and goes back to high school to redo his mistakes.

17 Again will premiere in France on April 22.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron arriving in Paris…

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Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 00
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 01
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 02
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 03
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 04
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 05
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 06
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 07
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 08
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 09
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 10
Efron-roissy zac efron roissy airport 11

Credit: KCSPresse ; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, BauerGriffinOnline
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luv zaccccc!!! @ 11:03 am on 03/23/2009



Mandi @ 11:13 am on 03/23/2009


Pauline @ 11:23 am on 03/23/2009

et ouais, il est chez nous!

zanessaholic @ 11:28 am on 03/23/2009

it’s sad vanessa’s not with you..
but see you in KCA zac.. :)

zac is a rat @ 11:35 am on 03/23/2009

Funny is’nt it Zac leaves Lax looking miserable and arrives in Paris with a girl by his side who is hiding HER face as she walks with him and suprise suprise Zac is now all smiles, boy he sure gets over missing Vanessa quick does’nt he no wonder he did’nt bring her that would have been awkward with the other girl.

I would have thought it would have been Zac who was hiding from the pap’s not a girl so the question is what’s going on with this one.

V...4ever @ 11:36 am on 03/23/2009

I read that Zac is dropping out of Footloose. If this rumor is true I totally support him. I think he definitely needs to drop these high school or musical movies. Get into something more meaningful or action movies. He’s not going into the music business, so why continue making movies about dancing and singing? Heck, I can’t wait for Vanessa’s next album, but I don’t want her in an other siging dancing thing. I would support her but…. NO! Same for Zac. Take your time and choose something more adult-y.
Good luck to you Zac. And Vanessa lol.

zac is a rat @ 11:41 am on 03/23/2009

And what’s with the dark hair all of a sudden last time Zc had his hair that colour he was doing HS and by all accounts he’s pulled out of Footloose becuase he does’nt want to do musicals for a while but with that hair colour I’m guessing the chance to kiss face with Nikki all over again was to much to say no to, well I hope that Vanessa says that enough is enough and gets rid of him let him go off with the girl in the checkered shirt they sure look happy enough and as I said why on earth she is the only one hiding he face is beyond me it’s like she does’nt mind walking with Zac but does’nt want to be photograped with him like she has a secret or they have a secret to hide, Zac is a cheater, flirt and does’nt give a dam about Vanessa.

Ana @ 11:42 am on 03/23/2009

@Pauline: j’aurais bien voulu y être :( (et pourtant j’habite Paris, enfin bref…

Ian UK @ 11:48 am on 03/23/2009

Not wanting to get into any sort of debate here but the girl ( Woman ) with Zac is always with him on public appearances so I would assume she is either his assistant or publicist and nothing more.

V...4ever @ 11:49 am on 03/23/2009

Zac is a rat

lol. You always make me laugh…… by your stupidity. Tell me, how would you feel if you went to a country that you don’t speak the language and don’t know your way in? Wouldn’t it feel great to have somebody there to help you find your way and organize everything for you? Maybe just maybe that what these “people” (girls) are doing everywhere he goes.
And you think that Zac has a new girl at every country he goes to? Wow. What a guy! I mean not even George Clooney can accomplish that.

Zanessa lover @ 11:52 am on 03/23/2009

that women with him was coming out from a photoshoot once with him so it might be his manager or something :)

gracemarie @ 11:52 am on 03/23/2009


I can’t tell you how sorry I am your parents had no time or use for you and how bad I feel that being so ugly has effected you so.

Maybe you need to get some psychatric help and someone who could actually love you might come along.

zac fan @ 12:01 pm on 03/23/2009

i love Zac he´s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott

amy @ 12:02 pm on 03/23/2009

In France 22 April?

mike @ 12:18 pm on 03/23/2009

To the person who calls her/himself Zac is a Rat……you are soooo stupid…that woman is on the red carpet with him all the time too…its his assistant/publicist or w.e. they are called….and seriously the way you come on here you just sound jealous….and sort of pathetic…how you come on and ramble and ramble on about how you dnt like him…..why do you come on here then and click on the feed???? seriously get over yourself…there are a LOT of kids who come on here (hence JJ JR!!!) who are trying to see their favorite celebs and dnt need people like you making them feel like crap… get the stick out of your butt or w.e. is bothering you and go do something… seem like a miserable person…

mike @ 12:22 pm on 03/23/2009

omg WAIT….again…hahaha that is NOT his publicist that is a FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgMs/Mr. “zac is a rat” that shows how STUPID you are….see the picture and the photo its a damn FAN getting a picture taken….hahahahahahahaha omg you are SOOOOO stupid…..idk how ANYONE can even listen to you….omg that is so funny its a damn fan not some person hes cheating with hahahaha

Karen @ 12:25 pm on 03/23/2009

Hi, gracemarie:
I see you replied to Zanessahater directly but I see no comment from Zanessahater… I guess that either means Zanessahater has had one of her comments deleted by Just Jill already—there’s only 11 posts before you which seems hard to believe one already has been deleted—OR Zanessahater is also going by another name on here. WOW, think of that a hater who uses more than one name on the board so they can make it seem like there are more haters and bashers than there actually are.

Ian UK @ 12:26 pm on 03/23/2009

I think he means image number 6 the woman with the checkered shirt ( Zac’s publicist / assistant )

zac is a rat @ 12:27 pm on 03/23/2009

Then why is SHE the one hiding her face why should be bothered if she gets photograped with efron or not and if she is that person then surely she would be used to the pap’s after all the things that she attends with him.

Zac is the one who makes his fans feel like crap after the stunt he pulled with the photo he can’t get away from them quick enough. And if the film is’nt out in France uintil 22nd April then why are they there now we’re still in March.

He sure a good job of rushing back to Vanessa like he missed her pity the photo’s of him out with can’t say the same then again he knows what the girls like to hear that that is what a great bf he is and how much he loves and misses her yea right.

zac is a rat @ 12:30 pm on 03/23/2009

If she’s a fan then sureley she wants her face to be shown hence why she would want a photo taken with him so why hide that makes no sense what so ever.

Efron has that many women it’s hard to keep track bet he has trouble too.

chocolate amber @ 12:33 pm on 03/23/2009

Zac looks sooo cool and sexy.

Zac is a Rat, no one believes anything you write. BTW, we all know you secretly love Zac so just admit it and stop the hate speech.

mike @ 12:36 pm on 03/23/2009

sweetie…..shes fixing her sunglasses….did you notice that????? did you bother to look….and trust me his fans LOVE the photoshoot it was his sexiest yet…as for the movie april 22nd….all movie stars go ahead time….ok??? they wont be in france then they’ll be in LA for the premier….whats your problem??? seriously like…you’re kind of pathetic….

mike @ 12:41 pm on 03/23/2009

but w.e. im not coming on here anymore…its irritating to see people like you have freedom of speech….you should be smacked in the face for your stupidity…have a nice day….miserable ass….

Becky @ 12:43 pm on 03/23/2009

@zac is a rat:

Shut up. you are saying the same thing over and Over. it is people like you that make Vanessa fans Look like Dumbass.

zanessa4everr @ 12:44 pm on 03/23/2009

haha he’s so cute!

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