Corbin Bleu - "Moments That Matter" Music Video

Corbin Bleu -

Corbin Bleu reflects on how grateful he is for his friends in his new music video, “Moments That Matter.”

The 20-year-old musician penned the track with Claude Kelly and Eric Hudson and recorded the track on his 19th birthday. Corbin remembers, saying, “I wanted to write something sentimental about love and family.”

Corbin shared of his new album, Speed of Light, “I love this album because from the first track to the last, there’s this path of every song getting better. For me as an artist, my one thing is to continue to grow, and I felt this brought something out in me emotionally.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Corbin’s new video?

Corbin Bleu – “Moments That Matter” Music Video
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  • athena

    I like the chorus…the beginning seemed a bit slow. He looks great in this video…I would love to see him do a more sensual video and song. That is if he wants to break into the top Pop/Rock genre of entertainers…his videos still seem a little too typical for him. I’d like to see him burst out of this norm. He can do it…he’s sexy, good looking, a great dancer, and sings well.

  • mishyB

    That music video is pretty hot with Corbin Bleu in it!

  • nathiiiii

    I think that the video is pretty good! I like it.

  • athena

    Then again, sounds like he’s just experiencing love for the first time.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Damn Corbin…I really liked the video. Love the piano there too. I think he has a really great future ahead of him. Can’t wait for more !! …I didn’t know he made a music video of my favorite song !! ♥

  • abby

    Wow this is suck an amazing song. He looks amazing in it as well. I really wish the press would give him more time and more people would be able to see who he really is. Don’t get my wrong I LOVE Zac, always have and always well but I just wish people would realize there was more then one guy in the HSM films. I wish they would give Corbin the time of day because he’s an amazing singer and a pretty damn good actor.

  • Shirley

    He has many music videos.^^

  • Lydia

    Hmm he doesn’t look hot anymore.. has he put on weight?

  • ariana

    mhmm it seems like iv seen this before…the whole piano in the middle of nowhere and the desert thing …really unoriginal

    hes not even really playing the piano. i doubt he can, and im sure he didnt write his own songs. yet he is trying to pretend like he’s a real artist and is trying to be taken seriously….he isnt, and no one ever will.

    thats my opinion on corbin

  • Malia

    LOVE IT . . . LOVE IT . . . LOVE IT.


  • ariana

    o i mean hmm not mhmm

  • :)

    Ohh Hawtt Dayumm/
    Corbinn Iss A Hawtie xD
    i love him && the song woahh!

    Love Trust Family<3
    too damnn cuteee;

    Goodd luckk Corbinn.

  • Anni

    I love the song =)

  • a.m./p.m.

    I feel sorry for him. His first video for the CD should have been for the song “Speed of Light.” It’s waaayyy more upbeat and danceable than this song. But Disney wouldn’t let him because that song is too mature.

    If he wants to have a good music carreer, he NEEDS to leave Disney. They are giving him childish songs. Corbin could take on better songs that sounds more like Chris Brown’s. Plus, Disney only promotes their cashcows, which are Miley and Jo Bros. I mean did anybody see ANY promotions for Corbin’s album?…

  • bella

    I absolutely LOVE this song. I’ve been waiting for the video clip for ages. It’s such an up beat, feel good song that never fails to put me in a good mood. I also like that he’s growing up a bit. I am a die hard Zac fan, but I do love Corbin, he’s very talented, though I don’t like him in HSM. So I’m very happy with the song to see a bit more of him.

  • what i dont like about it its that he is trying to hard to change his image just like vanessa tried with her identified album
    the one i think willl have a career after hsm is ganna be zac efron and ashley

  • katie

    I love the bit where he’s in the cafe with his friends singing :]

    To the person above me… That’s exactly what Zac and Ashley are doing!! Ashley’s new songs are mature and Zac is posing with naked ladies… The only ones who aren’t trying to shed their disney image is Monique and Lucas.

  • katie

    And also, how on earth is this song trying to change his image?? It’s about his family and love, not sex or drugs or anything.

  • caitie

    This song is the first one because it’s important to him. He wrote it last year on his birthday, surrounded by his parents and his sisters and this one means something to him.

  • V…4ever

    Bad ass. He gets yummier and yummier and yuummmmmi….er mmh. And by the way, there’s a video for celebrate you. Based on Disney of course with a Disney parkk theme but still. I do think he should break away fron Disney to because the incredible man is bound to be.

    Love you Corbin. Vanessa and you are my favorites.

  • Nina caplan

    i have to tel you guys. i was like totally down, when i came home form school! because i had a bad grade, and i wa so sad.
    suddenly i check JJJ and i listen to this song, and suddenly my mood is like, so much better. i feel like that its just a grade now! 1 of 1000 grades.

  • linnyb

    effing BRUTAL!
    speed of light it MUCH better
    LOSE DISNEY CORBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you DONT need them

  • Mayday225

    Corbin please for the love of God lose Disney!!! You are an exceptional talent with an incredible career ahead of you..this song proves it. You are such a talented singer, actor, dnacer, musican, lyricst..everything!!! You need to lose Disney please!!
    This song is just phenominal, Corbin, you’re on the right track buddy! Just spread your wings baby, it’s time to fly!!!!!

  • WhatChoNameiz


    I mean honestly. Everything you said is correct.
    They only focus on Ashley, Vanessa and Zac. They seem to not care about Lucas Monique or Corbin. I mean… THEY were on the cover too, you know?
    They too have wonderful voices and such great talent. I just don’t understand why the press has to pick favorites all the time. Everyone deserves a chance at fame.
    Oh, and this music video was actually nice. It’s better than his usual ones. The Celebrate You one was just…. crap.

  • bandgeek

    The piano reminded me of the music video fro m the pussycat dolls. i think he should do more mature songs

  • vulgarity

    this song rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
    shut up haters

  • Miley

    hey Corbin! keep rockin’
    haha you get it


  • http://bluemen.co9m bean

    luv dis song sounds good

  • http://msn isla

    corbin is so hot

    great video bleuman xoxo

    u r a (*) (k) (k) :p :p

  • amanda

    Corbin I think you are amazing no matter what you do.speed of light is the best album ever and I will treasure it forever because you signed it for me :).you are truly one of my inspirations and I love you soooooooooooooo much

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