Fashion Faceoff: Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Nick hostess Lily Collins (daughter of singer Phil Collins) wore this coral and black patterned Hervé Léger by Max Azria Spring 2009 bandage dress to the Herve Leger Fall 2009 fashion show during during NY Fashion Week last month in New York City. The 20-year-old paired her look off with black tights and heels.

Last week, Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart wore the same Hervé Léger by Max Azria bandage dress to the premiere of her flick, Adventureland. The 18-year-old actress finished off her look with black patent high heels.

Who wore Herve Leger best — KRISTEN STEWART or LILY COLLINS?
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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Bryan Bedder/Getty Images, HRC/ WENN
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  • bellamor

    Definitely Kristen. Look at her legs! She’s stunning!

  • Katty

    The dress sucks no matter who wears it, orange is not Kristen’s color, and she looked like she’s in pain

  • Lucy

    kristen Stewert, of course she did just look how stunning she looks!

  • /chupiandcoqi Memii de argentina

    Obvio q a kristen!! es la mejorrr

  • Maria

    Lilly needs to go to bed.

    Kristen rocks THAT dress and any other that comes her way,lol.

  • oci

    :DD you put it Kristen .. of course

  • twilight series

    Kristen Stewart all the way. Besides, black leggings don’t go with that dress any way you spin it. Kristen Stewart FTW hands down :)

  • Wybie

    Kristen RULES!

  • dundies

    um you guys are bankrupt! lily wore it better, bcus she fills it out???

  • sarah

    meh i think its an AWFUL dress is does nothing for either of them really

  • Mary


  • Mary


  • a

    kristen looks high

  • c jane

    I voted kristen because that dress looks way too harsh with black leggings. kristen also made it flat out sexy!!

  • ashlyn

    Kristen looks incredibly uncomfortable. maybe it is just a bad picture but the dress washes her out and the red lips do not work for her. The pattern also makes her sholders appear wider than they actually are. I am not dissing Kristen nor any of her twilight-obsessed fans. On the flip side, lily has a more cohesive skin tone with the red-orange color. The black leggings work for lily, however they may not work best for everyone willing to wear that statement-making dress. Overall, i think Lily wore it better, but she did not wear it best. It would look best on someone with darker skin. BELIEVE ME, I KNOW FASHION <3 p.s. both girls look nice, just not as nice as they could have looked. Oh and anything Herve Leger is genius <3333

  • amelia

    first off those aren’t called leggings, they’re panty hose. second of all i like it wayyy better on lily. most of u like it on kristen cause shes a ‘somebody’ lol

  • rosemary jonas

    i voted for lilly cuz she is actually nice :]

  • leaf

    Lilly has no feet… it’s so sad.

  • layla

    kristen does look skinny (duh) but this lily girl has ribs showing in the back. don’t wear something backless if you’re going to look so unhealthy.

  • trish

    look at them brows

  • kamilah

    okay im a big fan of kristens but thats not why i picked her. the dress really does fit her better. look at the neck line. the dress doesnt seem to fit smoothly on this lily girl. plus, that dress is way too bold to be paired with black leggings. and kristen just has great legs for this dress

  • linda

    ashlyn- “I KNOW FASHION” umm it sounds more like you just think you do. anybody could tell you kristen looks uncomfortable, she always does, or that she shouldn’t have gone for that shade of lipstick. it’s all just too much for her pale skin. the dress is crap. nobody should wear it. and i usually like Herve Leger dresses. oh well.

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Kristen by
    far wore it
    the best. Whats wrong
    with people? You
    dont put leggings
    under a dress. Thats one
    of the most tackiest
    things women do
    in Hollywood now a days.

  • Giuls

    the dress is horrible, but Lily is better.
    Kristen is looking a little, ok, a looot weird.

  • pame

    obvio q a kristn c le ve mejor ♥

  • arantxa

    Kirsten S ! :D

  • yashi

    seriuously out of 170 pics of kristen at her adventureland premeir thay pick the worst one ?? geeez

    anyways i voted for her cause i think she looked soooo much better that lilly collins she looks like a pumpkin with those leggins i seriously dont like the dress though its kinda odd but kstew wore it better

    ps that dress , is THE shortest and tightest dress ive seen kstew in and i think it was a direct messege to a guy we all know (cough:rob:cough) LOL

  • Kristen Stewart

    Clear vote for my homegirl Kristen Stewart. Lily is a copycat.

  • ally

    ok, the dress is hideous!
    but i choose krisiten cos i love her, nt da dress

  • Evelyn

    are you people BLIND????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lilly steeeaalllsss it

    to those people calling lilly a copycat try actually reading the article lilly wore it first

    even if lilly did copy kristen good this dress makes her more hideous than she already is if possible seriosly what is that shadow on her eyes….and her fifty man rings does not match her skin tone she looks like shes in pain. stick to being a man kristen it suits you

    lilly rocks this outfit SO chic

  • j.d.

    i think both of them look terrible. kristen is too pale for the bright color and tights dont go well…especially when black! but honestly, i think kristen still looks good. she showed some leg and red lips? killer!!!

  • Mimi

    Hm, Lily looks kind of weird, yet Kristen’s hair isn’t my favorite. :D lol

    The dress isn’t the best, but Kristen looks better. She looks kind of uncomfortable, but better then Lily. C:

  • http://? mimit

    probabbly kirsten… uncomfortable? she always look that way xd so whatever but look at her legs damn! the other girl seem nice but kirsten looks like a rocker xd!