Zac Efron Premieres '17 Again' in Paris

Zac Efron Premieres '17 Again' in Paris

Zac Efron suits up at the Paris premiere of his new flick, 17 Again, at the Cinema Gaumont Opera Capucines on Tuesday evening (March 24).

The 21-year-old actor stars as the young version of Mike O’Donnell, a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

Zac shares the lead role with former Friends star Matthew Perry. Sonny with a Chance‘s Sterling Knight stars as Alex, Mike’s son.

17 Again hits theaters in France on April 22nd.

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron at the Parisian premiere…

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Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, ANG/FamePictures
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  • nikki


  • Runner Down

    wow, He is looking quit gorgous in that suit, Very HANDSOME lol! i love zac eforn

  • http://jjj miley

    omg first!!!!
    zac looks absolutely stunning! love the outfit and the smile and the hair! go zac!!!! love’ya! and can’t wait to see the movie!

  • emma

    my god he is hot.

  • Karen

    Looking good, Zac.

  • ryanefron

    i love him :} hes just so amazing.

  • Lucy

    wow! He looks hot.
    Shame Vanessa couldn’t go with him to the premiere/photocalls. He doesn’t seem as… Happy? as he was at the HSM premieres.
    I’m going to the LA premiere :P so excited, and hopefully Vanessa is there along side him.

  • X-43-Y

    i am in LOVE with this man! i just love love love love zachary davis alexander efronn!! :) i love him so HOTTT

  • hn

    He looks good but he does’nt really smile only when he was with Nikki (pukes) he smiled.

  • Zanessa lover

    #7 i know i hope vanessa goes the LA premiere too. she most probably will like she did with the hairspray one :)

  • http://roadrunner Malee

    I agree #7!
    When Vanessa is next to Zac, Zac has a huge smile on his face!
    I think so…

  • Athenais

    Zac is so beautiful ….

    He wears yhe same pull that when he was with Vanessa in drive in no ?
    Maybe she misses him …It’s a way for remember her

    I love the third pic

  • Lucy

    Wow! He looks so hot
    Can’t wait to see him at the LA premiere, i’m going! AH, I’m so excited.
    Hopefully Vanessa goes to the LA premiere, Zac doesn’t seem as… Happy? At these premieres and Photocalls as he did when it was HSM and Vanessa was with him.
    It may just be coincidental it just seems, cute.
    Can’t wait to see the movie

  • Lucy

    I posted my message twice lol sorry :$
    First time I posted it i couldn’t see it so i wrote it again, sorry!
    Still excited though,
    and he still looks hot, omg if i ever meet him i will either cry or faint, just looking at pictures i go woozy

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    very hot!!
    the movie is amazing!

  • Zaclover686

    Hottie!!!!! He looks quite unhappy without v though:(

  • Dig/up


  • Vanessa 1# Fan

    10# i’m with you in this point
    “He wears yhe same pull that when he was with Vanessa in drive in no ”

    hw looks sooo Hot I love him

    and i hop that i can see vanessa in L.A Prime

    i’m crazy about her !!

    I love you zaac

  • jo

    he just looks tired that’s all. If i was him i would be too. traveling in and out of cities, tomorrow he’ll be in london

  • reginna

    he looks just so fckin damn hot!

  • alysson anthony

    hum… feio

  • Becky

    Zac looks great.

  • zanessa4everr

    can he get ANY hotter!?

  • Jackiee

    zac looks amazing! i cant wait for this movie, and i am gonna go to the LA premiere cause i live in LA wow yeahh! :) he looks sexy and hawt! LOVE HIM! to death lol

  • brenda from argentina :)

    oooooooooooooomggg i just love hiiiiiiim(L)
    he’s PERFECT!

  • susan

    you look cute to that suit zac.I dont know whats wrong he is not happy
    something missing their.but the other pictures is alright.
    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Becky

    Zac looks so hot and sexy.


    Zac needs Vanessa nooooooooow
    he’s totally sad ;

  • cutie

    zac you look so hot!!!

  • Katty

    It’s not that he’s unhappy, it’s probably just that he is lonely. It’s not fun going to a foreign country by yourself, at least last couples times he went he had cast mates and Vanessa, how he has no one. He’ll be in the UK soon then, he’ll be home for good, or at least until he announces what ever movie he is doing next and then he’ll be filming!
    Love ya, Zac, you look sexy!

  • jessie

    yes i”m totally agree with you!
    but he still look hot LOL

  • Becky


    Katty Agree with you.

  • Katty

    This is more of a Vanessa question, but what ever happened to her being in Maxim? I thought she was posing the magazine or something, did she not? I’m a girl, not a lesbian, but it just popped into my mind and I was wondering. Anyone know?

  • totally agree

    my entire contry the electritiy is going to be shut down on sat from 8 to 9 .
    no kca
    no zanessa 4 me
    anyway i am still voting 4 them every day
    p.s.hi becky

  • tiff

    um katty i saw this on e
    she did make the list but unlike the other girls hers wasn’t all that revealing.
    i saw a sneek peek of the pic
    well at least i think that was it
    she had on a mini blue dress
    blake lively.rihanna, audrina from hills and scarlwtt johansan pic was there too.
    vanessa’s looked better

  • jo

    make sure to vote for Vanessa and HSM3 for KidsChoiceAwards

  • Katty


    Do you know exactly where it is?

  • Lissy

    OH my gosh, Efron, you cant be hotter as you are. Can you?

  • christine x3

    ahh i cant wait!

  • Dina

    Zac looks gorgeous as always, love him ;-)

    I wanted to know, I have been trying to find the interview magazine on newstands in nyc and can’t seem to find it ;-(

    Does anyone know where in NY there selling this magazine??

  • Vanney

    I want zanessa
    Zane S2

  • zanessahater

    it’s not that he doesn’t need vanessa
    its just him for a change and no one else



  • zanessahater

    zanessa sucks
    zachary rocks

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Yes..oh, boii..he looks real fine there. ..Mmm..gawd, I love him. I LOVE the suit. And his hair looks fine to me :D …Sexy, sexy.

    Def. agree with #30 there. ..He’s always much more happier when he’s with other people promoting a movie, he’s happy, he just doesn’t like being alone. I think he’s just not used to promoting movies alone…but he will soon. :D

    I’m hoping for a Zanessa and an Ashnessa sighting when Zachary premiers 17 Again in L.A !!!!

  • Becky

    Zac does look unhappy but I bet he is missing his baby V.

  • Karen

    @zanessahater: So, you don’t like her, we get it. However, it is totally uncalled for to be insulting with your low life words. It shows from where you are coming and the type person you are.

  • Alyssa

    Wow he looks good!! :)

  • aw

    He looks good.

  • tiff

    katty they only showed the cover of the mag thougha nd the pics of the top ten inside….
    as soon as i find out i’ll post it but hilary duff was on the cover but it wasn’t the official mag though the one thry showed was a sneek peek

  • LIZA

    baby your hot (;