Meet The 'New Moon' Wolf Pack

Meet The 'New Moon' Wolf Pack

Taylor Lautner looks back over his shoulder as he leaves lunch with New Moon director Chris Weitz and the New Moon wolf pack in Vancouver on Monday afternoon (March 23).

The new wolf pack — Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz (pictured below), Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman — have just signed on to star in the much-anticipated Twilight sequel. In the film, the wolf pack defends humans against vampires although they have a tribal history intricately entwined with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and his family.

New Moon hits theaters on Nov. 20th.

10+ pics inside of Taylor Lautner and the new wolf pack lunching…

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taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 01
taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 02
taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 03
taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 04
taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 05
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taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 07
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taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 11
taylor lautner wolf pack lunch 12

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • sophia

    wow, i was just near there yesterday. i can see the yoga studio (semperviva) i go to in the background. they were lunching on west broadway.

  • mary

    pretty Taylor ^^

  • me.

    taylor bb, can you look any hotter?

  • Claire

    so fit.
    they all are!

  • Miss Lautner

    <3 Taylor

    Fittttt =]

    Cant Wait For NewMoon

  • Anne-b

    who is the boy in picure # 4, who smiles! not the one woth hat or the one with glasses! he was really cute…:D go Taylor!!<3

  • lipsie glozz

    The actors that are cast as the wolf pack looks kinda hot to me..Hope new moon will be better than twilight..Rob patz is the man! :p

  • Orls

    could Taylor be any cuter?
    the answer is no.
    He is just amazing<3:]
    Team Taylor.

  • Kendall

    half these pics are from last week and some from a few days ago btw.

  • Maria

    Uuummmm…HELLO WOLF PACK!!!!??????

    They are damn fine!

  • Dianne

    whooooo….what a handsome werewolves..
    they are all so so so hot…

    but im still TEAM EDWARD…

    My perfect Edward…

  • Jéeh

    Y love you Taylor….

  • zanessaholic

    they are all hot!!!
    i cant wait to see the movie.. :)

  • Stefanie

    wow they are hot

    but im still team edward all the way because well the cullen are hotter and bella and edward and meant to be together thats the whole point of the series

  • futureCullen

    great Wolf Pack tbh! <3
    l love youu Taylor Lautner hehe
    love you love you love you Taylor!!!!!

  • Jess

    those wolves are burning up.
    they did a great job casting by looks.
    those are some sexy werewolves.

  • Meggg

    :O goshh, taylor really is gorgeous! new moon will be fantastic!

  • JEn

    He looks so much older. Nice haircut!!!

  • Ayan

    omg! he is sooooooooooooo Fine … omg! … im like in love with him

  • cc27

    Pshh! :) Taylor is still the hottest one out of all of them xD LOL

  • Lauren

    oohhh…its not fair; why can’t new moon be finished already and be ready for release and dvd release not movie lol

    taylor and the “pack” looks right good!

    im so excited im like a wierdo! lol

  • Jazmin

    are these wolf pack somthing else or what!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the all the book twilight movie was okay but with these werewolves… can’t wait for new moon!!!!!!!!!! hot hot hot…….

  • Muxxa

    Venid a España. Aquí se os quiere mucho. :)

  • ivanka

    they look superbig.. hope they can act
    taylor is a hottie

  • twilight series

    Oh gosh, that is incredibly hot. I love Taylor’s hairdo :)

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    They are soooo hot!!!! When not so much taylor. I mean he’s cute but not hot.

  • Shannon

    Alex Merax is sex on legs! seriously the wolf pack is all kinds of hot

  • ana

    sexy werewolves!

  • justine

    OMG!!! they are SOOOOOOOOO hot!!! cant wait till new moon!!!!

  • anna

    omgg! taylor is soo freakingg sexyyyyyyyyyy!!

  • Alexandra

    Yeah that´s whaT I´M TALKING BOUT!!!! Taylor looks SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gosh he is SMEXAY!!!!!!!

  • Alexandra

    YEAH TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amanda

    It just seems like Taylor is getting hotter and hotter every time I see him! I thought it was impossible, but guess not! Most of the wolf boys are cute too, but not like Taylor.

  • uiui

    ALex Meraz is stunningly handsome. maybe i will actually go see a twilight movie

  • Allyson

    They all look pretty hot
    move over edward
    hello wolf pack ;)

  • Rose


    can be one of them too!

  • twilight__bitch

    taylor is soooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • amina

    OMG alex meraz is soo damn hoot :D my second choice would be taylor lautner ! he is sooo cute ;D i loove the wolf pack !

  • mitchey

    oh damn…… this movie is really gonna b BURNING UP THE SCREEN cuz those r sum sexii werewolves!!!!!!! y cant it b november 20th yet?? I WANNA C THEM ALL!!!!! o damn im gonna need sum lemonade and short shorts 2 go in that theater!!!!!! WHOOOOOOEEE

  • Destiny

    I love Taylor’s hair like that. I hate the wig he has to wear! I can’t wait for New Moon because all the werewolves are ripped and hot!

  • nt.lauthner !

    damnnn !
    their all friggn hot. ! :) (L)
    cant wait for new moon !

  • sophie

    this is coming all the way from nz
    this looks epic, new moon is going to be great
    taylor no one could play jacoblike you

  • micala


  • Darlin

    oh my god! alex merax is hot eff vampiers go wolfsssss

  • kendall

    Taylor and Alex r sooo hott!!!!! forget about the vampires…i never thought Rob. was cute anyways lol

  • CHELS.

    IM So excited for the New Moon Movie. I think Chris made a good decision on making the Wolf pack a “Hot” pack. In fact the less of Edward the better. I’m not hating on him, but everything will have more soul if he comes in the end. We will better enjoy him I think.

  • Legal 1


  • http://newmoon shan shan

    kay taylor lautner is so hott(jacob black) and the rest of the wolf pack but i think jasper cullen is hot too………………also i am a big fan but not the ones that are total pests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachellovesedward

    WOW I dont think they could have picked a HOTTER wolf pack!!!
    I cant wait to see them wake around half naked in New Moon.
    But I am still TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!