Sabrina Bryan is Team Corbin!

Sabrina Bryan is Team Corbin!

Sabrina Bryan snaps a picture with Corbin Bleu backstage at CNN headquarters in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (March 25).

The 24-year-old former Cheetah girl is rallying all she can for Team Corbin (that’s us!) in the Social Media Smackdown for Charity.

JJJ is giving away FIVE signed copies of Corbin‘s new CD, Speed of Light, to the people with the five highest donations for Stand Up 2 Cancer. PayPal will even donate an extra $5,000 to SU2C if Corbin‘s team wins. Get those donations in NOW!!! The contest ends TOMORROW!

Corbin Bleu Donates To SU2C

(Click inside for Sabrina and Corbin talking Charity Smackdown backstage…)

Sabrina Bryan & Corbin Bleu – Charity Smackdown
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  • kiarita´sKiss

    omg!!!!! what happends with corbins hair?¿?¿?¿?

  • Shirley

    corbin’s hair! T__T

  • Chelsea


  • aw

    Good cause : )

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    ..No..NOT his hair !!! …His beautiful bouncy fluffy hair !! ..Still looks fluffy, but it will grow back to it’s normal ways. …Though…I actually DO like the haircut. …I think he looks a bit better, to be honest.

    Hope Corbin’s team wins !! GO TEAM CORBIN !!

  • Victoria

    What a great cause to support.Sabrina’s thew best role model out there and Corbin is just too cute for words.Thank you both!Let’s all help.

  • Brenda

    Sabrina love how you support your friends for a good cause. You rock Sabrina:)

  • polvopaW

    They are so cute!!! And what a great cause they are supporting!! GO BRI BRI AND CORBIN!!!

  • miley

    Sabrina Bryan is soooooooooooo pretty and yeah Corbin needs to cut his hair.

  • Selena

    Que linda es Sabrina Bryan

  • tiffany

    Yay Sabrina thanks for the new video blog. Love your channel,twitter, myspace, facebook, and your two Sabrina sites. You are just FANTASTIC :) :)

  • johanna


  • demi

    When is Sabrina Bryan going to be on CNN?? I want watch her on TV again. She was just awesome on E News last week reporting for them. Love her

  • lacey


  • sonia

    Sabrina you are to cute and it’s nice that your trying to help your buddy out with that. Sabrina Bryan is the best!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Just Jared again for posting on Sabrina love Team Sabrina and Team Jared :)

  • Jaqui

    Sabrina’s such an inspiration!Thanks to Sabrina and Corbin for supporting such an amazing cause.

  • lisa

    Love Sabrina and Corbin

  • Albert

    She is Hot!!!!!

  • chase

    Sabrina is a cute girl. Do we know if she is single?

  • grace

    Wish we could see more of Sabrina’s style. I love what she wears. Great cause go Sabrina and Corbin

  • emily

    OMG yeah more Sabrina Bryan stuff thanks JJR

  • Sussy

    I love her, she is such a great friend for doing this to help Corbin with this amazing cause, hope he wins!!! LOVE SABRINA!!!

  • Jill

    When is this going to air on CNN…. I want to tune to See Sabrina

  • asia

    Sabrina Bryan adorable and Corbin your sexy but dude cut your hair. Is this going to air on TV? Sabrina love your youtube channel.

  • Jesus

    Amo a Sabrina, cada vez esta mas hermosa!!!!

  • Ivette

    Sabrina is so awesome, she is always helping her friends out, one of the many reasons we love her so much, she is just the BEST!!

    Sabrina and Corbin are very cute together!!!! ;)

  • claudia

    Sabrina Bryan is my role model and nice to know she is supporting Corbin.

  • gabby

    Sabrina has beautiful hair

  • Jair

    I love her, she is so cute and funny, its so great to see her helping out Corbin on this great cause!!! She is looking beautiful by the way!! LOVE HER!!!!

  • Esther

    I love Sabrina, she is always so socially conscious, love her for always trying to help others!!! She looks beautiful and Corbin too!!

  • monica

    Aww Sabrina you are just one class act. I wish we were firends in real life always there to help a friend in need for a wonderful casue. By the way your so funny on twitter :P

  • meiko

    Sabrina Bryan come to Japan soon. We wanta more of you

  • Pearl

    Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina :)

  • henry

    I want to date Sabrina Bryan

  • Kati

    Bri Bri is so cute!

  • paola

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sabrina helping out Corbin.

  • rebecca

    Sab looks so pretty *-* love her !

  • sue

    OMG!! I love Sabrina!! she is soooo beautiful!

  • michael

    so damn prettyyy the gal

  • kusumi

    Love, love, love Sabrina comey to Japan. Prettyi Please

  • Paul

    Woah Sabrina :P

  • ric

    Sabrina Bryan is uncredible gorgeous

  • sarah

    Sabrina is grown into a beautiful and pretty young woman and a great role model. Thanks JJJ for posting more on Sabrina and her dong good things for her firends.

  • Donna c

    Sabrina is such a great friend, always supporting and helping promote great causes. And such a joy to watch in her vidblogs. Thanks for posting this Just Jared, and also for supporting a great cause yourself. Go Corbin!!

  • Kat

    Go Team Corbin and Team Sabrina!

  • V…4ever

    Yay great cause. I totally support it. But my oh my Corbin. I loooved your hair. If you want to cut it, cut it…..I mean completely. If not leave it alone.
    Go team Corbin.

  • Angela

    SABRINA ROCKS!She’s a great role model and a beautiful person inside and out.

  • miya

    Sabrina is just amazing for helping Corbin out.

  • amy

    <333 Sabrina :)

  • erica

    I hope one day I can be just like Sabrina. A great friend, role model, and a class act.

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