Say Hello To Ariana Grande!

Say Hello To Ariana Grande!

Meet Ariana Grande!

The 15-year-old actress, who got her start in the Broadway musical 13 playing Charlotte, will be joining Nick starlet Victoria Justice in her new, untitled series as Cat.

Victoria recently dished to JJJ on the pilot, “We are going to start filming it really soon, so I think [executive producer/creator] Dan Schneider will have a name soon. One of the other characters is ‘Trina,’ who is my older sister and is kind of a legend in her own mind because she thinks she is a really good singer, even though she’s not that great.”

Ariana is originally from Boca Raton, Florida and has been singing in musicals and concerts around Florida most of her life. She just moved to Los Angeles. Check out Ariana singing “What It Means to Be a Friend” from 13 below!

Ariana Grande – “What It Means to Be a Friend”
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  • zsdxvfxvxcvx

    ok, her hair is… unique? i don’t know it’s a little strange, but let’s see how she acts… maby she’s good!

    don’t you think?


  • michela

    I actually saw 13 three times and fell in love. Amazzzing cast and musical and it’s very unfortunate that it closed . I am so proud of Ari and met her a few times and admire her talent !

    Congratualtions Ari for being on this site and for your great success , so happy for you girl !!!!



  • CCS

    What’s up with her hair?

  • lasdjf

    weird hair, okay voice, nice teeth.

  • yaya

    i really like the hair

  • Kelly

    She has a really pretty voice, and besides her hair, she’s really pretty. :)

  • lily

    not loving her…

  • daniella

    ariana grande is AMAZING.
    she is a great singer!
    by the way; that isn’t her natural hair color.
    she has dark brown curly hair, she dyed her hair for the role… i think

  • Virginia

    Of course that’s not her natural color.

    No one has hair natural like that.

    but she has a great voice, i hope to see more of her soon.

  • Emily

    she dyed her hair for the show

  • hey there.

    shes cute, red hair = no though.

  • ella1170

    Hmmm never heard of this girl before but with that talent she’s going places. I hope I see her more on JJJ! :)

  • ella1170

    Hmmm never heard of this girl before but with that talent she’s going places.
    I hope to see her more on JJJ! :)

  • sara

    I saw 13 and i ABSOLUTELY loved it. It is awesome that Arianna is getting to continue her career in the entertainment business. She has an AMAZING voice and played a fantastic job as Charlotte in !3 on broadway. I can’t wait so see what else she will become.

    By the way, she dyed her hair for this role… her natural hair is dark brown and curly… she’s so pretty!!

  • adfads

    oh shes from boca! i live like an hour away from her, thats so cool

  • tay

    that host was annoying as hell.
    i honestly could not stand her.
    but on the contrary, i love her voice!
    it’s such a good musical theatre voice!
    no comment on the hair.

  • Annette

    cool im from florida :) her hair is so bright lol

  • stephanie

    She sounds great! She seems quite shy though..

  • camz

    what did she do to her hair?!!! she was alot prettier in 13. awesome broadway musical btw. =]

  • rosemary jonas

    i love her hair!

  • ariana

    haha thats funny thats my name

    and her hair is ugly as hell … shes just eww

  • francesca

    she’s so unique looking..but totally gorgeous!!!

  • Molly

    her hair is for the show guys. ahah shes so cute.
    shes really nice too.

    yay for ariana! hahaha

    keep your comments nice people.

  • lauren

    she is awesome!! her natural hair color is really pretty…she had to dye it for the show though. she has a personal facebook acount too!! theres pics of how she normally looks haha and in 13 and just a bunch of random pis with her friends. she also has a fan facebook page too!

  • Babyvfanforever

    Woah ..

    She has good voice ..

    And here hair is sooo….

    I like it though. :)

  • Shirley

    weird hair..

  • Cait

    Holy crud! I know Ariana! This is so exciting!

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    Wow she is so
    lucky. I wish I would
    get noticed :(
    Everyone says I have an
    amazing voice too. But
    I’ll just keep following
    my dreams and
    one day I know I’ll
    get my big break :)

    Anyways, congratulations


    OMG SHE IS STUNNING!!! i mean i have seen some amazing ictures of her and all and these are cute but she is gorgeous and so talented and amazing as well!!!! WAY TO WORK IT GIRL

  • A-shizzle-ex-a

    you are beautiful . i am so jealous . i wish i could pull off that hair like u do. u also looked amazing with your natural {luscious} curls in thirteen the musical!!! i love your voice u sound like an angel and all i want to do is smile when i hear u sing it is a feeling like a child gets when eating their first cone of ice-cream. keep it up and i cannot wait for the show to come out . good luck with everything i wish u well and have an amazing time in this crazy business of entertainment for i know u will come out very successfully!

  • LH

    her name is funny ariana big? lol

  • a.


    thats not her natural hair color, her real hair is brown.
    i know her, and she just died it for the TV show.
    its her CHARACTER’S hair that is that color.
    but she likes it anyway.

  • mich

    yeah that announcer is kind of annoying , but she dyed it for the show and likes it so for now is keeping it ..

  • claireee

    and you’re hair is so pretty, i LOVE it!
    dont listen to what other people say
    they are all just jealous
    you’re AMAZING!

  • perfectlymarvelous

    I love her, she was fabulous in 13…I’m so excited for her!

  • Lucille

    OMG! I bet Dan Schneider got the idea for her character from Miranda Cosgrove’s friend in her “about you now ” video and her Hotel Roosevelt sleepover videos on youtube. Go check them out!!!

  • megan

    ariana is absolutely amazing! unfortunately, i wasn’t able to see 13 but some of my friends saw it and loved it. i really hope the show does well because shes really talented & deserves it 100%. good luck =D oh, and shes pretty lol.

  • Misha


  • lovedjny

    she has sweet hair

  • Therese

    She’s good!
    Better than most teen stars (:
    Cause she really has talent, her voice is awesome!
    And she’s pretty, though she’s prettier without the red hair, she’s still really pretty though.

  • i LOVE JB

    arriana used 2 go 2 my school and also archie from 13 is my mom’s frieand’s son so after me and my fam went and saw 13, him, arriana, and graham w/ all their families went out 2 dinner and she is REALLY nice and that is DEF. NOTTTTTT her natural hair color and she is rlly good with an AMAZING voice and i love her and 13 was the BEST PLAY EVER and richie and kendra go 2 my friend’s camp!!!!!! <3333

    Ginger =]]

  • i LOVE JB

    @adfads: haha… i live in boca and she WENT2 MY SCHOOL!!!!! <3333

  • Maddy

    omggg! thats awesomee.
    good luck on the show ariana.
    ps. to all you people saying she has weird hair.. she had to dye to be on the show.. she didnt do that on her own.

  • i LOVE JB

    @Cait: yeah… she went 2 my school… i think its so cool thats she is on this site… i <3 JJJ!!!!

  • Kris

    her voice is great.

    ten times better than victoria justice..
    she’ll truly shine on the show if nick gives her the chance too.

  • anonymous

    wow you ppl are retarted, thats not her real hair, she dyed her hair for the show, her natual hair color is brown, and its really curly, ariana is an amazing friend , singer, actress ! i love you ari (: and im soooo happy your finally fufulling your dream <333 she played charollete in 13 and was AMAZING at it ! i saw it 10 times and each time she amazed me even more, no joke, love you ari <333

  • smile;)

    shes amazinggg! ariana has a great voice and is ah-dorable. she is definitely gonna do great in whatever she does, and i cant wait to see her in the new show! & she pulls of the pink hair so well its ridiculoussss :]

  • margie

    so this was what she meant by she was just on here.
    omg 13 is the best one ever. n y arent you putting liz gillies on here, she’s on the show too? haha. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
    ily ari!!!

  • margie

    ya btw that isnt her real hair. she has dark brown curly, really curly hair.
    still dk y liz gillies aint here

  • lori luria

    I have known Ariana since she is a little girl and I think she is amazing and will definately go far – I only want the best for her!! We love you! Lori and Alexa (in Spain right now)!Alexa will always be BFF!