Zac Efron Heads Into Heathrow

Zac Efron Heads Into Heathrow

Zac Efron keeps warm in a gray sweater as he arrives at Heathrow airport in London on Wednesday morning (March 25).

The 21-year-old actor is make a worldwide trip to promote his new flick, 17 Again.

Zac will be making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show tonight along with British comedian and actor David Walliams. The show will air at 11PM on BBC.

17 Again will hit theaters on April 10th in England. Also pictured below: Zac heading out of Paris.

15+ pics inside of Zac Efron arriving in London…

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Credit: Ross/GoffPhotos; Photos: INFdaily, ANG/Fame Pictures
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  • Juliet


  • Meggg

    Wooo! Back in England! Haha, the Graham Norton Show is very funny! :)

  • http://JustJared Amanda is love with Zac!

    I missed school today because I was very sick. I kept throwing up but I still decided to go check on just jared. I wasnt expecting this to pop up, but when I saw Zacs beautiful face hit my screen. I suddenly felt a whole lot better!


    wow zac u amaze me

  • Gabrielle

    i can’t wait to see the Graham Norton Show tonight!
    Finally – he is in England!!


  • kat

    He looks a little sad. Did he forget all of his clothes? He wore pretty much that same outfit yesterday. lol.

    I hope Vanessa knows about that pretty girl in all black that’s traveling with him. :-/

  • katie

    the show’s gonna be hilarious! Love Graham and David!

  • V…4ever

    Looks like somebody didn’t pack a lot of clothes. Isn’t that the same sweater he wore when he was out with V getting burgers? Maybe he went directly from her house to the airport and din’t have time to go get more clothes. mmmmhhh.
    Anyway can’t wait for the show; we know he’s gonna be funny.

  • Nativenyker

    He needs to be heading into my bedroom! I promise to not leave him jet-lagged!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • = ]

    mmmm zac is soo sexyy! :)

    stoked for 17 againn!! <3

  • yets

    Zac looks really tired.
    maybe he missed his GF

  • http://rss Martha

    He looks warm and comfy. Dont blame him for wearing a sweater,
    it’s freezing here. Can’t wait for Graham, should be funny.

  • zanessafan4ever

    he’s soooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go Zachary!!!!!!!!!!
    go 17 again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tiger

    He never looks that happy in London. I’m not far from Heathrow……I’m sure I could find a way to cheer him up…….!!!!!!!

  • Jazmin

    He looks very worn out… he needs lots of rest and TLC from V.

  • marie

    london this time!! yeah!
    cant wait for KCA!! :)

  • zanessaholic

    he misses vanessa.. :)

  • emma

    Um, Graham Norton’s on tomorrow, they film it tonight (I think)

    Anyway, he looks gorgeous!!

  • Jenna


    I think that’d leave him more tired ;)

  • gracemarie


    What a silly remark were you trying LAMELY to start something. That’s appears to be a fan.

  • me.

    he looks tired. ):

  • London Lemming


    Your right its filmed in advance.

    He looks cute in the sweater. Its not suprising the poor guy is tired. All this travelling and seemingly endless promotion has got to take its toll on you.

  • me.

    #21, i agree with you. and it’s like he’s the only one promoting it. i know it’s his movie, but still… i feel kinda bad for him. & i want to see matthew perry doing some promotion too.
    oh well, i’m sure we’ll see all of the cast at the LA premiere. (:

    oh anyway.. jared, post about zac’s new rumored film! =D

  • susan

    yeah! he is in london now!!!I can’t wait to see him at the premiere
    in london 2 morrow if defens the weather though its freezing
    cold here at the moment.

  • Becca

    BTW i just looked on the website for the show and it came up with this
    Key talentGraham NortonParticipantZac EfronParticipantDavid WalliamsDirectorSteve SmithProducerJon Magnusson

    Thu 26 Mar 200922:00BBC Two

  • Kirsty

    For those in the UK, The Graham Norton Show with Zac will air tomorrow at 10pm =D

  • guys this means he is traveling the world?!

    The 21-year-old actor is make a worldwide trip to promote his new flick, 17 Again.

  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    I bet he misses Vanessa..
    and he looks very comfortable in that…
    and looks hot too…
    him and V have the best styles..
    The stylish couple…

    Go Zanessa!!!

  • s

    i just want to know, what day is he going back
    (not trying to be rude or anything)

  • cutie

    maybe exhausted him traveling a lots.Why he only one
    promoting this movie?Im sure some of the cast well join him at the
    premiere in London.

  • http://jjj miley

    he looks gorgeous but really needs a break! go zac! can’t wait to see the movie!

  • mee

    im travelling down from scotland to see him at the 17 again premier!!
    i love him sooo much! cant believe im finally gonna get to see him!! :)

    anyone know what hotel hes staying in?

  • Lissy

    I would like to be a british, so i can see you, Efron.

  • London Lemming

    Graham Norton is Tomorrow night.

    But is filmed tonight. I just checked on a site whcih I know supplys tickets for the show .

    Its also rumored that Matthew Perry will be helping him to promote tomorrow night in London…. If I can find the link I will post it so you can all have a read!

  • London Lemming

    Here the link I mentioned earlier guys :)

  • s

    how long is he staying in england for

  • athena

    Does anyone know if he’ll do a 17Again premiere in NYC?

  • Karen

    Don’t know, athena, but he is rumored to be doing SNL on the 11th.

  • London Lemming


    The 27th he has GMTV in the morning.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    HOTTY ♥
    Can’t wait to see the movie.
    Hope to see Zanessa at the KCA on Saturday!

  • awkward kisses ftw.

    hes wearing this shirt a lot lately, maybe it was a gift from
    vanessa [although a bad gift bbv, sorry] and he wears it to
    remember her.

    omg eww I cant believe I just said that, I dont even like zanessa.
    lmfao xD
    but yeah vanessa ftw.

  • Sar

    Yay he is in the country. :) Has anyone else seen the big billboards they have of him up for the movie? They’re incredible. :)

  • Katty

    I’m not sure about that new movie of his, it’s something different and I’ll prob go see it, but it doesn’t seem all that interesting to me. A dead younger brother talks to his older brother who is a cemetery-dude, whatever. At least whatever part he plays he’ll make the man sexy!

  • marisol

    #40 you rigtht I think is Vanessa present to him wear that sweater the last time he go out with her I think he dont wash the sweater until that day.

  • AllisonC

    haha, oh you know i can always count on someone to make a comment about him or his life that throws me a good laugh.

    I really doubt that Vanessa has any reason to be afraid of zac cheating on her with the girl in black, the fan he met in melborne or anyone else he meets over-seas. Im not saying he wouldn’t be interested but it’s a little ridiculous to think he’d throw a fling with a girl over-seas for a day or two when he has vanessa back home and all the time….

    And why wouldn’t he be tired? Im not thinking it’s him missing vanessa, he’s used to that. They are allowed to lead seperate lives. He’s probably severely jet lagged. I fly from california to indiana and it’s with me for days, i can’t imagine flying to a different country and then another and another AND not having time to rest.

    As for the clothes, the man forgets everything. ahha i love him just the same though.

  • Becky

    Zac looks hot and sexy.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    he looks very tired:(
    wonder y they didn’t get him a privet jet

  • christine x3


  • Vfan

    #44 You are most likely a Vanessa hater ..what’s wrong with missing Vanessa? Douche bag.

  • Alyssa

    I love him!! He looks great!! Can’t wait for 17 again!! :)

  • cutie

    yeah !! you can see him he is very tired its not easy traveling all
    over the place especially the time is different.
    anyway still look hot !!!