Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Laughing Lovers

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Laughing Lovers

Joe Jonas keeps it cool in a black leather jacket as he makes his way to Urth Cafe to have lunch with girlfriend Camilla Belle in Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (March 26).

The duo were seen laughing and talking after their lunch. Camilla, 22, was seen out over the weekend at the ATP tournament supporting good friend Fernando Verdasco.

Joe, 19, will be performing at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards with bros Nick and Kevin on Saturday, March 28th.

Check out more pics on JJ of Joe and Camilla‘s romantic lunch.

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Lunch At Urth Cafe, 03/26
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Credit: Zodiac, RADCLIFFE/MATEI/GABO; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, BauerGriffinOnline
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  • ivanka


  • AJ

    My god, he looks so sexy! If he shaves, if he doesn’t….long hair, short hair….you get the point ha

  • kim

    holy robert pattinson lookalike, batman.

  • NIca

    Why boys are so stupid? She cheated on him. And he’s going to lunch with her?? Come on! She’s using him. And she everyday have other boy. Pretty interesting.

  • m

    he looks gorgeous!!!

  • ivanka

    he is being used by this skank…. joe is trying to be and dress like rob pattinson just too call her attention =|

  • Jessica

    OH MY GOD!! this is the sexiest he has ever looked!! im rly liking his punkish/rockstar look! like OMG he is so fricken hot!!

  • vulgarity


  • e

    hes looking really goodd :)

  • Soraya

    aha! So the rumor of him and Camilla : ”OVER”.. was just a rumor!
    Come On! She can support her tennis Friend!
    And Joe’s looking hot! but still prefer Nick!

  • sydney

    wtf?!?!? why did the story change from justjared???
    and correct me if im wrong, for the jb fans… didnt they say in a couple interviews a while back that if they want to keep a relationship in the friend zone then they have casual lunch dates?? and theyve done nothing but go on lunch dates…
    am i missing something here???
    annnnnd joe and camilla havent ever been as touchy feely as camilla and fernando.. and picture is worth a thousand words.. and none of it makes sense

  • Stefani

    omg i thought they fricken broke up..omg this needs to end :)

  • duddeee:]

    what is up with him wearing that stupid hat everywhere he goes now?

  • Bri

    Wow. Theres no proof of Camillia. And does he not know that she is in love with that tennis player.. wow.
    Joe I love you but just,…. wow.

  • Aly

    is he TRYING to look like rob pattinson??! HAH! i wonder why….lol.

  • jo

    she;s obviously using him. lol

  • Elsa

    They still dating? I saw today on E! News that she was dating other guy ..
    I just wish that Joe and Taylor get back .. but, I think that will never happen . Whatever ! Be happy Joe with anyone you want too ! You still HOT HOT HOT as usual :$ ^^


  • haley

    he has definantly changed no doubt

  • Cals


  • jennyJONAS

    oh my goodness
    joe looks HOT/SEXY/ADORABLE!! :)
    especially the last pic!! GORGEOUS MAN that joe jonas is
    btw the i like the background jared

  • jazzy

    They Look Like TWINS!!

  • Jerseygirl

    Oh snap!

    Dating? Just friends? Who cares? Still doesn’t change the fact that he looks hot as hell in these pix! :)

  • Chelsea

    just jared, i think ur losing ur touch…
    because those two pictures are most DEFINITELY completely different!
    he’s by HIMSELF in the leather jacket, and in a completely different outfit in the other picture. and THAT other picture where hes with her leaving a cafe, is from a few weeks ago. im pretty sure they broke up before the bahamas performances…

  • v

    why is trying to be rob pattinson?
    joe cant pull off that dirty look, AT ALL

  • Breanna

    Just Jared, are you dumb?
    How can you say they were together if there’s not a single picture of Camilla here?
    Are we just assuming she was the one there?
    Or was she?
    Feel free to get some pictures up of her and him….
    not just him out in LA.
    He could have met with a business dude, or hey maybe a friend?
    You’re retarded.

  • maahhh

    joseph jonas.
    you are.
    the most.
    person i have ever.



  • http://justjared shamilah

    joe looks soo HOT/CUTE with the hat :)
    especially loving the 4th pic like OMJ flippin Cute
    he’s looking really cool!

    Joe Jonas Lover!!!! <3

  • maahhh

    oh, and also.
    joe, whats with the all of a sudden rebelish look?
    are you…trying to tell us something??

  • Alexsa

    whoa lol! He looks so different! He’s all like, Robert Pattinson-ed out lol! He looks like a man lol. He looks like he’s thirty or something! He looks good, but just a lot older lol. That’s wild… he looks so different.

    Joe looks great but I love Nick lol =)

  • Laura

    am i the only one to think that this whole Joe/Camilla thing’s becomin kinda weird?… idk why, its probably all these rumors about camilla that make this relatioship look awkward.. but it seems to many of us that camilla’s using joe, & maybe is dating that tennis player.. & isnt that weird that just after pictures of camilla & that tennis player have been shown, we see pictures of joe & camilla?

  • Just Jill

    @Chelsea: You should look at the main site, Chelsea. The pics are there

  • whocares

    you guys are overreacting so much if that was considered “cheating” then i am cheating with all of my friends boyfriend….you guys are just looking for a reason to dislike her cuz you are jealous that she gets to date him

  • Sarah

    Ha someone is trying way to hard

  • Robynhollywood

    can u say Rolling Stone cover? love that look on him! he is not trying to dress like Rob he is just being himself!! if you have seen him on downtime he usually wears clothes like that!

    And the Beanie is amazingly gorgeous! its the style now and it suits him so well! I agree that Camilla is not right for Joe but if hes happy then thats all that matters! :D

  • Robynhollywood

    On the Jomilla thing…. he needs to find a girl who is either his age or younger because he needs the spontaneous adventurousness of a girl his age! thats all i wanted to add.

  • lesha

    well… he looks hott.

  • Katie

    HOT!!! Joe is HOT!!
    but, Joe: Have you seen the pics of your “girlfriend” getting cozy with that other guy. COME ON JOE!

  • lesha

    robyn – well shes only 2 and half years older then him. not really much of a difference considering he’s going to be 20.

  • Miley

    @v: Robert patterson can not pull off the dirty look. He just looks like a hobo. I’d much rather have Joe jonas then robert.

  • Doulee



  • lovestory22

    Joe Jonas is not trying to dress like Robbert Pattinson.
    I mean .. come on?
    You shouldn’t even compare the two.
    Robbert Pattinson does not shower, and isn’t good-looking at alll,
    you teenies just like him because he’s Edward Cullen and Edward Cullen is “totally hawt and sparkles”.

    Joe Jonas is the sex.

  • motormouth

    jjj, THEY’RE OVER!!!!!

  • Miley & The JoBros ROCK!

    OMJ Joe looks
    so sexy. I have a
    bad feeling
    about Camilla.
    Like some of you say,
    she’s using him. He
    needs to
    dump her already
    and FAST like
    how he did with Taylor.

    Also I highly
    doubt that he
    tried to dress like
    Rob Pattinson to
    get Camilla’s
    attention. Honestly
    I dont think
    either of them like
    each other but
    who knows?

  • http://jjj laurenj

    these pics with joe and camilla are old not recent ones…those photos are when the paps snap him in his new car……before the premier of there 3d movie……

  • Laura

    really #44 ????!

  • Katie

    PLEASE dump Camilla!!!!!!!!

  • Just Jill

    Is everyone here blind or what?

    CLICK HERE —–>>>>

  • http://jjj laurenj

    breanna you too picked up on the photos being old….if joe did have lunch with camilla then where is she??????considering joe was followed to the cafe then again where is camilla????nowhere…..joe carries the grunge look perfectly and this look is so in so how can he be copying zac efron or rob patz when nearly half the population loves this trend……..what happened to reporting the whole truth and nothing but the truth……..u almost got us jjj……

  • kris

    Its so funny how he’s trying to be all badass now. They’re going to split in a couple years.

  • http://jjj laurenj

    just jill thankyou for clarifying things for us…….now im really confused…..