Nikki Reed: 'Kristen Stewart is My Best Friend'

Nikki Reed: 'Kristen Stewart is My Best Friend'

Nikki Reed is looking forward to reprising her role as Rosalie in New Moon and can’t wait to butt heads with her off-screen best friend and costar Kristen Stewart.

The 20-year-old Twilight actress shared with MTV, “Kristen‘s my best friend. I get to work on a set with really wonderful people and really creative people, and there are a million people in the world that have read this series and love the series. I get to be with my best friend. I can’t think of anything better.”

New Moon is set to hit theaters in November.

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  • francesca

    can’t wait for new moon!
    i really don’t like nikki’s acting…she’s gorgeous though!
    but i like kristen to some degree.

  • ana

    i love nikki… she’s awesome as rosalie.. her acting as the b*tch is awesome haha ^-^

  • katie

    I love Nikki and Kristen! They’re the best and I can’t wait to see them if ever. lol!

  • coii

    both are awesome!! luv twilight!!
    ***go kristen***

  • Serena

    Wow the enemies in the movie are always the bestfriends in real life?! Ashley/Vanessa, Nikki/Kristen..?

  • Lorraine


    looooveee kristen& nikki.

  • reginna

    nikki looks better without all this makeup & the blonde hair of rosalie hale, they are both so beautiful <3

    like nessa & ash

  • laura

    does anyone else think that nikki is just using kristen for publicity and to get her own name and face in the press more? we get it…you’re friends with but does she always have to name drop her every chance she gets? kristen seems like a private person and i’m sure that the attention nikki attracts to their friendship all the time can get really tiresome for her. (btw…nikki name drops rob a lot and she’s starting to do it with taylor now too. surprise, surprise.)

  • kamilah

    nikki is without a doubt one of the few actresses that i really admire. her history and what shes gone through and what her life is now is really inspiring to me. im a kristen fan as well.its obvious that they are two down to earth, chill girls. i cant wait for new moon and all the upcoming movies that they plan to do.

  • janiece

    #8 NO!! ive watched/read practically every interview i could possibly find of kristen and nikki and they both mention each other all the time and say they are best friends. and nikki doesnt name drop. of course shes going to talk about her cast members especially if someones asks her about them. nikki is just as low profile as kristen is.

  • yashi

    i totally agree with u laura , she used to do the same thing , with evan rachel wood and lindsey lohan and she also has thing for imitating her “friends style”

    in my opinion she is just using kstew until twi mania is over and then leave her in the dust

  • pame

    i love kristen and nikki ♥

  • Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart is also my best friend forever. How otherwise :)

  • SHAK

    Nikki is so pretty.

  • Maria

    These two girls rock my socks!

  • j

    i am so sick of people saying nikki name drops, she doesnt she is just a great friend and is probably just answering questions that are asked of her. How come when ashley mentions say rob or kellan in an interview no one says shes name dropping. Nikki is closest it seems with rob, kristen , and taylor, so of course she would talk about them, Kristen always mentions Nikki as well. I love that Nikki is such a good friend to Kristen.(both her and rob need a good friend with all this craziness there in ) They are both two gorgeous and talented girls.

  • gf

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM BOTH AND RACHELLE and Rob There my four favourites. I

  • Lauren

    i love her fashion sense…that laid back kristen

    and i think kristen is perfect for bellas role, and i don’t know how otheres can say she isn’t, yeah shes not perfect but that is what makes is great…shes relatable, because kristen is just as relaxed and got a sensible mind..i thought id mention that because its been annoying me for awhile, when people say that twilight should be rid of her

  • Russian girl

    I love Kristen Stewart. She is pretty cool and rock. But I don’t like Nikki Reed sooo much.

  • pcv20

    #8 girl i love how you think :D

    Nreed is exactly like that what is it called mmmm Famewhore that’s what she is

  • me.

    nikki doesn’t look good as rosalie (with the blond hair). but i don’t have anything against her. although kirsten… she’s GORGEOUS. but can’t act.

  • jjjgirl

    Have ALL you guys NOT noticed that actors always say, ‘Oh ya, she’s like my bff! I love her! I love acting with her!’ They do it for good publicity.
    I like Nikki with blond and brown/black hair!
    (read Secrets of My Hollywood Life) Then you’d know.

  • chrissay


  • jessica

    Laura and co. are just haters. J is exactly right – why does NO ONE accuse Ashley and Kellan of ‘namedropping’ when they mention each other? It’s retarded that people think Nikki is. It is BLATANTLY clear that she and Kristen are bff’s. DUH. She is asked about Kristen just as Kristen is asked about Nikki!

    And for the idiots that cite her friendships with Evan Rachel Wood et al, Nikki has said countless times she becomes very close with her co-stars. She’s a super sweet and friendly person BUT, as happens with actors, you drift apart b/c you can’t be cast in the same movies a thousand times. You hardly see each other once the promotion is over and drifting apart is natural. Nikki WAS friends with Evan etc and probably still is. They’re just obviously not as close as they were when they filmed Thirteen. It’s common sense. I wish people would get some!

  • arantxa

    i love nikki since she was in Thirteen
    & kirsten since she was on Panic Room

    i love them :)
    im glad they are BFFs

  • KLutz

    Nikki is so beautiful…. love her. I think each Twilight character has something special :) People should stop picking apart each comment. IF Nikki had said something bad about Kristen everyone would be like she is hating. She comments that they are good friends and people say she is using it for publicity. Just enjoy the movies ;)peace

  • amy

    yeah i’m agree with #26 just
    enjOy the mOvies peOple behappy :D
    i really lOve kristen

  • amy

    ¬¬ i’m agree vith #26 enjOy the mOvies peOple be happy
    i lOve kristen

  • Tanya

    I loved the movie! Rob is so hott! cant wait for the new movie!

  • JB

    Haha did anyone know Brooklyn Beckham is in love with Kirsten! So cute!

  • anna

    nikki reed is awesomeeeeeee! and i love kristen stewart! they are both amazingg<3

  • DNT HAT33!!!!!

    I LOVE!!!!!! NIKKI i think she is better than kirsten u know why? BECAUSE SHE IS MORE PRETTIER THAN THAT STUPID!!! KIRSTEN!!!! nd i love the part in twilight were she gets mad at her i love that part its the best!!!!! nd dnt care wut people said about my comment!!!! L!K3 IT OR NOT!!!!!=)

  • http://none Trina

    I think that Nikki Reed and Kriten Stewart are both equal to an extend, but I do prefer Kristen Stewart, but I mostly like her in the movie SPEAK, Kristen Stewart IS my idol.

  • Hannah

    Hey, Nikki is amazing! She’s so pretty and such a good actress. Kristen is good,too, but she isn’t my favorite. Nikki Reed is my favorite actress and Kellan Lutz is my favorite actor. When I found out that they were playing in Twilight together I freaked! Especially when I found out WHO they were playing!


    love nikki :)

  • Amelie

    ooh. sweet :) especially after all the rumors that they don’t like each other anymore because of robert

  • http://google Dasie

    Kristen: Nikki and I are somewhat enemies but I think we’re gonna be friends.

    Ashley: Hey, Kristen, remember me, Ashley Greene?

    Kristen: Yeah. I remember you.

    Ashley: I’m gonna be 24 in March.

    Kristen: Really? I’ll be 20 on April 9th.

    Ashley: Oh, my god, I’m so happy for you! [hugs]

    Kristen: What’s going on in your house?

    Ashley: My parents are fighting alot.

    Kristen: Are they gonna get divorced?

    Ashley: It looks like it to me.

    Kristen: Oh, my god, I’m so sorry to hear that, Ashley.

    Ashley: I know. Even my sisters are sad too.

    Kristen: What’s their names?

    Ashley: Claire and Kathryn.

    Kristen: Oh.

    Nikki: What’s going on?

    Kristen: Ashley’s parents are getting divorced.

    Nikki: Oh, my god, I feel sorry for you, Ashley.

    Ashley: Thanks.

    Nikki: [hugs]