Vanessa Hudgens is Ecko Red Righteous

Vanessa Hudgens is Ecko Red Righteous

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her curly locks and pearly whites in this new commercial for Ecko Red.

The 20-year-old actress is the face of the young women’s clothing brand. Take a behind-the-scenes look at her music video for “Sneakernight.”

Vanessa says in the new TV spot, “The Hollywood premieres, the flashing lights, being on set…it’s all great. But what really matters to me, is being true to myself. From my family to my friends to the fans and to the clothes I wear. My name is Vanessa Hudgens and I wear Ecko Red.”

Vanessa Hudgens For Ecko Red
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  • lisa

    vanessa h is gorgeous :d but she duznt wear ecko red! lol

  • nadii.


  • vanny14

    Vanessa is AWESOME

    I love the shoes!!!

  • nick

    V is really pretty!

    V rocks

  • jo

    the clothes look good on her actually

  • lipsie glozz

    2 words-chic,glamorous..Vanessa never fails to look fashionable as always..with a hot boyfriend by her side,a singing and acting career, she’s got everything that a mere mortal like me could dream of..She got all going on for her..u go,gal! :)

  • http://vanessazac sara

    i love love love loveeeeeee you sooooo much vanessa you are amazing baby v

  • palma

    the clothes are really good. she looks beautiful as always.
    i love her

  • mary

    I Love the new commercial :)

  • Rosa

    gosh !!
    she’s so amazing .. and she always is ^_^
    <3 u BBV =)

  • http://deleted Vanney

    vene is amazig
    love vane

  • jade

    i love everything in it…she looks gorgeous as always…

  • Vanessa 1# Fan

    OMG , This commercial is so Cool , i love it

    Go Vanessa you are the best whatever the haters say you are always the BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST !!

    Love you <3<3<3<3<3

  • dani


  • Rablover

    she’s So Hooot , she’s dosen’t look like disney Girl , she’s sexy funny

    Loove her to the death

  • http://Carrieunderwood Marie

    vanessa looks beautiful.

  • dani


  • Alyssa

    Vanessa looks incredible!! :)

  • Miss Lautner

    Love It <3

    Vanessa is Well Pretty =]

    I Love Ecko Red Aswell!!

  • marie

    cute commercial! ;)

  • LollyPOP

    where can i get those sneakers ?! well,they look more than chucks ..i mean those at the end of the new commercial ..!! i REALLY need to now this ,i’m obsessed by them on the official ecko red site there aint no sneakers/chucks like there…just those from sneakernight ..can someone please answer?? if you have a youtube account mine is :
    xXxCorbinBleuxXx ( i’m also a huge fan of him !! )
    and of course she looks awesome..her name is vanessa hudgens xP
    love you xoxo

  • kait

    she looks great as always. love to see more of this promo.

  • http://jjj miley

    she looks amazing! i love the commercial! go vanessa! you rock!

  • Amyy

    She looks gawjuss there ;0
    Dani why you have to bring up ashley?
    This post Is about nessa not ashley! I don’t know why people bring up differnt celebs :s there all friends miley selena demi Ashley and nessa so be fans of them all! If not don’t say anything!!
    That’s just my opinion and technically the truth!!

    Love Vanessa.

  • piwi

    great. she’s always herself. :) and that’s why i like her. :D it looks kinda funny…the dress with the sneakers.

  • jen

    i reaaly love you v.!!

    luv everything! your almost perfect :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    more gud LUCKS on your career!!!

  • ♥Vanessa♥

    She’s so pretty ♥

  • tizzfan

    great commercial….
    though the last part should show all not just the shoes I think… haha
    i love ecko :-)

  • Lolo22

    OMG , ilove it

    she’s looks so pretty , cute , funy But not disney style

    you knew what i mean !!

    love you beby V 3

  • jojo

    i love this commercial
    V looks fantastic!!!

  • katie

    has anyone even seen her wear ecko red? apart from her music video and her concerts? like wtf. she doesnt even wear this stuff.


    As I have said before nessa is great at what ever she pursues, if it is movies, singing, or commercials she can’t go wrong. She is thankful for what she has and has worked very hard for it.

    You go Van and know your Fans Love You!

  • -Kary-


    She’s so Cute and Hot!!


  • mia

    the clothes are really good.

  • dani

    thanks jjjr
    keep posting vanessa’s news
    she’s awesome

  • V…4ever

    My name is Lynn and I love Vanessa Hudgens :) ;]

  • cc27

    She looks gorgeous xD [like always] haha xD LOVING THOSE SHOES <3

  • dani


  • julia

    she duznt wear ecko red!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Vanessa’s always so gorgeous ♥
    This girl never goes wrong!
    Can’t wait to see her at the KCA on Saturday, hope she wins for best actress!
    GO BABY-V ♥

  • V…4ever

    What the hell people. So what she doesn’t wear it in real life. If they were paying me real G’s to say that I wear a brand, I would do it and so would you and a lot of people. It’s not like she s advertising sex or something. And she’s not forcing you to buy it, it’s just a job that she’s doing….. You know….. acting.
    Lighten up.

  • kylie

    thanks jjjr

  • ME

    Can’t wait to see her at the KCA on Saturday, hope she wins for best actress!

  • Katty

    Her voice sounds really deep right there… I like the commercial though, and I hope we get a Vanessa sighting soon!

  • LISA


  • christine x3

    she’s so pretty.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    That’s why I love Vanessa. It’s all about staying true to herself. And she does. I like that she doesn’t change anything about her. Plus, we don’t ALWAYS know what she wears…like right now…she could be wearing Red Ecko…oh, the commercial looks really good. Love her hair in here…actually I love her hair every time I see her. Love you Vanessa !! ♥

  • keke

    Ashley tisdale is way Better than this Fake Hoe

  • keke

    Ashley is Better than her!!!!
    ashley makes vlogs for her fans
    keeps her fans updated
    she loves children
    shes not full of herself
    she doesnt dress
    up for the pap
    ASHLEY Tisdale is awesome

  • andy

    i love you vanessa

>>>>>>> staging1