Jordan Pruitt: 'I'm Getting A Lexus Hybrid!'

Jordan Pruitt: 'I'm Getting A Lexus Hybrid!'

Songstress Jordan Pruitt just updated her MySpace with some very exciting news. Check out what the 17-year-old “One Love” singer had to say:

“Hey Guys! I was in LA for two days! There’s some really cool stuff in the works, but it’s too early to tell you guys all the details! The second day I was in LA I had four meetings, and they all got canceled because I had to put some finishing touches on a new song I recorded for my album! It was so much fun! Recently I’ve gotten to work with some very talented artists and musicians and we wrote a really cool song together!

“Oh more exciting news…I’m buying a car for my 18th birthday! It’s a Lexus Hybrid SUV! It’s really really safe! Super excited! I might even have a HUGE 18th Birthday party if I’m not working! Now I’m headed home for a few days, finishing the rest of high school, probably going to hang out with my friends, and write more music! I love going home because everything is very laid back and simple. You could even say I’m a little boring when I’m home! But I like boring.

Well hopping on a plane….Hope you guys are amazing! Oh… And I ran into the Jonas Brothers while I was in California too! And they were very sweet…like always! xoxo Jordan.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jordan’s new ride?

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  • Dan350

    I think they aren’t that appealing… she could spend her money on something better!

  • jess


  • Brigget

    well i dont think she ran into them shes dating nick ,and why would she even say that,she just wants everyone to put it together,we got it already jordan your dating nick.well good luck your going to need it he cheats on his girlfriends he starts texting his next victom before he breaks up with his g/f.what a louse

  • …………

    where is she getting money from?! From my understanding her music has not been successful……. oh wait, I guess thats why she’s working with the Jonas Brothers……

  • Dan350

    I love how people comment on the one or 2 very short sentences, instead of what the bulk of the blog was about. Can you say obsession?

  • Hannah

    I luv it!

  • Cassie

    “And I ran into the Jonas Brothers while I was in California too”

    don’t act like you don’t know the rumors of you and nick dating. Your Rep didn’t even denied it ,”no comment” isn’t denying.

  • blabla

    I love how people comment on the one or 2 very short sentences, instead of what the bulk of the blog was about. Can you say obsession?
    are we suppose to comment on every single thing she said ?
    And “obsession”, seriously ?

  • sabrina

    ahhh!!!!!!! i love this car!!!!!! im 12. but i want that car so much. thats good cuz its a hybrid

  • sabrina

    i dont think shes dating nick though. they just ran into eachither. well idk. :]

  • LoveInL.A

    And I ran into the Jonas Brothers while I was in California too”

    yeah ok b/c you haven’t heard the rumor can u say publcity your rep even said “No commnent” ever heard of “No were not dating”

  • :)

    LOL, we all know its JB she was working with. She’s trying to make it look like some one else, and she “ran” into Jonas Brothers. Their Rep already said the dating rumours are false, and the boys are only helping her with the album.

    She’s trying to make up some rumours.

  • Sarah

    um cool? who the hell is this girl?

  • lANE

    shes one of these girls that wants people to know shes dating nick,and her rep didnt denied it
    the jonas rep is never going to admit their dating because of their fans,they want the fans to actually think they have a chance at dating them when you all know thats almost imposible
    well nick moved on to quick,are was he cheating on selena with this girl?
    my bet is he had her waitin on him telling her he was going to break up with selena.he was texting her the same time he was dating selena.
    hes a total jerk.and he said he didnt even like blondes,just another one of his many lies
    well nick looks like you got yorself one thats not going to lie just to cover your butt


    wow shes to old for him ,shes going to be 18 in may.looks like all the boys are following in mileys least mileys man is a man and hot at that.

  • lizzie

    why you mad fo..i guess you fools think miley can date and nick can’t?
    FYI:miley has dated way more people than nick

  • Naomi

    It makes me sick that stars shove their money in peoples face. Especially 16 , 17 year old teen stars who are buying or being bought brand new hybrid vehicles for their birthdays! It’s almost like hey i’m better than you, yeah sure they pretend to be nice and sweet but its disgusting they get a thrill out of bragging to people about their fortunes. Singers and actresses make too much money. Firefighters save lives but i don’t see them earning a million dollars for every life saved.

  • sam

    when she says….’exciting news’…does she mean….inane boll.ocks?

  • laura

    1) how can she afford and why is she flaunting the fact that shes getting a lexus – shes not that famous and hasn’t sold that many cd’s
    2) why does she always try to associate herself with the jonas brother’s and then blow it off like it isnt a big deal like oh i just happened to see them on the street

  • naomi

    yeii i got the same car from my parents as my birthday present ahahha! well, mine is white

  • Jonas fan!

    why do people that are rumored to be dating nick keep saying like, “ohh me and nick are getting to know each other well” or something like that on their blogs

    i think the guy should be single for a while and enjoy it


    #19 her album is GOLD and platinum in latin america, her first album has sold over 1.5 million records and her singles are hits outside the US. She can definitely afford a Lexus. She is a recording artist not a disney star, and she hasn’t release new music in a long time so shes not headlining news, but when she does release new stuff she will be everywhere from promotion. The difference between a disney star and recording artist is this, disney stars get media coverage 24/7 while real musicians get it once they have released new material.. im not even a fan but i know who she is and i have listed to her music so she is famous.

  • Mary


    Jordan might not be as famous as other disney stars but she deserves it AND your saying shes not selling many records? SHE sold 1.5 million records and her hit single “one love” :)

    And shes GREAT friends with the jonas brothers they toured and there helping her write her new album they wrote “dont loose yourself” for her too.

    I honestly think she should be more famous then miley cyrus,demi lovato,and selena gomez
    She has a better voice and shes a better role model
    BUT shes not a actress
    I think disney channel isnt noticing her shes signed to them too and they never play her music videos or acknowledge her :|

    And shes not a witch she doesnt brag and I feel bad that someone as talented as her is famous BUT someday she will get her chance :)

>>>>>>> staging1