Lucas Till Kisses And Tells

Lucas Till Kisses And Tells

Hannah Montana: The Movie hunk Lucas Till caught up with E! News to dish on his upcoming flick, Miley Cyrus and who else he’d love to work with in the business. Check out what the 18-year-old actor had to say:

On meeting Miley Cyrus for the first time: “I’m expecting some pop star attitude and she was down-to-earth, normal girl. It was awesome. In every romance there’s a kiss and there’s a little romance in this movie.”

On another female he’d love to work with one day: “Angelina Jolie. She is so hot.”

On the paparazzi: “I almost lost it [my first time] and it wasn’t even about me, it was about her [Miley]. She deals with it so well. I have to learn from her.”

On the rumors of him and Miley dating: “I think it’s funny that two people can’t hang out in the same space without dating.”

Lucas Till Dishes on “Hannah Montana: The Movie”
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  • vicky


  • Kelly

    he seems SWEET!

  • Justine

    weirdoooooo!!!! :p

  • billythekid

    Angelina Jolie? Maybe playing the role of her son? Whatever, he is definitely setting his sites high on that one. Just landing another role – in a decent film – would have been a better answer. Also, I wonder what he meant by “he almost lost it” comment when asked about his first paps experience. Lost it, as in being upset, or lost it being overwhelmed. Hopefully, the latter.

  • hun98

    he is hottttt!!

  • dundies

    im sure angelina is DYING to work with u lucas

  • Anonymous

    wow hes hot

  • lesha

    aw. he seems really protective of miley. very cute.

  • Elsa

    ‘omg, she’s so hooot .. ‘ i loved that expression !
    believe me lucas, you’re hotter than angelina !! ^^

  • JJ

    hahaha omg is he weird or is he weird!?
    Angelina Jolie huh? good luck with that lucas, your gonna need it. BADLY!
    he´s not even good looking, just so.. random

  • -MrsJp

    HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • http://talktotherealhannahmontana jesse

    miley your so cute

  • http://justjared Savannah

    Aw, the whole movie I was dying over him. He’s real cute in the movie

  • EMMA

    You are so hot, Lucas and Angelina Jolie is so not!!! You need someone like Selena Gomez or Ashley Tisdale.

  • EMMA

    You are so hot, Lucas and Angelina Jolie is so not!!! You need someone like Selena Gomez or Ashley Tisdale or ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karly

    hey! I think you are so hot ! I wish I could meet you one day. You are an awesome actor!

  • Olivia

    during spring break i saw the hannah montana movie and it was really good. all of the characters were written so wonderfully. i think lucas is so cute. haha. since i’m an aspiring actress i haven’t thought of anything since this movie. miley cyrus is an amazing girl and i wish her luck throughout her whole career. same with lucas. [[give him some slack, guys, he’s new at the whole papz thing. y’all would probably say some strange things too if y’all were in his position.


  • slk;ajsdflkj

    he seems really nice!! I LIKE :) go lucas!

    tho angelina jolie is SOOO not hot. legit.

  • Lucastillnumberonrfanforever

    @JJ: thank you very much JJ!!! he is soooooo hott and seems like a decent guy. if ya dont want em ill take em! plus, i seriously hate hannah montana/ miley cyrus. shes a spoiled brat who stinks at singing. no matter how hott lucas is, im not gonna risk watching her movie.

  • Amber

    Lucas you are so hot!!!! I can see you and me kissing right now!!!!!!!!
    Pictures on my wall,
    I love you you and all,
    If you dont love me,
    wait and see,
    You Are So Hot!!!

    LUCAS PLEASE MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Danni

    yesss! im 18, so r u! perfecto! lucas is sooo hot i wanna bake cookies on him!!!!!!!!!!! me and meh frend were the only 1s in da theatre at da movie so we could go up and down the isles ravin about his sexyness

  • omfg?

    he’s hawt ….

  • differentxgirl

    it’s not rlly that he’s especially hotter than other guys in that sense, he just has an amazing smile and is honest…doesn’t try to act like all those jerks out there who break girls’ hearts and try to act all cool, but he could easily become a jerk and take fame for granted with all the publicity he’s getting. so if you’re reading this, lucas, don’t do anything stupid b/c trust me, i have experience. paparazzi can seriously misinterpret your words (usually purposely)

>>>>>>> staging1