Taylor Swift & Kellie Pickler: 'Best Days Of Your Life'

Taylor Swift & Kellie Pickler: 'Best Days Of Your Life'

Blonde BFFs Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler lean back-to-back in their music video for Kellie’s new single, “Best Days Of Your Life.”

The country cuties, who penned the song together, will be going on the road on Taylor‘s Fearless tour that kicks off on April 23rd in Evansville, In.

Kellie told USA Today that she’s looking forward to hanging out with Taylor on the road. She shared, “Taylor will probably try to get me to watch the latest TV show — she’s so up to date on everything. I don’t ever watch TV; I read all the time. It’ll be interesting to see if we can even sit and watch a movie together.”

Kellie Pickler & Taylor Swift – “Best Days Of Your Life” Official Music Video
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  • Lovethatdoll

    LOVED THIS!!!!

  • Alyssa

    I love it!!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/03/08/hsm4-no-matt-prokop/#comments zanessa 4 ……. i dunno

    the song all obut kellie

  • tori

    i loveee this song,
    & of course its all about kellie,
    its HER song taylor just helped
    write it and did background vocals

  • Anne-b

    i love Taylors dress!:D team Taylor!!! wohoo love her<3

  • Angelica

    This is so good! And kinda funny :)

  • Sarah.

    Taylor looks awesome!

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer listen to mayday parade

    Without the video, you wouldn’t even know Taylor was singing in this song… Kellies voice is very dominant and very country… I dont see this going mainstream! Plus she has had so much work done lol she looks like Barbie.

    Love Taylor though

  • don’t post badmusic

    sounds like TWO gutter cats in an alley. H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.

  • Laura

    that was so incredible. im so glad the video finally came out :D

  • Yikes

    All that twanging was just painful. Not good.

  • LoveLoveLove!

    LOVE it! Best video ever! I’m really glad the usual Kellie and Taylor haters posting here love it! :)

  • Chelsey b

    i realllllly love this video!!!!!!

  • Me

    @listen to mayday parade: Kellie is a very diverse singer and she sounds great singing country and pop. I love how like magic she sings this in her pop voice without twang, and sings her more country songs with twang! Not many singers are as talented! This song has huge mainstream crossover potential! The song is more pop than country and the video easily fits MTV and VH1.

  • Nicole

    I have been waiting to see this video premiere for so long and i have to say it didn’t disappoint!!! The video was awesome, especially him getting hit by the bus,lol….I really wish Taylor and Kellie would come to Ontario because I would love love love to see them in concert together!! They are awesome and so down to earth and just seen like girls you could be good friends with..Great Video!

  • yikes!

    LAME – O, this is a disgrace

  • liz

    OMG AMAZING! LoveLoveLove it!!

  • hannah

    how cute!

    i can’t wait to see them in may!

  • jessica

    I luv taylor she is amazing that song it so cool

  • callamander

    this is the only time Taylor has sounded all right..as a backround singer! Kellie is the singer in this duo that is for sure! Taylor ought to stick to being the backround singer…she could still flip her hair around and we woudn’t have to listen to her screeching!

>>>>>>> staging1