Demi Lovato is a Golden Girl

Demi Lovato is a Golden Girl

dDemi Lovato struts her stuff down the orange carpet as she arrives at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (March 28).

The 16-year-old actress/singer looks stunning in a metallic gold dress and black heels. Demi‘s BFF Selena Gomez just won Favorite TV Actress!

Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, there will be performances by The Jonas Brothers and Pussycat Dolls. The 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards airs @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images
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  • LOLA

    She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

    YAY, Selena beat Miley! haha

  • kara


  • miranda

    love her!

  • Shannon

    gosh, kara.
    you are so wrong.
    demi is amazingly beautiful, i would literally do anything to look like demi. i love her and the dress. B E A U T I F U L !


  • marie

    uh oh…
    whats going on with her? lol

  • saudia

    she looks FANTASTIC! reminds me of Audrina from The Hills … but she looks grown up none the less .. love her

  • Sar

    Wow. I am not usually a fan of hers, but she looks different – in a good way! In a fantastic way, actually. She’s deffinately growing up and looking like a gorgeous young lady.

  • miranda

    love her <3

  • erika

    omg she looks soooo pretty! and yay for selena!

  • jo

    outfit is ugh

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    OMG, she’s changed, and for the better. Her hair is rockin’ and she looks so gorgeous in that dress. She’s so awesome !!

    YES. Selena won !!

  • Karina

    Ohh, that dress is soooo pretty !!!!!!

    She is beautiful in itt !

  • cc27

    Woah! She’s Change super much lol :) But still love Her!!

  • ariana

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE demi dont get me wrong but i liked her old look and hair soo much better

    she looks to tan and her makeup artist totally screwed up her face she looks muddy with all the blush bronzer and eye shadow and that dress…? ehhh

  • jo

    I love Demi, but she needs a stylist! She is also a bit too over tan.. she almost matches the carpet!

    Anyway, the pictures of she and Miley are ADORABLE!

  • katie

    omfg!!! she looks gorgeous!!!!!!! my jaw literally dropped when i saw these pics!!!!!! and im in LOVE with her dress!!!!!!!!
    haters need to shut up!!!!!!! her new hair is gorgeous!!! so she dyed it darker. big whoop. she can do whatever the f*ck she wants!!! i think her new hair fits her perfectly!!! shes gorgeous no matter what!


    demmmmmmmmmmiiii looks great just the way she is.

  • miss zanessa

    she looks beautigul ^^
    and yeah she has changed
    in a good way :)

    ps: i don´t know why but i still thinking she kinda looks like vanessa hudgens… i guess is the hair

  • ewewewewewe

    demi, pretty.
    selena, blaahh she shouldn’t have won, don’t hate her, but something fishy about her, makes everybody think she’s 8456456654x better than her just because she hasn’t done anything, YET.don’t get me wrong i’m not all on miley’s side.

  • jgjg

    She looks gorgeous but I hope she didn’t tan her beautiful skin.

  • TV

    HOT MESS! Before she looked old. Now she looks slutty. I try but I cannot like her!

    BUt her dress looks better than Miley’s though.

  • Suzanne

    She looks gorgeous but her dress is ugly.

  • nikka

    demi looks so gorgeous in that dress:)
    and i know its out of the question. did selena BEAT miley in favorite Tv actress?

  • livelaughlove

    YAY sel!!
    omg she looks so pretty!

  • annie


    im not surpriseddd. shes absolutely gorggggeous :D

  • Alie

    demi looks gorgeous!
    and for all you haters who are saying bad stuff about her, you’re just wasting your time.

  • Anna

    Prettyy :) Love her and Miley together!
    Ewww!!! Selena shouldn’t have won. Miley should have ..

  • Charlene Huisman

    WOW…she has grown up.

  • paau cullen

    awwww demi and ttaylor! ,

  • miley&demi fan

    the kca this years is soooooo rigged there no way selena beat miley or jack black beat miley or icarly beat hannah montana.

    miley > everyone else who there

  • Karly

    Demi is beautiful. <3 I wish I were like her. But I now I’m beautiful by myself.

  • MEagan

    @Anna: STFU! Why are you ruining it for all the people that the awards has not aired yet.

  • mynameis

    why is miley losing everything. this sucks

  • abby

    I really dont like that dress.
    But she is still pretty

  • Andy

    She’s developing so greatly!

    So sexy!

  • abby

    oh wow is is really too tan!
    she used to be like porcelain

  • a.m./p.m.

    @miley&demi fan: Wow. Selena actually beat Miley. Here come the headlines.

    Congrats to Selena :). Miley is still the best. I just don’t understand why the hell Demi is here when she wasn’t nominated at all and Selena is not her when she WON???

  • ashleytfan

    at first when i took a glimpse, I thought it was Vah :P

    she loooks so hot! :O

  • emily

    Ew she looks brutal … hello bad bad bad tan … can you say orange ??!!

  • Zekemaster

    She is not hot at all. trampy actually. who BBQed her?…

  • CDK

    lol @ the haters. demi looks gorgeous. and she was there to support JB and Miley and her fellow Disney channel friends.

    Plus there was a whole lot of random celebs. o_0

  • Mariana

    omggg whats going on, miley used to be the slut onee

  • kca

    I’m so happyyyy for Selena…she deserved it.
    I think she didn’t attend because she is in Puerto Rico finishing the Wizards Movie.
    Awww Demi is so prettyy…Taylor…I love you!!!

  • hunter

    her hair is siiick.
    killer would be an understatement.
    drop DEAD gorgeous :)

  • Sarah

    ugh she matches the orange carpet. there is no point in fake baking when everyone can tell. i liked her style and hair better before.

  • Sarah

    you guys are stupid.
    she is fake.
    what happend to her!!
    everything about her is fake!
    you can tell she fake bakes she is as orange as the carpet.
    and she died her hair!
    i liked the old demi better!



  • brooke

    She looks pretty, but the only thing I don’t like is her tan and make up. She puts on wayyyy to much! She is starting to get faker, she is still awesome, but she seems like she is getting sucked into the changes of the “La La Land Machine” lol if ya noe what I mean.

  • anon

    God! she looks so hot!
    i love her!
    only disney star i like!

  • TV

    @Sarah: Just watch. Her orange-loving fans will go against you and defend her in any second.

    She’s not even that famous to change her image and go slutty-Spears on us.
    Camp Rock=failed
    Album=kinda failed
    TV show=Really failed

    Haha, it’s funny how Selena wasn’t there but she won and Demi was there but she wasn’t nominated at all.