Sammi Hanratty: Stellar Night Sweet

Sammi Hanratty: Stellar Night Sweet

Sammi Hanratty struts her stuff as she arrives at the Starlight Children’s Foundation‘s Annual “A Stellar Night” Gala in Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Friday evening (March 28).

The 13-year-old actress was recently in Thailand filming The Lost Medallion.

The Lost Medallion is about the legend of a gold medallion, which gives great power to the person who holds it. In the heat of a battle, it was lost and affected the course of history on Hawaii’s Aumakua Island.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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  • gerty

    omg, she’s my age? she looks MUCH younger…
    she’s cute, tho.

  • rachelll

    Nice. But she doesn’t look 13 to me ;p. More like 10 or 11. Maybe that’s just me ;p.

  • anon

    I can’t stand this little brat.

  • b chick

    she is so weird looking.
    she has the biggest head ive ever seen

    oh . and she looks like 8


    so cute

  • lexy

    she has a pretty face. she’ll be really pretty when she gets older. watch out for her!

  • VanessaFan4ever

    she´s very pretty but a little bit scary too!

  • angie

    13? not even?
    more like 8?

  • emmaxx

    Is she that awful girl from the suite life?? =o
    idk she looks like she’s 10 or something.

  • B.MO

    shes cute lol

  • http://jjj miley

    more like a 10 year-old to me…

  • Annie..!

    She’s 13?!
    My age?!?!
    She looks like she’s 8, or 10…!!!!

  • ivanka

    who is that toodler?

  • lasdjf

    aw your cute.
    just dont do your eyebrows to much or youll look like an old lady or a skank.

  • Katie

    she looksl like she is 5

  • Mandy

    She reminds me of those Diva Starz dolls they used to have years ago. (the ones with the humongous heads and tiny bodies with the magnetic plastic clothes). And the story line for ‘The Lost Medallion’ sounds awfully similar to the film, ‘The Medallion’ (featuring Jackie Chan)

  • camila

    shes my age??!!! I thought she was 8 or 9!!!! OMG

  • Lisa

    was she in the suite life?

  • Sar

    She’s only 13. Let her mature a little before you all start being horrible about her appearance.

  • oth ! (L) (:

    gosh! don’t be so mean! she’s just not very tall, but her face looks like a 13 year old.

  • jackie

    more like 7-10 definitley not 13 i don’t even think she hit puberty but watevs shes cute tho


    shes not that cute
    looks at her eyes they freak me out

  • pup

    she needs crest whitestrips. o.O

  • Karen

    her head is mm..too big? her face scares me somehow

  • damien

    i dont think anyone should be dressing their 13-year-old (who looks like a 8 year old) in head-to-toe black…its all a little creepy

  • jenny. canada

    We are the same age and i like the way she dresses and I have to agree with Sar.

  • Betty

    Dang she looks like a 7 or 8 year old and she looks scary…

  • todd

    I would pay a lot of money to be able to have sex with her.

  • Amanda

    She’s pretty but whats with her old lady eyebrows?