Taylor Swift Gets 'Crazier'

Taylor Swift Gets 'Crazier'

Taylor Swift sings a sweet melody in Nashville BFF Miley Cyrus‘s new flick, Hannah Montana: the Movie.

The 19-year-old country cutie sings “Crazier” in the flick. Taylor shared about joining the cast on the big screen, “It’s so cool to become a part of the Hannah Montana phenomenon that’s taking over the world right now.”

Taylor and blonde BFF Kellie Pickler just premiered the music video for “Best Days of Your Life.”

Hannah Montana: The Movie hits theaters April 10th.

Taylor Swift – “Crazier” Music Video
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  • JorendaLove

    LAME!!! Jared ”Nashville BFF Miley Cyrus’ movie” not Miley Cyrus’s movie. LEARN ENGLISH!!

  • JorendaLove

    But Jared you ROCK!!! I love you. And Taylor!!

  • kayla

    so sweet. love it! can’t wait for the movie


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LUV SKITTLES!

  • http://Imdb.com Timothy

    Am I the only one who thinks she has an eating disorder??

  • don’t post badmusic

    ummm…..weak, wispy, her voice has ZERO character

  • Blasher

    i hate her songs they are so ugly

  • Shirley

    why is every singer is in HM movie? btw, cant wait for the movie!!!

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    @Timothy: no ur not the only one

  • http://jjj miley

    i liked the song but i guess i agree with number 5 and number 9! i like taylor’s music but just… look at her arms!
    xoxo can’t wait for the movie btw!

  • layla

    she’s just thin. miley is too but nobody says she has a disorder. geeze.

    anyways, great song. cute video :)

  • Anonymous

    cute but way too skinny arms


    she doesnt eat food..

  • Stephie

    Great song!!i loved it..and the video is really cool.i’m wondering when the movie is coming to DR.

  • Noni..~

    I <33 This Song
    Taylor is Awesome

  • Cho1918

    Cut your crap “don’t post badmusic @ 10:29 am on 03/28/2009!” Taylor’s a great singer. If she weren’t then she wouldn’t have been recognized.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Billythekidny billythekid

    Sometimes I think people are in general pretty intelligent and at other times, I just think they are stupid. This girl is what, 5′ 10″ tall, and only 19 years old, which means she is still filling out her body to some degree. Plus some people have a naturally high metabolism. Personally, I think she is at a fantastic weight for her age and size, and the moment this poor girl happens to gain a few extra pounds, some other idiots will say she is too fat.

    Oh, and to the person (Blasher #7) who said her songs are ugly? Take a good look in the mirror and tell me what you see, ok?

  • ashley

    I totally agree with #17. She has always been that thin! And if she were any heavier people would say she was fat.

    Don’t make assumptions based on insecurities. Its a pathetic way to live life and it will eat you up inside.

  • me

    Her songs are gorgeous,
    and so is she.

    Don’t say she has an “Eating Disorder”. You don’t know what you’re talking about, she is at a good weight, and she’s 5’11″ so of course she’s going to be pretty thin. it’s inevitable.

    This song is so pretty, and she wrote it when she was only 13. She is a truly talented artist.

  • Kris

    i LOVE this song..
    it sometimes bothers me how her 2 albums songs have mostly been about boys.. heart aches.. liking someone. blah blah .
    they’re all kinda the same story.
    but her songs are addicting and relatable.

  • louisa

    love her song, it’s gorgeous!

  • SHAK

    she’s so gorgeous :)

  • Pawsonmagic

    She’s gorgeous and amazing no matter what anybody says :) I LOVE Taylor, I won tickets to her concert and I can’t wait..
    She writes amazing songs, and is not too skinny. People can just be so rude!
    - T’s #1 fan (:

>>>>>>> staging1